Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Date: 1975
Director: Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam
Production Company: Michael White, National Film Trustee Co., Python (Monty)

Stars: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Connie Booth, Carol Cleveland, Neil Innes
Location(s): Scotland, London, Essex, (establishment shots Wales, Kidwelly Castle, Cydweli.Sussex, California)

Region(s): , , ,


King Arthur seeks the Holy Grail with Pythonesque aplomb.
The dvd box set includes an excellent documentary with Messrs Jones and Palin retreading some of the locations. Most of it features Doune Castle which celebrates an annual Monty Python day as well as enthusiastically displaying associated stills and books.

Additional Information:

Stills grabbed by SJ, many of the ‘nows’ by brother (RJ)


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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Great Hall, Doune Castle near Stirling, Scotland: the knights of the round table singing and dancing when they're able.

image no 1

Brother Robin went to Doune and took the nows.

The Great Hall: knights doing their routines.

image no 2

David Wilson has send this shot to replace "RJ's" below par shot. (RL)

Kidwelly Castle/Castell Cydwell, Carmanthenshire, Wales: just an establishment shot.

image no 3

Dave Wilson captured the castle in a less eerie mood. (RL)

Chapman and Gilliam endure Cleese's French taunter. After the establishment shot above, it's back to Doune Castle.

image no 4

RJ did the best he could against the light but David Wilson was more fortunate with the sun when he visited and sent this much improved shot. (RL)

Not such a close-up. More taunting. Incidentally this castle may look familiar to those who've seen Ivanhoe (1952), Elizabeth the Golden Age and The Bruce (1996).

image no 5

That's better: spot on. RJ

  • 'Now' required

Chapman dispatches bits of Cleese as the Black Knight. This could be Epping Forest, Essex: tough to prove though.

It's castle Doune again as the knights attack.

image no 7

Now. RJ

The Trojan rabbit at Castle Doune.

image no 8

David Wilson provides the don't seriously expect much to change do you? (RL)

A nice library/stock shot of Yosemite Valley, California. Dave Wilson proposes that this is actually The Gorge in Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria, Australia. His persistence to finding a support shot that we can publish has paid off. (RL)

image no 9

In seeking permission to publish an Internet photo David Chitty of Adventure Guides Australia has been kind enough to supply his own shot for us. I have not cropped in order to give full exposure to David's excellent organisation. (RL)

Near Ardtalnaig close to Kenmore in the Loch Tay region of Perth & Kilross. The derelict buildings were still there in the 2001 Jones/Palin documentary.

image no 10

And they were still there when David Wilson took this picture but nature was rather taking control. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

A dead historian in Arnhall Castle; even though it's ruins, it's listed so should be around for a while yet. Located between Doune and Dunblane, Stirling.

Another stock shot: Bodiam Castle, Robertsbridge, Sussex standing in as Swamp Castle.

image no 12

A bit more to the right please Richard Lovejoy but a good effort from memory! (SJ)

But the interior is Doune again. Jones and his "father" Palin.

image no 13

Self portrait by RJ

Idle as v annoying stupid and cheerful guard, Palin, Chapman as hiccoughing guard in the same room of Doune Castle.

image no 14

The window was blocked off. RJ

This shot links the above two. This is the Lancelot rescue sequence of the film but the room also appears in the Castle Anthrax sequence with Galahad being tempted by nymphets and also unwillingly rescued by Lancelot.

image no 15

Now. RJ

Castle Doune's courtyard

image no 16

Now. RJ

The northern approach to Doune

image no 17

Now. RJ

Guard, actor could be Charles Knode.

image no 18

Slightly gratuitous detail of the gateway. RJ

Tom Raeburn, the other guard.

image no 19

More door detail. RJ

In charges Cleese.

image no 20

And all of the gate again. RJ

Cleese about to kill Zack Matalon

image no 21

Now in Doune's courtyard. RJ In mphg021 Zack Matalon is actually killed by John Cleese twice in the same scene on that same stairwell. Theo Kurela.

And up the stairs.

image no 22

Now. RJ

  • 'Now' required

The Great Hall with the wedding guests recovering from Lancelot's onslaught.

Aberfoyle Slate Quarry above Aberfoyle.

image no 24

Near the Duke's Pass (A821) in the Trossachs area west of Stirling. Photo by David Nesbit and sent in by Dean Nelson with thanks.

Ardtalnaig, Tomnadashan copper mine: police investigating the results of the killer bunny at the "cave of Caerbannog." Close to mphg010.

image no 25

old Tomnadashan Copper Mine near to Ardtalnaig, Perth And Kinross Sent in by Dean Nelson.

Meeting of three waters, Glen Coe, Glencoe: in the documentary dvd, not as high up as one may imagine and close to the A82 further west of the other locations.

image no 26

The Bridge of Death at Glencoe, Scotland about a 15 min walk from the A82, taken by David Pike. He admits that to find it he relied upon the clues contained in the DVD documentary and as a result of the 40' sheer drop he could not replicate the angle which was almost certainly obtain from a gantry. David adds that higher up this gorge (middle left in his picture) is where a scene from The 39 Steps (1939) was shot just before our Capture 3 picture (about 36.00 minutes into the film). (RL)

  • 'Now' required

This may be Hampstead Heath which is often sited as a location, but then again it could be the opening scene before the first castle. Interesting personalised number plate..."Found a location shot at another fantastic site Internet Movie Car DB []: this scene looks to have been shot at Loch Laich, although is possible the film crew brought that 1966 Rover from Scotland down to Hampstead (incidentally where I lived back in 2001-2003, NW3 6SG)" Jonathan Judd (SJ)

Castle Aaaaarrrggghhh, actually Castle Stalker, Loch Laich, Portnacroish north east of Port Appin, Argyll & Bute. This is found south west of Glencoe.

image no 28

I am sure if David Wilson had gone on a clearer day it would have been a different picture. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Looking up at Castle Stalker for further French taunting.

  • 'Now' required

Another shot.

  • 'Now' required

An army amasses to attack Castle Aaaarrrggghhh but the police will intervene to spoil it. This was actually filmed miles to the east near the Bridge of Allen, Dumyat Hill, Sheriffmuir, Stirling where the extras were more readily available.