Legacy, The

Date: 1978
Director: Richard Marquand
Production Company: David Foster Productions, Pethurst Ltd., Turman-Foster Co.

Stars: Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott, John Standing, Ian Hogg, Charles Gray, Hildegard Neil, Lee Montague, Margaret Tyzack, Roger Daltrey
Location(s): Los Angeles, London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey

Region(s): , ,


A group of powerful people gathers at a manor house to find out, during satanic murders, who will survive to be bequeathed a legacy. SJ

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An establishing shot of Los Angeles, USA, shot from North Hillcrest Road.

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Ross and Elliott shopping for fruit in London... Gloucester Road, SW7 with thanks to Steve Cook who alerted us to this website. http://cultfilmlocations.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/the-legacy-1978.html

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A tube and a lot of clutter... Piccadilly Circus, as above.

North side of the Serpentine, Hyde Park W2.

image no 4

Peter took a brighter shot.

Cobstone windmill seen from The Bull and Butcher, Holloway Lane, Turville, Oxfordshire. Familiar to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fans.

image no 5

Impressively sympathetic window alterations. SJ

Turville, heading west on Holloway Lane, past School Lane. Seen also in Went the Day Well, Father Came Too!, An Education, Bride (sic) and Prejudice, The Big Sleep, I Capture the Castle, Dead of Night, The Pumpkin Eater, Separate Lies, The Revengers' Comedies and lots of TV including perhaps most famously The Vicar of Dibley.

image no 6

Cars! SJ

Standing's Rolls passes an illegible pub sign.

image no 7

Turns out to be The Chequers in Fingest. The van belongs to Midsomer Murders which has filmed here before. SJ

... and a picturesque church.

image no 8

… which is St Bartholomew's on Chequers Lane, Fingest between Hambleden and Turville. SJ

And now we're in the oft-filmed Hambleden, Buckinghamshire.

image no 9

The yew has filled out. SJ

Stopping at the garage to report the Elliott and Ross's bike accident.

image no 10

Closed when I was there. SJ

Unidentified but not an entrance to Loseley Park as far as I can see.

image no 11

Quite correct says Geoff Dodd, it isn't, it is however, Witley Park, Lea Coach Road, near Bowlhead Green in Surrey. (RL)

This is however Loseley House, Guildford, Surrey.

image no 12

It is indeed and now with a clearer view. (RL)

Elliott and Ross at the front entrance of Loseley House.

image no 13

Now a more colourful place to stand and talk. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Elliott and Ross make their escape on horseback.

Riding into Hambleden from the carpark area.

image no 15

I missed this one on a visit two years ago and now atone. SJ

Passing the butcher's.

image no 16

Joan Fontaine did the same in The Witches. SJ

Elliott and Ross find their bike being repaired into pieces.

image no 17

Now. SJ

The road looks east past the butcher's and pub.

image no 18

Fiennes was attacked here in The Avengers. SJ

They steal the Rolls parked outside the local shop.

image no 19

Tea rooms. SJ

The chauffeur is none too bothered to bid his master's Rolls bye as he know they're going nowhere except to their destiny.

image no 20

Now, with replaced but almost identical fencing. SJ