Date: 1980
Director: Tom Clegg
Production Company: Polytel, The Who Films

Stars: Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith, Cheryl Campbell, Georgina Hale, Billy Murray, Steven Berkoff, Brian Hall, Ian Hendry
Location(s): London, Maidenhead, Berkshire, Dublin & Lough Tay, Ireland.

Region(s): , ,


Tough prison thriller based on the escape and rehabilitation of real-life bank robber John McVicar.

Additional Information:

Shots loaded by SJ: all research and grabs by Neil Rigby, who acknowledges help from these sites, and


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image no 1

Mountjoy Prison, North Circular Road, Dublin 7. All "nows," unless stated otherwise, are credited to Google and NR who pulled them.

image no 2

(Near) Mountjoy Prison, North Circular Road, Dublin 7

  • 'Now' required

Unknown ... but a recent Southall spotting did not quite match so the search goes on. Set super sleuth Neil Rigby on the case..... problem solved! 114 College Road with Whimore Gardens, London NW10 5HD. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to get a "now" shot from the same spot but the school in the background Neil tells us is Princess Frederica C of E School. (RL)

Nice scenery.

image no 4

The R759 road by Lough Tay, Ireland.

More of the above.

image no 5

The R759 Road close to Ballinstoe, Ireland.

image no 6

Mountjoy Prison, North Circular Road, Dublin 7

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Railway at Maidenhead.

image no 8

This find is from Britmovie: Norden Road, Maidenhead SL6

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Aha, a road sign: we like those clues.

image no 10

This find from Britmovie: Norden Road, Maidenhead SL6.

image no 11

This find from Britmovie: Norden Road, Maidenhead SL6.

image no 12

Euston Road, by St Pancras Station, London NW1

Driveby: unknown

image no 13

Hemingford Road driving south approaching Ripplevale Grove N1. Great spot from Neil R. G/NR

Additional stills from NR illustrating good use of one road in both directions. Hemingford Road. Driving south.

image no 14


Hemingford Road by Richmond Ave.

image no 15


Hemingford Road approaching Lofting Road.

image no 16


Hemingford Road approaching Ripplevale Grove.

image no 17


Hemingford Road between Richmond Ave and Ripplevale Grove.

image no 18


Hemingford Road between Ripplevale Grove and Richmond Ave.

image no 19


London N1

image no 20

Hemingford Road driving north between Ripplevale Grove and Lofting Road N1. G/NR

Has a clue on the door.

image no 21

Yes 9a Elm Park Avenue: the same door was seen in The Odd Job. SJ

image no 22

Callow St by Elm Park Road. London SW3, looking towards Fulham Road. Replacing NR's off-angle google shot. SJ

image no 23

This find from Britmovie: West Hill, London SW18 1RX.

image no 24

This find from Britmovie: West Hill, London SW18 1RX.

image no 25

Sussex Gardens into Southwick Street W2. NR found this one.

image no 26

And again, Sussex Gardens into Southwick Street W2.

There is a Lamertons. Green sign. A central library sign. Also possibly a Bennetts coffee house. I have been in touch with Lamertons opticians. Same green logo. But they say it might be Lamertons at Ealing. New Broadway looks promising... Great research from NR

image no 27

"The location is Ealing W5 -RD is heading down the high street towards South Ealing . Bentalls (long gone) in the background. Current view courtesy of google." Info and view from Joe G with our thanks. Sorry it's a bit blurred but we hope to replace the Google shot anyway in the future (SJ)

image no 28

Airedale Road corner with South Ealing Road. London W5


image no 29

In the Professionals episode, Lawsons Last Stand, I noticed the pavilion from "Mcvicar". Carriage Drive East, Battersea Park, London SW8. Amazing bit of detection on the part of Neil Rigby. Copyright is held by The Professionals

As yet, not known.

image no 30

A lot of changes here. But the pub on the corner and old building alongside still remain. Milton Street EC1. Found by Neil after posting in a Barbican area hunch.

The robbery van goes along Milton Street then left into Chiswell Street towards the Barbican, EC1.

image no 31

And here's the same wall.

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Without knowledge

image no 33

Airedale Road.

image no 34

Address around Battersea Church Road and Vicarage Crescent SW11. Looking over to Lots Road power station.

A repeat of no29

image no 35

This now is provided by Gaz Mills, showing the Battersea Park Millennium Arena and the matching building that is now the gym and physiotherapy building. Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ. (SJ)