Major Barbara

Date: 1941
Director: Gabriel Pascal, Harold French and David Lean
Production Company: Gabriel Pascal Productions

Stars: Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison, Robert Morley, Robert Newton
Location(s): London



The idealistic daughter of rich weapons manufacturer rebels against her estranged father by joining the Salvation Army.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Bill Walker (Robert Newton) marches along the docks. This is the river side of St. Katherine's Wharf E1. The area has been seen in many productions including 'To The Devil a Daughter', 'Attack on the Iron Coast' and 'The Stud'.

image no 1

The site is now occupied by the Guoman Hotels 'The Tower'. (RL)

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Before slipping into a pub for a gin and bitter, Bill glances over at Salvation Army Sergeant Todger Fairmile, a former boxer, as he preaches to the gathering crowd. Looking across the Thames towards warehouses dotted along the south bank.

image no 2

For 'warehouses" now read apartment blocks. (RL)

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Angry at Todger for stealing his girl, Bill storms across the quayside. Tower Bridge stands in the background of this scene shot beneath a travelling crane on Irongate Wharf.

image no 3

The travelling crane has given way to St. Katharine Pier boarding ramp. (RL)

Accompanied by Adolphus Cusins, Andrew Undershaft and his daughter are driven from their London home when Barbara agrees to visit her father's armaments factory. Peter identifies this as Marble Arch in W1, looking east towards the corner of Park Lane and Oxford Street. The location is seen in many films including 'Portrait from Life', 'Trouble in Store' and 'This Happy Breed'.

image no 4

Peter got a sunny shot of Marble Arch too.

Sarah and Stephen Undershaft, Lady Britomart and Charles Lomax follow in the car behind. The junction of Marble Arch and Edgware Road with the Odeon Marble Arch to the right. Location spotted by Peter.

image no 5

A total rebuild was in progress when Peter visited.

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Away from the City, a more suburban and industrialised area is reached. Located by Peter Brown, this is looking east along Chiswick High Road at the junction with Great West Road in Gunnersbury W4.

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The camera pans with the cars as they continue from reality towards the back projections, matted shots and models of Undershaft's factory. Peter Brown adds that the building in the centre was a bank which lasted to stand just to the north of the flyover at the Chiswick Roundabout while visible in the right background is the white frontage of the Permutit factory.

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After being shown around an industrial complex more at home in 'Things to Come' or 'Metropolis', Andrew Undershaft (Robert Morley) talks with his son Stephen (Walter Hudd) when he takes his guests on to the utopian city where his workers live.

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Adolphus Cusins (Rex Harrison) and Barbara Undershaft (Wendy Hiller) descend from the roof of one of the futuristic buildings.

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Joined by joyous workers, Adolphus and Barbara march towards the end of the film . . . . This looks remarkably similar to the front of Denham Film Studios in Denham, Buckinghamshire.