Mackintosh Man, The

Date: 1973
Director: John Huston
Production Company: Newman-Foreman Company

Stars: Paul Newman, Dominique Sanda, Ian Bannen, James Mason, Michael Horden, Harry Andrews
Location(s): Dublin, County Galway, La Valletta (Malta), Liverpool, London

Region(s): , , ,


Joseph Rearden commits a robbery whilst working undercover for British Intelligence and ends up in prison. From there he escapes in the company of Slade, a convicted spy, with help from The Scarperers, a criminal organisation specialising in helping prisoners escape. After escaping, he follows the trail of Slade to uncover the mastermind behind the organisation.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill. Uncredited ‘now’ images by PW.  

Phil Eastwood is a literary researcher and endeavours to promote the literary legacy of thriller novelist Desmond Bagley who wrote The Freedom Trap from which this film was adapted. Phil’s article on the filming of Bagley’s novel can be read via this link to the Bagley Brief here.

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Establishing shot of Trafalgar Square, location of Mackintosh's office. London WC2.

image no 1

Looks like the lamp post has been moved. SJ

Joseph Rearden (Paul Newman) arrives at Mackintosh's office. Trafalgar Square is also seen in 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire', 'Front Page Story' and 'Yield to the Night'.

image no 2

No change. SJ

Rearden in the street outside the rented office on Leather Lane, London EC1.

image no 3

Looking south down Leather Lane. SJ

Leather Lane at the junction with St. Cross Street in London EC1.

image no 4

Will one settle for a ground shot? The telephone box has gone. SJ

After robbing a postman of a package of diamonds, Rearden makes his way along Leather Lane to rendezvous with his contact, Mrs Smith. London EC1.

image no 5

Amazing or should that be amacing? The Mace sign is still there on a faded front. SJ

Rearden enters Bank station. Looking from the Royal Exchange towards the Mansion House.

image no 6

The junction of Threadneedle Street and Cornhill, London. EC3.

The package is handed over to Mrs Smith (Dominique Sanda) on the Trav-O-lator™ at Bank station in London EC3.

image no 7

Just before a Friday evening rush hour.

Rearden catches a train to Waterloo. Bank station on the Waterloo & City Line. The station features in 'Fragment of Fear', 'Silver Dream Racer', 'On the Beat', 'Tube Tales' and 'Otley'.

image no 8

No train but the same platform.

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The months pass in prison after Rearden is captured and sentenced. Kilmainham Gaol on Inchicore Road, Dublin 8, Ireland.

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Motorcyclists speed Rearden and Slade away after they are sprung from jail. Phil Eastwood's article points to this possibly being "filmed not far from HMP Liverpool, around Liverpool docks, most likely the Dock Road area in Garston".

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Riders and machines are loaded into the back of an articulated lorry.

After being 'sprung' from prison Rearden escapes from The Scarperers safe house. Ardfry House, Oranmore, County Galway, Ireland.

image no 12

The same location now - captured by David Ahern - Ardfry House, Oranmore, Galway. The house was derelict at the time of filming but was re-roofed and re-windowed, and then burnt - destroying many of the remaining internal features.

Rearden leaves the burning safe house and heads across country with The Scarperers in pursuit. Ardfry House near Oranmore, County Galway.

image no 13

Ardfry House, Oranmore found by David who says 'It was impossible to match the angle due to flooding (and an electic fence)'.

A bus brings Rearden into an Irish fishing village. High Street, Roundstone, Galway, Ireland.

image no 14

David took this shot and says also seen in 'Into the West' (1992), 'The Matchmaker' (1997), 'Marley & Me' (2008), 'Leap Year' (2010) and 'Stay' (2012). Image originally uploaded 11-10-2012.

Rearden watches as Sir George Wheeler's yacht arrives. The Quay, Roundstone, Ireland.

image no 15

Now shot taken by David Ahern.

Pub landlord O'Donovan (Noel Purcell) watches the yacht arrive. The Quay, Roundstone. The area has been redeveloped to a degree.

image no 16

Location image taken again by David. Noel Purcell used to be a collector of lead soldiers. More of them on

A local (Terence Plummer) shows his dislike of Sir George.

image no 17

The Quay, Roundstone by David Ahern.

The yacht leaves Roundstone Harbour.

image no 18

A perfect shot by David once again.

Rearden and Mrs Smith watch as Sir George departs.

image no 19

Roundstone captured again by David.

Rearden and Mrs Smith leave Roundstone. The Quay at the junction with High Street.

image no 20

The last (for now) of many images by David.

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Establishing shot, Marsaxlokk, Malta. (RL)

Rearden and Mrs Smith in La Valletta, Malta.

image no 22

Peter Wilton advises that the actors are standing in front of the war memorial, next to The Seige Bell at the northern tip of Valletta Harbour.

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Sir George's yacht moored in La Valletta, Malta. Unknown location.

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Guests arrive at Sir Georges party. Unidentified location in La Valletta, Malta.

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Rearden watches the party from a safe distance. An unknown location in La Valletta, Malta.