Man at the Carlton Tower

Date: 1961
Director: Robert Tronson
Production Company: Merton Park Studios

Stars: Maxine Audley, Lee Montague, Allan Cuthbertson, Terence Alexander, Alfred Burke, Nigel Green, Nyree Dawn Porter
Location(s): London, Surrey



Lew Daney who is a chief suspect in a jewel robbery and an ensuing murder vanishes leaving no trace. Hot on his trail are two men, an ex-policeman and Daney’s ex-partner in crime Harry Stone.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

This film forms part of the Edgar Wallace Mysteries – Volume 2

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The scene of a safe being raided is set. 90 Cheapside, London EC2

image no 1

The jewellers was a genuine shop at the time but now a show shop.

A policeman on night patrol approaches the shop.

image no 2

A clearer daytime capture.

Having “cracked the safe” Lew Daney (Nigel Green) sets the alarm off as he is leaving.

image no 3

The location of the alarm is still visible.

The policeman hastily returns to the scene.

image no 4

As a sign of the times there were many passing flashing blue lights but no running policemen . . . . or policewomen!

Lew escapes out of a side entrance to his waiting car and drives off after shooting the policeman. Ironmonger Lane, London EC2

image no 5

Now a cleaner brighter building.

Naturally, attention then turns to Scotland Yard. Victoria Embankment, London SW1. The same footage was used in "Attempt to Kill".

image no 6

The gates are now always closed for security.

Det. Sup. Cowley (Allan Cuthbertson) asks to be connected to ex-policeman friend Tim Jordan (Lee Montague) at the Carlton Tower Hotel, Cadogan Place, London SW1. The hotel also appears in 'Sebastian'.

image no 7

Now the Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

Also in Town was Harry Stone (Alfred Burke) Frith Street, London W1

image no 8

The Istanbul Restaurant and Fava's building has since been demolished.

Who is making his way to the “The Stardust Club”. Dean Street at the junction with Bourchier Street, London W1 with a view to meeting up with his old friend Lew.

image no 9

I thought that they were never going to move . . . . . and they didn't!

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Lew and Harry meet up and Lew agrees to take Harry to a property, “Clench House”, that he owns in Surrey and show him the jewels that he stole. Tim finds out the address and drives to visit as agreed. 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1

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He pulls up at the house and meets the lady of the house, Mary Greer (Nyree Dawn Porter). Also seen in “Hell is Sold Out” and “A Place of One’s Own”.

“Odd job man” Johnny Time (Terence Alexander) returns to his flat to be shot by Harry. Meard Street, London W1 was also seen in 'Something in the City', 'King of the Underworld', 'Danger by My Side', 'The Teckman Mystery', 'Don't Open till Christmas' and together with the Hairdressing Saloon in 'The Six Men'.

image no 12

The diners here are always suspicious of why I am photographing them.

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Lydia Daney, Lew’s very unhappy wife agrees to meet Harry and visit Clench House as a result of which the story is resolved.