Long Dark Hall, The

Date: 1951
Director: Reginald Beck and Anthony Bushell
Production Company: Cusick International Films Inc., Five Ocean Films Ltd.

Stars: Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Denis O'Dea, Raymond Huntley
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A devoted family man attempts to help a showgirl with her life but becomes the only suspect when she is murdered.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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After the patrons have all departed, the theatre is secured for the night. This is the entrance to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, identified by members of the Britmovie Forum.

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A young Girl (Jill Bennett) makes her way home after leaving by the stage door. The frontage of the Lyric Theatre on Bradmore Grove, London W6.

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A Man (Anthony Dawson) steps from the shadows and murders the Girl. Looking onto the south side of King Street in Hammersmith W6 located by members of the Britmovie Forum. A branch of H&M currently occupies this alleyway but the buildings in the right background still stand between Marks & Spencer and Boots.

Newspapermen discuss the murder. Fleet Street in EC4 with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in the centre distance. Similar shots were seen in ‘Sea Wife’, ‘Front Page Story’ and ‘The Big Job’.

image no 4

A ground level view from Peter.

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On another night, the Man follows Rose Mallory (Patricia Cutts) and her friend Marjory Danns (Meriel Forbes) from a theatre.

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After a drink with her friend, Rose heads home. In the centre stands the Congregational Church on Challoner Street in London W14. Located by members of the Britmovie Forum.

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The young woman approaches her lodgings. Looking along Baron’s Court Road towards buildings on Challoner Street, West Kensington.

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The Man enters the building behind Rose before murdering the show girl. Looking onto Baron’s Court Road W14 with properties on Comeragh Road filling the background.

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At the North England Iron Works, a piece of evidence is examined. This seems to be a stock shot of what appears to be one of the several brickworks near Stewartby or Kempston Hardwick in Bedfordshire.

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As he walks home, Arthur Groome (Rex Harrison) is unaware that he is a suspect and that Chief Inspector Sullivan is waiting for him.

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Arthur is taken in for questioning. The Police Station on Red Lion Street in Richmond, Surrey.

With the circumstantial evidence against him, Arthur Groome appears at the Old Bailey. Looking up at the dome of the Central Criminal Court from Old Bailey in London EC4. A similar view was seen in ‘Seven Days to Noon’.

image no 12

Peter provides this similar view.

The shot tilts down to street level. Old Bailey at the corner of St. George’s Court with The Viaduct Tavern on Newgate Street EC1 in the left distance.

image no 13

Tilting down, Peter replicates the shot.

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As the court case continues, the Man introduces himself to Mary Groome (Lilli Palmer) and, feigning friendship, gives her a lift home. Looks like so many of the bungalows found in Twickenham, Ewell, Epson and other places in Surrey.

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Sentenced to death, Arthur is sent to gaol to await his fate. Appearing so many times before including in ‘The Criminal’, ‘Law and Disorder’, ‘The Scarlet Web’ and ‘Calculated Risk’ this is Wandsworth Prison on Heathfield Road, London SW18.

image no 15

A rather impeded view these days. (RL)

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Mary Groome comes out to greet her husband after he is released from prison.

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Arthur smiles as he looks towards his loyal, loving wife.