Licensed to Kill

Date: 1965
Director: Lindsay Shonteff
Production Company: Alistair

Stars: Tom Adams, Karel Stepanek, Veronica Hurst, Robert Marsden, Felix Felton, Francis De Wolff
Location(s): London



British secret agent Charles Vine is called upon to look after Swedish scientist Henrik Jacobs whilst he visits London on business. Other agencies try everything to abduct the scientist, but Charles does his best to prevent this.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards

The first of three Charles Vine movies, the others being ‘Where the Bullets Flay’ from 1966 and ‘Somebody’s Stolen Our Russian Spy’, sometimes known as ‘O.K. Yevtushenko’, which was made in 1969.

Also know as ‘The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World’ (US Title)

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Opening shot in this movie shows a street name sign. Yes, it's real . . . opposite Hampstead Heath station at the corner with South End Road.

image no 1

Not quite as impressive a sign. SJ

The camera pulls back and pans right to reveal August Jacobsen (Robert Marsden) getting out of a 1961 Vanden Plas Princess MkII. The corner of South End Road and South Hill Park in Hampstead.

image no 2

Better taken in winter but behind the cars and foliage are the same buildings up South Hill Park. SJ

A woman with her children in a pram approaches August Jacobsen who is waiting to meet someone in the park.

image no 3

Denis Hoare is not quite sure how he and Simon missed each other as they appear to have been in Hampstead at the same time, however Denis managed to specialise with this shot taken from the path on Hampstead Heath between ponds 2 and 3. (RL)

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Henrik Jacobsen (Karel Stepanek) and his secretary Julia Lindberg (Veronica Hurst) arrive at the airport.

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A 1960 Woseley police car arrives at the airport to escort Henrik's car.

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The Police escort and Henrik leave the airport.

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Tetchkinov (Felix Felton) looks out of his office window.

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Henrik and Walter Pickering (Francis De Wolff) leave the chapel after viewing the coffin of August Jacobsen.

Charles Vine (Tom Adams) and Henrik sight-seeing outside Buckingham Palace, London SW1.

image no 9

Now. SJ

Charles and Henrik set off for a stroll outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

image no 10

North-east corner of the Palace. SJ

Charles and Henrik chatting as they continue their stroll. Looking towards the western end of The Mall from Constitution Hill in SW1.

image no 11

More pavement decoration. SJ

Having just been attacked and Henrik pushed into the back of a white Ford Consul, we see the car speed of along The Mall.

image no 12

This may be a little too far back. SJ

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Charles picks himself up and dashes for the Rolls Royce. Parking at the north side of The Mall in London SW1.

Charles inside the Rolls Royce approaches Admiralty Arch at the end of The Mall in pursuit of Henrik's captors.

image no 14

A different season. SJ

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Charles in the Rolls Royce still in pursuit of the white Ford Consul.

The white 1960 Ford Consul MkII screeches out of a junction in the road. Simon James recognised the junction of Warwick Avenue and Blomfield Road in Maida Vale W9.

image no 16

The view now by Tris.

The speeding Ford Consul being slowed down by a London Ambulance. Blomfield Road in Maida Vale located by SJ.

image no 17

Tris was on the case for this one.

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Charles still in hot pursuit in a 1954 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith.

Charles in the Rolls joins in the wheel screeching chase. Found by SJ, this is the corner of Clifton Villas and Warwick Avenue.

image no 19

The same background fills Tris's up to date shot.

Narrowly missing a truck, the Ford Consul veers right. Facing Blomfield Road from Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge at the W2 / W9 boundary. The oft seen location features in 'The Blue Lamp', 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds', 'Georgie Girl', 'Allez France!', 'Blue Ice', 'The End of the Affair', 'Interlude' and more. (PW)

image no 20

Another comparison from Tris.

Still eluding Charles, the Ford Consul speeds alongside a canal . . . . . The Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal in Little Venice. (PW)

image no 21

A greener season captured by Tris.

. . . . before turning left onto a bridge over the canal. Warwick Avenue Bridge crossing the Regent's Canal. (PW)

image no 22

Tris took this one of the bridge now.

Overtaking slower moving vehicles, the Ford carries on. Warwick Avenue W9 with St. Saviour's Church in the top distance. (PW)

image no 23

The replacement church is prominent in this comparison by Tris.

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The Consul veers into the kerb after Charles had gotten close enough to shoot out one of its tyres.

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Charles arriving at the scene. As with Capture 26, Castellain Road near the junction with Sutherland Ave looking towards Elgin Avenue, though judging by the parked cars, it was not shot at the same time says Denis Hoare. (RL)

Charles walking towards the stopped Ford Consul.

image no 26

Denis Hoare provides the location, Castellain Road near the junction with Sutherland Ave looking towards Elgin Avenue and supports with this Google Earth View. (RL)

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Charles watching over Henrik after a visit to a Government Research Centre.

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The research scientist waves goodbye to Charles and Henrik.

The start of Henrik's heavily escorted trip to the docks. Richard Lovejoy identifies this as outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane W1 with Pitts Head Mews in the background which has since seen redevelopment.

image no 29

The new look now. SJ

Two police Triumph Thunderbird motorcycles lead the convoy. Looking to the east on Piccadilly located by SJ.

image no 30

Green Park on the right. SJ

The convoy continues into an underpass on the way to the docks. Heading into the underpass that connects Knightsbridge with Piccadilly beneath Hyde Park Corner.

image no 31

I didn't venture into the underpass, so this is in front of it. SJ

The convoy enters the underpass in London. Panning to bring the Wellington Monument into view to the top. SJ.

image no 32

Again not actually in the underpass. one can just see the top of the monument here. SJ

The convoy emerging at speed from the underpass. Appearing to face west on Knightsbridge SW1A identified by SJ.

image no 33

Rather awkward to replicate. SJ

Meanwhile, amongst the dock buildings an attacker waits in the first floor window. Shad Thames in London SE1. The area in seen in numerous production including 'The French Lieutenants Woman', 'Clegg', 'Give My Regards To Broad Street', 'Terry On The Fence', 'Pool of London' and 'The Alf Garnett Saga'. (PW)

image no 34

Some people call it gentrification. (RL)

And just around the corner, another assailant waits in front of a 1955 Bedford A Type lorry. The corner of Shad Thames and Curlew Street. (PW)

image no 35

No assailants when I was there only joggers! (RL)

Having been shot during the ambush, Julia lies on the ground while Henrik walks off with some important cases in his hands. Facing east on Shad Thames. (PW)

image no 36

As near to the ground as I was prepared to go in public. (RL)

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Henrik finds a heliport and a helicopter approaches with someone on board that Henrik knows very well. This is Westland Heliport, previously known as Battersea Heliport and now London Heliport, on Bridges Court SW11.

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The helicopter flies away with the important cases onboard while Charles arrives and takes aim at the helicopter. Westland Heliport with the chimneys of Fulham Power Station filling the skyline.

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Charles fires shots at the helicopter. in front of the In front of the since demolished and redeveloped Crown Wharf Cold Stores.

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Charles watches as the helicopter starts to fall from the sky . . . . Westland Heliport on the banks of the Thames in Battersea SW11.

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. . . . and eventually crashes just beyond the bridge. Battersea Reach with Battersea Railway Bridge crossing the river.

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Charles runs away from the heliport being pursued by someone intent on killing him.

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Charles, injured, continues to elude his pursuer through the dockland streets.

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Looking for a place to hide and reload his gun, Charles heads towards a pile of boxes.

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Charles's pursuer rounds the corner.

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The pursuer heads towards where Charles is waiting.

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Charles finally gets his man.