Man in the Road, The

Date: 1956
Director: Lance Comfort
Production Company: Gibraltar Films Ltd.

Stars: Derek Farr, Ella Raines, Donald Wolfit, Lisa Daniely, Cyril Cusack
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


Having lost his memory, an important scientist is hunted by communist agents as they attempt to steal a top secret formula.

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Suffering from amnesia after being knocked unconscious on a country road, Ivan Mason (Derek Farr) is wheeled around the grounds of fictional Downview Hall by Nurse Mitzi (Lisa Daniely). Fulmer Hall on Windmill Road, Fulmer in Buckinghamshire.

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The invalid makes progress at Professor Cattrell's nursing home. Fulmer Hall was also used in 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines'.

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Dr. Kelly (Cyril Cusack) looks down on Nurse Mitzi and Ivan as the two flirt in the home's grounds. Fulmer Hall on Windmill Road, Fulmer.

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The Nurse tells her patient that she may get into trouble.

Still without his memory, Ivan is driven to meet he former employer. The Grand Entrance Screen at Hyde Park Corner on Knightsbridge in SW1. The structure was also seen in ‘The Magic Box’.

image no 5

The same view captured by Peter.

The shot pans with the car. Apsley House, Piccadilly. Also featured in ‘Genevieve’, ‘The Fourth Protocol’ and ‘True as a Turtle’.

image no 6

Peter found that a safety wall has been added. To prevent damage to vehicles by stray pedestrians maybe?

These buildings on Piccadilly have since given way to the southern end of Park Lane.

image no 7

Different buildings line the road beyond Park Lane in Peter's modern shot.

The car turns off the main road and draws up outside the offices of Dmitri Balinkev. Identified by RL as St. James's Square in SW1 during a discussion with Peter.

image no 8

And Peter provides the shot to support. (RL)

Ivan looks up at the building and enters to find Professor Cattrell waiting before being told that he is due to visit his mother in Russia. St. James's Square again, found by RL.

image no 9

Peter found that they were filming there once again and was hampered by trailers in achieving the correct angle. (RL)

Dr. Kelly meets with Ivan at the Two Horseshoes pub in Medwood and tells him of his suspicions about the Professor's activities. The church of St James next to the Black Horse public house on Windmill Road, Fulmer in Berkshire. Di Davies advises that the location features in 'Don’t Talk to Strange Men'.

image no 10

The same pub . . . . in colour. (PW)

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Having discovered that the Professor has hypnotised him, Ivan is taken in by author Rhona Ellison (Ella Raines).

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Ivan returns to Downview Hall. The entrance of Fulmer Hall in Buckinghamshire.

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Fleeing from the nursing home, Ivan heads to number 7 Rosecroft Road in Clapham SW4, the address given by the Professor as the house where he lives. And no, it's not a real address.

As Ivan discovers that landlady Mrs Lemming was paid to go along with a deception, Rhona visits Superintendent Davidson at Scotland Yard. The Victoria Embankment end of Derby Gate in London SW1.

image no 14

Nigel Matthews provides this view adding that "This building is now offices for MPs and Scotland yard has moved 100 yards along Victoria Embankment to what were Police offices. So I suppose it could be now called The New New Scotland yard!"

Looking for his missing patient, Professor Cattrell (Donald Wolfit) shows Mason’s photo to a Ticket Collector. Seer Green & Jordans station on Farm Lane, Seer Green in Buckinghamshire. An almost identical view was seen in 'Twice Around the Daffodils'.

image no 15

Longer platforms and a new booking office roof now. (PW)

While the Police discover that his real name is Doctor James Paxton, Ivan watches as mysterious Mr. Stannick is driven away by cab.

image no 16

The railings belong to 50 Greek Street, London W1 and we are looking north. (RL)

After henchmen capture Ivan and Rhona, a patrol car approaches Medwood police station. Looking southward on Windsor End in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire with The Greyhound public house to the left.

image no 17

There's a noticeable increase in road users these days! (PW)

Having information about the now missing Miss Ellison, John Welsh (George White) is escorted from the car. Outside the old Police Station and Magistrates Court, Windsor End in Beaconsfield Old Town.

image no 18

Taken from between the parked cars. (PW)

The Gamekeeper is led into the police station. The old police station entrance on Windsor End. The location also features in 'Personal Affair'.

image no 19

And now in colour. (PW)

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Superintendent Davidson leaves Downview Hall after a fruitless visit. Fulmer Hall on Windmill Road in Fulmer.

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Watched by a Police Officer, Professor Cattrell and Nurse Mitzi load Ivan and Rhona into an ambulance at the rear of Downview Hall.

The ambulance leaves Professor Cattrell's nursing home. Outside the entrance to Dropmore Park at the corner of Heathfield Road and Hedsor Lane between Burnham and Wooburn Green in Buckinghamshire.

image no 22

The fence has given way to a hedge. (PW)

The Officer returns to Superintendent Davidson in the patrol car and together they follow the ambulance. This gateway on Dropmore Road to the west of Littleworth Common is at the end of a path that once led through Hollybush Wood to Dropmore Park.

image no 23

The gateposts can just be made out in the greenery. (PW)

The camera moves with the car. To the right stands Dropmore School at the junction of Dropmore Road, Wooburn Common Road and Littleworth Road in Buckinghamshire.

image no 24

The same corner with the school in residential use. (PW)

When altered by radio, other police cars turn to join the pursuit. The Jolly Woodman public house on Littleworth Road, Littleworth Common in Buckinghamshire. The pub was also seen in ‘Mr Quilp’, Genevieve’, ‘Carry On Dick, ‘Man in the Moon’ and ‘The Deadly Bees’.

image no 25

Di Davies provides this comparison taken in 2012, hence the flags to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee year.

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Returning to Downview Hall, Professor Cattrell and Doctor Manning (Bruce Beeby) attempts to make their escape to Russia with Doctor James Paxton.

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Doctor Manning and the Professor leave Dr. Paxton behind as the police approach. Fulmer Hall, Windmill Road, Fulmer in Buckinghamshire.