Marked One, The

Date: 1963
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Planet Film Productions

Stars: William Lucas, Zena Walker, Laurie Leigh
Location(s): London, Hertfordshire

Region(s): ,


Ex-con, separated from family, now going straight finds his past catching up as counterfeit plates are demanded. SJ

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Screen captures uploaded by Simon James


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Somewhere in the Brent/Thames area... Brentford Dock confirmed by Jamie Heath/JH.

Lucas returns after putting in extra hours into his shift.

image no 2

All now in a sad state of repair. (RL)

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Lucas reports in.

Possibly on Dock Road looking towards St Mark's Church, Brentford, as Lucas heads home to be followed by shsdy individuals in a car.

image no 4

That block has been built in the meantime and is now ready for demolition. (RL)

They are just about to set about him.

image no 5

The house next door has been rebuilt, but the important one still stands on Oxford Road North, W4. SJ

Lucas' housemate Leigh works at the Pilot pub

image no 6

On the corner of Wellesley Road and Oxford Road North, W4. SJ

Walker, Lucas' estranged wife, comes to visit.

image no 7

Looking at the Great West Road. SJ

She ascends the steps to the boarding house.

image no 8

Now. SJ

A clearer shot of The Pilot

image no 9

For a moment I thought it was being converted to luxury apartments but fortunately this is just a makeover. SJ

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Chiswick/Brentford area. Oops no, Borehamwood, Herts.

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She crosses the road. This is Shenley Road with Drayton Road on the right. Spotted by the eagle eyes of RL.

A particular notable bit of pavement here.

image no 12

The mystery step is at Brentford High Street where Brentford canal bridge is, sent in by Jamie Heath. (SJ)

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Brent and Thames area again... and the Brentford Dock again with thanks to JH.