Lost (aka Tears for Simon)

Date: 1956
Director: Guy Green
Production Company: Sydney Box Associates Ltd

Stars: David Farrar, David Knight, Julia Arnall, Anthony Oliver, Thora Hird
Location(s): East Sussex, London

Region(s): ,


An 18 month old baby is kidnapped from the nanny whilst she is out shopping. With very little to go on the Detective Inspector begins his investigations. JT

Additional Information:

See also (info from Greg): http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&cp=sjvgm3gzs3qj&scene=4276559&lvl=2&sty=b&eo=0 http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&cp=50.819851187536955~-0.13238032274057332&lvl=19&sty=h&eo=0&where1=Brighton%2C%20Brighton%20and%20Hove  


Some extra info from Mike Lateo for a scene yet to be grabbed, “The scene of the pond with the toy boat is Salt Hill Park, Slough Berkshire: Buckinghamshire in 1956. Living here since 1974 I recognised the scene, though very different now. The pond is long gone and covered with small trees. I used to paddle in it with my family in the late 70s. The small slide and swings have been removed  and now occupy a small enclosed area. Those small trees grew to full size and most have been cut down recently due to the high speed rail network. One can see the Horlick’s factory with its landmark chimney in the distance and the silhouette of the old tea barn which is now an Asian restaurant.”

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Queen's Gate, Kensington Road, Kensington Gardens, London. Simon says Palace Gate.

image no 1

Queen's Gate; Kensington High Street, London SW1: has it been moved slightly? SJ.

image no 2

Much posher now. SJ.

image no 3

%&$œ traffic, and zebra crossing gone. SJ.

image no 4

Cleaned up nicely. SJ.

Queen's Gate, off Kensington Road, with the Royal Albert Hall in the background. So these girls are one street along, because I don't think one can see the RAH from Palace Gate.

image no 5

Peter found the same taxi-shelter and foreground tree but the Albert Hall now hidden by greenery.

Jules Ballantyne found Douro Place in London W8.

image no 6

And Peter took the picture.

Jules Ballantyne places this as Douro Place, London W8. (RL)

image no 7

Another comparison from Peter.

Jules Ballantyne places this as 3 Douro Place, London W8. (RL)

image no 8

And another.

Douro Place, London W8 located by Jules Ballantyne. (RL)

image no 9

More of Douro Place in Kensington. Image by Peter.

Douro Place, London W8 located by Jules Ballantyne. (RL)

image no 10

Peter again.

No 3 Douro Place, London W8 located by Jules Ballantyne. (RL)

image no 11

A wider shot of the featured property by Peter.

Paddingtoney?... From Met Records, Police Post D81 activated 24 January 1938 property of Paddington Sub division. Sited southwest corner of junction of Bishops Bridge Road and Gloucester Terrace. Brilliant research from Nicola Carelse-Rhodes.

image no 12

Yes Paddington was a good suggestion. This shows the east side of Gloucester Terrace as it meets Bishop's Bridge Road, W2. Discovered by Nicola and snapped by SJ.

Outside the V & A museum London SW, near where they did "Against the Wind" and "Repulsion".

image no 13

Actually the Natural History Museum, next door, London SW7. SJ.

image no 14

Now. Outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London. Pic by Russell Groves, our thanks to him.

image no 15

Russell snapped this one as well. Thank you.

Outside the V & A museum London SW, near where they did "Against the Wind" and "Repulsion".

image no 16

And Russell took this one, the big new building on the left hides the little area where Catherine Deneuve was working in a beauty parlor in Repulsion.

Mmnnn? Simon says King's Road, Milman's Street. Certainly the best suggestion yet.

image no 17

Not proof, but that's what's there now. An East European (I think) flower seller behind me was watching me and started asking questions. I told him all about ReelStreets so he pulled out a laptop from behind his fuchsias and logged in! SJ.

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Hmmmm, churchy building in the background.

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St Pauls and possibly, but probably not as NC-R hopes to prove, the corner where Dicky Darling waited in "League of Gentlemen". Ray Glenister places this as a reverse POV from Capture 21 that would make it about Friday Street with Bread Street going off to the right. (RL)

image no 21

View shot from Cannon Street. SJ.

Pimlicoey, Islingtoney?... Solved after over ten years! Bayswater, Hyde Park end of Gloucester Terrace, W2. The bomb gap building site is Gilray and Garson House on Google maps. In the film we see the end of the bomb gap which Garson now fits snugly into. At the Gilray end we can see the tree top in Kensington Park. Info from Nicola Carelse-Rhodes with our thanks. (SJ)

image no 22

As it looks now. The new building has hidden the Elms Mews ones (seen in the background of the then) which still exist. SJ

Gloucester Terrace: see above.

image no 23

Looking smarter now. This is now looking north. SJ

Walking past 59 Gloucester Terrace, thanks to Nic (SJ).

image no 24

And no59 now, looking smarter. SJ

That sign! Gloucester Terrace. How do we not work it out? NIcola did! (SJ)

image no 25

No sign now but the same background. SJ

Victoria Coach station, London. They obviously work on the principle, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Still as shabby as it obviously was.

image no 26

15-21 Elizabeth Street, SW1, Richard Lovejoy

image no 27

Only a new sign, no doubt as a result of the EU or Railway and Shops Premises Act. Richard Lovejoy

image no 28

Elizabeth Street, Victoria, London SW1. The yellow and green sign advertises a tapas bar. SJ.

image no 29

Victoria Coach Station, interior. SJ.

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Dunno. If that bus in the background is green, then its one of the outer London areas. Roy Barnacle, USA. We now know that it is William Street, Slough, identified by Di Davies. Who tells us that the building in the background far right is the Prudential Building, that still stands, on the corner with High Street but in all other respects the location is now unrecognisable. (RL)

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Pretty village, nice Green, and church. Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire, perhaps, says Greg.

image no 32

....and yes, well done Greg. But without a ladder we couldn't get the right angle.

Close up of Capture 32, "OILS" is the clue. Shirley Ann Field dispensing the petrol identified by Lee Kirk. (RL)

image no 33


The Crown pub in Chalfont, also seen in the Big Job.

image no 34

A pint of best, please.

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The Crown again.

image no 36


image no 37

The Green, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.

image no 38

High Street, Chalfont.

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A farm, and a council house?

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A mews. Simon says Hyde Park Gardens Mews. Thanks Simon. Have you bought his book yet? London Film Location Guide????no home should be without a copy!

image no 43

And if Simon says, he's jolly well right! Teresa Stokes sends this supporting, shot framed to match the screen grab. (RL)

image no 44

Sussex Place sign gone but nice Hyde Park Gardens Mews one on other wall. SJ.

Could this be North End Road, W14, Talgarth Road area?

image no 45

No, Chelsea King's Road area. The church is on Park Walk. SJ. Tris adds that the white building at the corner of King's Road and Park Walk was formerly the Man in the Moon public house which finally closed in 2003.

The junction of King's Road and Milman's Street SW10, which also makes an appearance in 'An Alligator Named Daisy', 'Sapphire' and 'Victim'

image no 46

King's Road looking west. SJ.

image no 47

There is no lost016cn annoyingly, but the building behind can be seen on lost017an. SJ.

Does it say Cremorne Estate, Mt? John's St?

image no 48

It does say Cremorne Estate and Milman's St. This guided me years ago; an old map with the police station and clips of Victim sealed it. Otley was filmed at the other end of Milman's Street and, in since demolished streets, just to the west, now occupied by the World's End estate. SJ.

image no 49

Now. SJ.

Is there a village above Beachy Head?

image no 50

Outside 71-75 Pevensey Bay Road, Eastbourne. Found by Mike Scott. Now photo, SD.

After about ten years, finally found by Mike Scott who writes, "All lost018s are outside 73-75 Pevensey Bay Road, Eastbourne. The white building in the background of 018a is Bexhill Motors. All these buildings are still there. 018b is probably the front doors of 73-75; in 018c you can see the then new Council estate homes on Langney Rise in the background. As I live in Melbourne (though born in Eastbourne) I can't send you a photo!" Thanks Mike. (SJ)

image no 51

71 and 73 Pevensey Bay Road now. SD

image no 52

71 Pevensey Bay Road now. SD

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Near Beachy Head, so Eastbourne?

image no 53

Eastbourne Greg found on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Eastbourne_Panorama,_England_-_May_2009.jpg pic by DAVID ILIFF.

An extra shot which should come between capture 24 and 25. Arnall and the child are entering no61 but the camera looks up to 63 Gloucester Terrace, info on which was sent in by Nicola Carelse-Rhodes, who pointed out details on the drainage and air bricks.

image no 54

And here it is now. SJ