Melody (aka S.W.A.L.K.)

Date: 1971
Director: Waris Hussein
Production Company: Hemdale Productions, Sagittarius Productions, Goodtimes Ent.

Stars: Jack Wild, Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde, Sheila Steafel, Keith Barron, Roy Kinnear
Location(s): Dorset, London

Region(s): ,


Two youngsters declare to their parents that they want to get married as soon as possible.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The start of a panning shot during the titles. The road running across the image is Kennington Road with Chester Way to the bottom centre. London SE11. Newy Brothwell suspects that this and 002 were shot from the top of the London College of Printing where he believes Alan Parker (writer of the original story and screenplay) went as a student. (RL)

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Moving southward, the shot brings Denny Street and Denny Crescent into view. To the extreme left is Kennington Lane.

The Boy's Brigade march through the streets led by their Captain (John Gorman). Battersea Church Road, London SW11.

image no 3

The wall and Seifert-designed housing tower block still stand. SJ

The company turns from the road towards St Mary's Church. Battersea Church Road SW11.

image no 4

Yes! Russell Groves took the pic.

The camera pans slightly as the boys march into the churchyard. Off Battersea Church Road.

image no 5

Russell again. Good work. We were all here with Alfie.

A view of the Thames from alongside St Mary's Church on Battersea Church Road SW11.

image no 6

Pretty close. Full marks Russell.

The company marches in front of the church. St Mary's Church, Battersea Church Road.

image no 7

And the fourth from Russell.

Daniel Latimer (Mark Lester) stands uneasily in line. Looking over the Thames from St Mary's Church on Battersea Church Road. The location was also seen in 'Alfie'.

image no 8

Across the river stands the disused Lots Road power station. (PW)

Looking across at Ornshaw (Jack Wild), the Captain remarks about the smart turn out by Daniel. St Mary's Churchyard on the banks of the River Thames in London SW11. A similar shot was seen in 'For Them That Trespass'.

image no 9

The replacement for Fulham power station stands over the Thames. (PW)

The Captain praises Daniel who tells him that his Mother made him join the brigade. The spire of St Mary's Church rises in the right background. Battersea Church Road.

image no 10

And it still does! (PW)

Mrs. Latimer (Sheila Steafel) waits to collect her son. Battersea Church Road with Fulham Power Station across the Thames.

image no 11

An approximation of the screen capture, with no power station as a guide. (PW)

The company disbands at the end of the parade.

image no 12

St Mary's Church on Battersea Church Road SW11. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Ornshaw enjoys the ride as he's given a lift home by Daniel's Mother.

Mrs Latimer pulls up to drop Ornshaw off at 'home'.

image no 14

Facing north on Kennington Road, London. (PW)

Ornshaw waits for Mrs Latimer to drive away.

image no 15

Kennington Road, London SE11. (PW)

After Mrs Latimer and Daniel drive away, Ornshaw climbs the garden wall and makes off. Kennington Road.

image no 16

A little bit closer but the same location now. (PW)

The Ship public house is passed as Ornshaw runs to his 'real' home.

image no 17

Kennington Road at the corner of Bishops Terrace SE11. (PW)

Ornshaw walks towards the back door of his downbeat house. The long since demolished buildings stand on Morton Place off Cosser Street in London SE1.

image no 18

From ground level, this is the same location. With thanks to the management and staff at Days Hotel Waterloo. (PW)

Mrs Latimer and her Son arrive home. Musgrave Crescent, London SW6.

image no 19

There are still "For Sale" boards to be seen. (RL)

Melody Perkins (Tracy Hyde) leaves her flat when she hears a Rag & Bone man in the courtyard below. Surrey Lodge Dwellings in Kennington says IMDB.

image no 20

Looking up towards where Surrey Lodge Dwelling once stood. (PW)

After receiving a goldfish in exchange for clothes, Melody takes a walk. The courtyard enclosed by buildings on Morton Place, Cosser Street and Kennington Road with Surrey Lodge flats in the background.

image no 21

This comparison can only be from almost the same spot. With acknowledgement to the management and staff at Days Hotel Waterloo. (PW)

Melody takes her newly acquired goldfish for a walk! After much deliberation, this is identified by Stephen Graham as Kennington Road SE11 with Clayton Buildings on Lollard Place filling the skyline.

image no 22

Taken from from the same position. (PW)

The goldfish is let out to swim in a water trough. Lambeth Road at the junction with Kennington Road in London SE1.

image no 23

Almost the same angle due to nearly being run down by traffic. (PW)

Melody departs after finding her Father, Mr Perkins (Roy Kinnear) at the pub.

image no 24

Kennington Road with Bishops Terrace to the right. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Boys play football during break time at school. Newy Brothwell places this as St Paul's School for Girls, Hammersmith. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The girls watch as a fight between boys takes place. Similarly, Newy Brothwell places this as St Paul's School for Girls, Hammersmith. (RL)

Classmates hurry away after school ends with a lesson with Mr. Dicks. Mark Walsh identifies this as Highmaster's House on Hammersmith Road in Hammersmith W6.

image no 27

Now. Replacing my original photo with a season corrected version. SD

  • 'Now' required

The boys run across waste ground to the disused railway sidings where they play.

  • 'Now' required

Stacey demonstrates his latest homemade bomb as the lads gather around. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Ornshaw calls Daniel over when he is seen watching the gang. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

The boys run run from the railway yard to catch the bus home. Hercules Road SW1.

image no 31

The same railway arches. (PW)

Ornshaw, Daniel and the other boys crash into children waiting at the bus stop. Outside The Pineapple public house on Hercules Road in Lambeth.

image no 32

Less plain now. SJ

After an already full number 21 bus leaves the stop, Ornshaw and Daniel cross the road to catch another into the city. The buses are props for the film as the 21 never ran in this area of London.

image no 33

Outside The Pineapple pub on Hercules Road now. (PW)

The two pals watch as the bus to town carries them away. Hercules Road SW1 looking at the junction with Cosser Street.

image no 34

From ground level. (PW)

The bus nears the city. Lambeth Palace Road in SE1.

image no 35

Peter took a ground level shot with a tree conveniently obscuring the refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament.

The boys arrive in the centre of London.

image no 36

Trafalgar Square, WC1 by Peter, who found the fountain suffering from a water shortage.

Daniel and Ornshaw run through Trafalgar Square. London WC1.

image no 37

Peter snapped the same location now.

  • 'Now' required

The pair attempt to get into an adult cinema. Steven Harman tells us that this is 12 Greek Street, Soho, London W1 and that it was the Carousel Cinema. (RL)

When they notice the time, Daniel hails a taxi to take them home. The location was seen in 'Go for a Take', 'Up Jumped a Swagman', Saturday Night Out' and 'Street of Shadows' . . . .

image no 39

. . . it's Old Compton Street at the corner of Greek Street in Soho with the Prince Edward Theatre on the right. (PW)

As the taxi pulls away, the doorway of the Three Greyhounds public house is seen. Facing Greek Street from Old Compton Street in London W1.

image no 40

The same location now. (PW)

The two arrive at Daniel's house. Musgrave Crescent alongside Eel Brook Common, London SW6.

image no 41

Grass has replaced the pond. SJ

When they get out of the cab, Ornshaw says goodbye to Daniel.

image no 42

The crescent bathed in early winter sunshine. SJ

The mates talk about films after Daniel begins to follow. Musgrave Crescent in Parsons Green SW6 with a District Line train standing in sidings in the left background.

image no 43

Roughly here. SJ

Daniel asks his pal to tea but Ornshaw says that he has to go home.

image no 44

And this is exactly here! On the corner of Kempson Road. SJ

The two continue talking as they head into the park. Eel Brook Common SW6.

image no 45

Grass has replaced the court. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Another day sees Stacey (Ashley Knight) preparing his latest homemade explosive device as O'Leary (William Vanderpuye) and Burgess (Billy Franks) watch. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The gang spend the weekend in their derelict playground. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

As the summer continues, a relay race takes place on 'sports day' at school. Newy Brothwell also places this as St Paul's School for Girls, Hammersmith. (RL)

Looking onto Old Brompton Road from Brompton Cemetery in SW5.

image no 49

Nearly all of the memorial masonry still stands in this now shot from Peter.

  • 'Now' required

The youngsters make their way through the cemetery. Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Road SW10. Although IMDB claims Nunhead Cemetery. Steven Harman also claims this to be Nunhead Cemetery. (RL)

Melody and Daniel skip school. The approaching 159 bus identifies this as . . . . well, Richard believes this is Kennington Road . . . and Newy Brothwell believes so too, saying that the Texaco garage was there in 2007/08. The 159 is followed by a 109 so it "has" to be Kennington Road, but RL cannot get the buildings to fit

image no 51

Peter understands the problem but did get the identification to work using the still extant Texaco petrol station as a guide.

The two runaways arrive at the coast by train. Weymouth station on King Street, Weymouth, Dorset. The station was also seen in 'Out of Season' and has since been rebuilt.

image no 52

Following major expansion in the 1950s the station's traffic gradually fell into decline and the current building and track layout was constructed in 1986. (RL)

Daniel and Melody ride the rollercoaster at the seaside fairground. IMDB claims Battersea Park in London . . . . . but see the next image, Capture 54.

image no 53

This is what the location looks like now. (PW)

More rollercoastering at the coast. This is Chipperfield's Amusement Park at Westham Bridge in Weymouth. The Backwater Viaduct is seen to the right and carries the railway line between Portland and Weymouth over Radipole Lake, part of the River Wey. The line closed in 1965 and the bridge was replaced by Swannery Bridge in the late 1980's.

image no 54

A clearer view of the current bridge. (PW)

The two enjoy candyfloss as they make their way towards the beach. Near King's Statue on The Esplanade, Weymouth.

image no 55

Hard to line this one up as there is very little that is visible. The structure on the right though is the Tea Cabin, which has now been altered from its original octagonal shape. SD

A panoramic view of the beach at Weymouth in Dorset.

image no 56

The trampolines are still there, only now further along the beach. SD

Daniel and Melody take shelter during a rain shower. The Esplanade, Weymouth with the Pier Bandstand in the left background.

image no 57

The shelter is a popular place for scoffing takeaway fish and chips. SD

The Esplanade in Weymouth. In the right background can be seen the Pavilion Theatre and the Harbour.

image no 58

The shelter is opposite the Royal Hotel and is in the right place to be the same one seen in Far From The Madding Crowd. SD

When the day brightens up, Melody and Daniel return to the beach. Weymouth.

image no 59

No time for sand castles today. (RL)

As they contemplate marriage, the youngsters watch a couple standing in the sea. Weymouth with the harbour extending seaward in the background.

image no 60

No one brave enough to paddle in March. (RL)

Melody on the beach. The church in the left background is St Johns on Greenhill, Weymouth.

image no 61

In 1986 two schoolgirls won a competition to demolish the seaward end of the pier. (RL)

Time for a last bathe before returning to London. Weymouth beach with buildings on The Esplanade as the backdrop.

image no 62

Opposite The Kings Statue, and looking towards St. Thomas Street and St. Mary Street. SD

Soon after Melody and Daniel return to school, they disappear again and the staff follow their Headmaster (James Cossins) from the building to find them. Highmaster's House in W6, now called the St. Paul's Hotel, stands at the corner of Hammersmith Road and Colet Gardens. Information from Mark Walsh.

image no 63

At the back entrance. SD

Stacey watches Mrs Latimer arrive as the teachers are leaving. Looking out from Highmaster's House. Mark adds that the hotel has a restaurant named Melody and that the location is opposite Colet Court where scenes for 'The Sweeney' were filmed.

image no 64

Now, looking out through the glass doors of the front entrance. The Melody restaurant has a framed poster from the film on the wall. SD

The Headmaster drives the minibus from the school. Highmaster's House in Hammersmith located by Mark Walsh, and also seen in 'Thunderpants'.

image no 65

Overlooked on my last visit, now rectified. SD

The convoy heads to the old railway yard where the pupils are.

image no 66

Battersea Park Road at the junction with Havelock Terrace in SW8. (PW)

Mrs Latimer takes the wrong road and turns through the refuge of a pedestrian crossing. Battersea Park Road SW11.

image no 67

The same location with a safer crossing.(PW)

'Did you just see that?' Battersea Park Road in Nine Elms.

image no 68

The building is disused now. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Stacey runs to warn the children about the approaching teachers. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Mrs Latimer follows the school minibus through the gates of the railway yard. Newy Brothwell suspects that the railway arches site has changed again as the US are building their embassy there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The children run through the arches of the railway viaduct when the teachers and Mrs Latimer are spotted. The arches also appear in 'Villain' and are now utilised by traders at New Covent Garden Market.

  • 'Now' required

Stacey throws one of his homemade bombs into Mrs Latimer's car as the children are 'captured'. In the background, Millbank Tower rises behind the closed Allied Breweries Horseshoe Brewery. The brewery was seen in 'Villain' and 'Soapbox Derby'.

  • 'Now' required

The struggle to restrain the children stops and everyone turns toward the sound of the bomb's blast.

  • 'Now' required

The car burns after the explosion. Nine Elms SW8. The area is now occupied by New Covent Garden Flower Market.

  • 'Now' required

As the end titles prepare to roll, Daniel and Melody disappear into the distance on a railway pump trolley. Nine Elms sidings, London SW8 confirmed by Peter Brown who adds "This is the extreme west end where the goods roads joined the main line, which is at a slightly higher level just beyond the fence seen on the left. The signal box on a gantry spanning the running lines is Loco Junction Box which controlled movements towards Waterloo and in to and out of the Goods Yard and the Motive Power Depot on the other side of the main lines".