Love, Honour and Obey

Date: 2000
Director: Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis
Production Company: British Broadcasting Corporation, Fugitive Features, LHO Ltd

Stars: Sadie Frost, Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke, Sean Pertwee, Denise Van Outen, Rhys Ifans
Location(s): London



A north London courier gets involved with a gang of criminals.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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As his henchmen look on, Ray Kreed (Ray Winstone) gives his girlfriend, Sadie (Sadie Frost), an engagement ring but is coy about asking her to marry him.

image no 1

Winstone is at the western end of Clerkenwell Green as it meets Farringdon Lane, EC1. SJ

Perry 'Fat Alan' (Perry Benson) watches his boss.

image no 2

Behind Benson is the north side of The Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell Green, seen in A Fish Called Wanda and I Believe in You. SJ

An establishing shot of an east London street. Buxton Road, Stratford E15.

image no 3

The same street from ground level with Henniker Point in the distance. (PW)

The camera tilts down, revealing Jonny (Jonny Lee Miller) as he makes deliveries.

image no 4

Facing westward on Buxton Road, London E15. (PW)

Ray's nephew Jude (Jude Law) is seen as Jonny narrates his story. In the background is one of the entrances to St. James's churchyard on Clerkenwell Close in EC1 located by Tris. The location also features in 'Dance With a Stranger' with the church's tower seen in 'The Magic Box'.

image no 5

The same steps now by Tris.

Jonny's old school friend is a member of his uncle's gang. Tris identifies this as Clerkenwell Close in EC1.

image no 6

Tris provides this shot of the street with the railings surrounding St. James Church Clerkenwell's churchyard.

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Jude takes Jonny to see his uncle when he proposes stealing the credit cards that he delivers. Broadway Parade in Crouch End.

The two head for the pub where Ray Kreed is singing karaoke. The Queens Hotel on Broadway Parade, London N8.

image no 8

Peter captured the same location in daylight.

Doormen Ray (Ray Burdis) and Dominic (Dominic Anciano) say goodnight after Jonny is reluctantly accepted into the gang. The Queens Hotel, now simply The Queens, Broadway Parade N8.

image no 9

Peter found the door temptingly ajar.

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Ray Kreed walks towards the set where his girlfriend is starring in a soap opera. Three Mill Lane, London E3 identified by Simon James.

The gangster approaches the film crew.

image no 11

Taken during London Movie Guide research. Three Mill Lane, E3. SJ

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Ray arrives to see a scene in which Sadie kisses her co-star, making him jealous. More of Three Mill Lane.

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The north London gang members run from a clothing shop after the stolen credit cards they are using are declined.

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Jonny leaves the shop after returning to take the CCTV video tape.

Fat Alan is carried from the pub by Ray and Dominic after being stabbed by Jonny whilst larking about. Outside The Queens Hotel on Elder Avenue with Broadway Parade in the right background.

image no 15

Outside the same pub now. Image by Peter.

The two bouncers leave Fat Alan outside before returning to the bar. Elder Avenue in Crouch End N8.

image no 16

A spot on shot from Peter.

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As the gang discuss Ray's forthcoming wedding, Mark (Mark Burdis) sees a debtor arrive.

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Ray rushes from the house when Jude reports that a fruit machine in a pub has been replaced by one belonging to a south London gang.

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Sadie tells her co-star that she's leaving the soap.

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Jonny and Jude graffiti a car belonging to a member of the south London gang. The car park of the Tesco superstore on Hancock Road, Bow E3. In the background stands the the Paisa nightclub, formerly the Distillers Arms.

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Matthew (Rhys Ifans) discovers his car. Three Mill Lane runs between the Tesco store and its car park in E3.

Ray and Dominic leave a sex shop after Ray reveals that he's having issues with his love life. Outside the Euston Bookshop at 40 Eversholt Street NW1 found by Tris.

image no 22

The same, little changed location now from Tris.

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Mark escorts the Jeweller to meet with Ray and show him a diamond wedding ring that's been ordered.

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Dressed as a Sheik, Ray welcomes the Jeweller . . . . . before the gang rob him.

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Jude isn't happy about what Jonny is planning.

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Jonny shoots the occupants of a car and takes the cocaine in their possession.

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'Mug' is spray painted over the car.

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Accompanied by Matthew and Trevor (Trevor Laird), Sean (Sean Pertwee), the leader of the south London gang, arrives to explain to customers that their cocaine has been stolen.

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Sean, Matthew and Trevor run from a house after two of the north London gang members jump through the upper floor windows whilst being tortured in revenge.

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The gangsters run from the scene as Fat Alan and John writhe on the pathway.

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Ray's gang faces Sean's gang in a showdown at a builders yard.

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The rivals taunt each other before guns are drawn and a shoot out starts.

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Fat Alan unlocks the van to let more armed gangsters out.

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After machine guns are fired at the south Londoners, the battle ends allowing Sean and his men to flee.

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Jonny runs away after his pistol seizes whilst attempting to shoot Matthew, leaving him sprawled on the floor in shock. Chestnut Avenue in E7, at the junction with Capel Road.

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The former courier makes his escape. Capel Road at the corner of Cranmer Road in Forest Gate E7 with Wanstead Flats to the left.

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Fat Alan drives Ray Kreed's car home one evening.

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As the car pulls up, Matthew appears and throws a petrol bomb through the window.

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Fat Alan survives the attack and is attended to by paramedics.