Date: 1953
Director: Terence Fisher
Production Company: Hammer Film Productions

Stars: Paul Henreid, Lois Maxwell, Kieron Moore, Hugh Sinclair
Location(s): London



A man escapes after being found guilty of murder and his estranged wife believes that he’s coming after her.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Man in Hiding’ (US title)


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Thelma Speight (Lois Maxwell) crosses the road as she walks to the offices of Venus magazine.

image no 1

Peter took this shot from south of the Duke Of Wellington Statue at the West end of Constitution Hill SW1 adding that "The road and zebra crossing have been redesigned since the 50s".

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The beauty editor purchases a newspaper.

After learning of Mervyn Speight's escape from prison whilst serving time for murdering Joanna Martin, Hugo Bishop (Paul Henreid) leaves a note under the door of Thelma's apartment.

image no 3

Looking down Gloucester Terrace, London W2 from the junction with Lancaster Terrace. (RL)

Thelma arrives home as Hugo gets into his car after calling his fiancée.

image no 4

The entrance to Maitland Court, Gloucester Terrace, London W2 which was also seen in 'Song of Paris'.

Hugo drives away as Thelma finds the note.

image no 5

The subsequent re-building in Gloucester Terrace, London W2 is now clear to see. (RL)

Thelma peers through her apartment window, fearing that her husband may be looking for her. The remainder of the original terrace can also be seen in Whispering Smith at 002

image no 6

Difficult to know the exact spot but the angle and what is now a much larger BT manhole suggests it is not far off. The wall is much the same all along anyway! (RL)

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A police car drives past as Hugo speaks with Speight who is hiding on a bombsite near to St. Paul's Cathedral.

When Thelma calls him, Hugo drives to her apartment.

image no 8

Hugo entered Gloucester Terrace from Lancaster Terrace, London W2. The gardens have grown and the background has been developed. (RL)

The camera follows Hugo's car.

image no 9

He would have to drive over chains today. (RL)

Hugo draws up outside the apartment block seen earlier, in images 004 to 006. Also seen in Whispering Smith at 001b, the houses behind had been demolished in the intervening 12 months.

image no 10

Maitland Court, Gloucester Terrace, London W2. (RL)

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The police 'throw a net' around London whilst trying to recapture Speight.

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Inspector 'Freddy' Frisnay (Lloyd Lamble) stops by to check with the men on the front line.

A new day dawns. John Tunstill identifies this as the statue of George III on Cockspur Street / Pall Mall in SW1. The location was seen in 'The Long Arm'.

image no 13

Peter took this rather cluttered view of the same place with new trees and scaffolding added.

Early morning scenes are shown as the city comes to life. Smithfield Market in EC1 identified by John Tunstill.

image no 14

A more colourful comparison from Peter.

A lone taxi plies for hire. Looking along The Mall from Buckingham Palace in SW1. Found by JT.

image no 15

I just happened to be there on another assignment. (RL)

Mothers walk with their children as the milk is delivered. Hartland Road in London NW1 with Holy Trinity church in the right background. The location was also seen in 'It Always Rains on Sunday'.

image no 16

The spire's in trouble again. Perhaps the top is finally being replaced. SJ

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The financial district wakes up.

Markets bustle as the police continue their search for Speight. John Tunstill advises that this is looking along Russell Street towards Covent Garden in WC2.

image no 18

Did anyone seriously question JT?

Police officers co-ordinate their plans. Waterloo Bridge with St Paul's in the right distance. Identified by JT.

image no 19

A still recognisable skyline now by Peter.

Another patrol car is dispatched. The corner of York Road and Cliff Road on the N7 / NW1 boundary. The cafe still stands!

image no 20

And Peter found it!

Panning with the vehicle brings more of the background building into sight. The Red Lion public house, which still stands on what was the north-west corner of the Metropolitan Cattle Market in Islington N7.

image no 21

The same location taken by Peter.

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And still further brings a tower into view. It's the Metropolitan Cattle Market Clock Tower which now finds itself to the south of the imaginatively named Clock View Crescent in London N7. The tower was also seen in 'The Committee'.

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A police car speeds through the streets.

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The shot follows the car as it passes under an adjacent bridge.

Hugo walks through a market as he goes in search of the murdered girl's sister.

image no 25

Portobello Road, London W11 as found by Ray Glenister but he didn't tell exactly where. So this shot can cover until a more accurate one is provided. Feel free to replace! (RL)

With direction from a stall holder, Hugo enters a courtyard. Ray Glenister established the location as Dunworth Mews, off Portobello Road, London W11 (RL)

image no 26

Dunworth Mews looking towards Portobello Road, with many thanks to Nick who very kindly moved his van. (RL)

Coming close to finding the out the truth, Hugo approaches the home of Susie Martin, Joanna's sister in law. Also Dunworth Mews says Ray. (RL)

image no 27

Gone are the days when children "played outside". (RL)

Hugo enters the building where Susie lives. Dunworth Mews, London W11 as found by Ray. (RL)

image no 28

A much changed residential location now. (RL)

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Thelma and Hugo walk in the park as he explains his thoughts about someone close to her being Joanna's real murderer.

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Mervyn Speight (Kieron Moore) leaves a phone box after calling Hugo.

Hugo searches for Speight at the bomb site and, when the two meet, the story of Joanna's murder is recounted. Between Cheapside and Watling Street in EC4 showing the eastern side of St. Paul's Cathedral. The area has, of course, been redeveloped! The area also featured in 'The Lavender Hill Mob'.

image no 31

Peter captured the best shot possible, with additions fore and aft.

After Speight explains that he witnessed the woman's death, a policeman is spotted when the two start to leave the hideout. This is facing north towards Cheapside on Friday Street in EC4.

image no 32

Looking towards Cheapside from One New Change on roughly the line of the developed Friday Street. Picture by Peter.

Hugo hides Speight in his car and drives home. This section of Friday Street is now covered by One New Change.

image no 33

Peter took this shot of the colonnade belonging to 25 Cannon Street which is roughly where Friday Street once ran.

Henry Dorval (Liam Gaffney) leaves the station and sees a billboard bringing attention to the Speight story. St. John's Wood Underground station at the corner of Finchley Road and Acacia Road in NW8. The station and road junction were also seen in ‘Black Orchid’ and ‘One Way Out’.

image no 34

You wouldn't expect much of a change to a Grade ll listed building. (RL)

The artist reads the headlines before hailing a cab. In the background stands Wellington Court at the junction of Finchley Road and Grove End Road in St John's Wood.

image no 35

A few changes to the forecourt of the station but little change except more greenery. (RL)