Light Up the Sky!

Date: 1960
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Production Company: Criterion Films

Stars: Ian Carmichael, Tommy Steele, Benny Hill, Sydney Tafler, Victor Maddern, Dick Emery
Location(s): -



An inept officer leads a bumbling bunch of misfits who man a searchlight battery during the Second World War.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Skywatch’ (US Title)

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From the safety of a cricket pavilion, Lieutenant Ogleby elates the story of the troop that he had the honour to command during the war.

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Gunner Ted Green (Sydney Tafler) walks with 'Spinner' Rice (Cyril Smith) towards the pavilion that appears to have been erected for the film.

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Gunner Syd McCaffey (Benny Hill) attempts to take eggs from a nearby farm as the Farmer appears.

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Hurrying to get back to their posts after performing at a theatre, brothers Syd and Eric McGaffey (Tommy Steele) are picked up by Lieutenant Ogleby.

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Eric meets and falls for Jean (Susan Burnet) at the farm.

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Lieutenant Ogleby (Ian Carmichael ) tells Lance Corporal Tomlinson (Victor Maddern), Gunner Ted Green, Gunner Roland Kenyon (Harry Locke), Gunner Eric McGaffey and Gunner Syd McGaffey that all leave is cancelled.

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Gunners Syd and Eric McGaffey 'borrow' Brussels sprouts from the Air Ministry for Christmas dinner.