Mission: Impossible

Date: 1996
Director: Brian de Palma
Production Company: Paramount Pictures, Cruise/Wagner Productions

Stars: Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jean Reno, Henry Czerny, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, Vanessa Redgrave, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Emilio Estevez, Marcel Iures, Dale Dye.
Location(s): London, Czech Republic, Scotland (train shots), USA

Region(s): , , ,


Complicated and exciting stuff as the MI team come up against killings, red herrings, a NOC list, and double crosses. SJ

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How very helpful...Praha, or even Praga mater urbium as we all remember from our Latin.

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An interior: what a lot of staircases. National Museum of Prague in Nové M?sto, New Town.

Scott-Thomas and Cruise emerge from the north side of the Lichtenštejnský palác also known as Ledebursky,(Lichtenstein Palace).

image no 3

Bro Robin IS Cruise (or Scott-Thomas). Taken by wife Alison.

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Voight steps into the Prague air.

Marcel Iure? (acclaimed Romanian actor) now in the steps of Cruise

image no 5

Bro R IS Iure?. Taken by Alison

Lichtenstein Palace, Kampa Island as seen looking south-west from Karl?v Most (Charles Bridge), Prague.

image no 6

Trees replaced. RJ

Voight on the Charles Bridge.

image no 7

Now. RJ

Stairs to the Charles Bridge from Na Kamp?.

image no 8

New tree in the way. RJ

Cruise up the stairs.

image no 9

Now. RJ

And up again.

image no 10

Great match. RJ

Nice angle.

image no 11

Nice angle again or did the camera slip. Well done, RJ.

Scott-Thomas in trouble on Kampa Island by the Vitava river, north of Lichtenstein Palace.

image no 12

Now. RJ

Cruise climbs over the gate while Iure? is pinned against it, no more.

image no 13

Same gates, not to be confused with the same style at the other end on the alley opening into Na Kamp?. RJ

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Cruise in Old Town Square, Starom?stské nám?stí, to the east of Charles Bridge. St Nicholas Church in the background.

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But this isn't there, not surprisingly since it is all but destroyed. It was the Paramount lot in LA. Included for the sake of averting wild goose chases.

Cruise runs away from the restaurant rendezvous.

image no 16

Now, looking north on Old Town Square. RJ

Another rendezvous: this time Cruise and Redgrave, neither in shot.

image no 17

Address please, RJ, or is it the same as in the film?

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There's the contact on the bench.

image no 19

And there's the middle windows above where the MI force hide out. SJ

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Cruise enters the concourse of the main station. London's Liverpool Street station.

...to make a call.

image no 21

This was taken only a few days after the London opening. Already there was MI-related graffiti and, soon after, the phones were removed, and the whole ares enclosed and replaced with cashpoints. SJ

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Cruise times his call carefully.

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Ponti's cafe in Liverpool Street Station.

Czerny and Dye at a helipad placed in a then car park and now gardens in front of City Hall SE1.

image no 24

The same location by Peter, also seen in 'An American Werewolf in London'.

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The climax is on board the TGV but what's it doing in Scotland?

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Approaching the Channel Tunnel with a bit of CGI I suspect ... The train heading for the euro tunnel was filmed between outside Dumfries and Gretna because there is a section of straight railway line for at least 20 miles: the euro tunnel entrance is CGI, contributes Michael Ceates.

Cruise at the Anchor Inn, Bankside, SE1

image no 27

Side entrance rather than the river entrance. SJ

Cruise with Rhames.

image no 28

Those shutters are a bit bright, and someone's nicked the seating. SJ


image no 29

On an uncluttered Sunday morning, taken soon after filming which is why the shutters are still blue. SJ

And bye for now, until the sequel.

image no 30

Now. SJ