Morning Departure

Date: 1950
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Production Company: J. Arthur Rank Organisation, Jay Lewis Productions

Stars: John Mills, Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, Kenneth More, Nigel Patrick, George Cole
Location(s): Dorset



Can the crew of a sunken submarine be rescued before their air runs out?

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Operation Disaster’ (US Title)

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Beneath the credits, a view across Portland Harbour in Dorset opens the film. The harbour features in 'You Know What Sailors Are', 'Further Up the Creek', 'The Key' and 'Petticoat Pirates'.

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As dawn breaks, Lieutenant Commander Armstrong and his wife Helen awake to the cries of their new born baby.

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Helen Armstrong (Helen Cherry) accompanies her husband Peter (John Mills) to the front gate as he sets off for a routine day.

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Sub-Lieutenant J. McFee (Andrew Crawford) catches up with Lieutenant Commander Armstrong as he arrives in his car with Chief Petty Officer Barlow (Michael Brennan).

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Running late, Able Seaman Higgins (James Hayter) and Able Seaman Nobby Clark (Wylie Watson) pass their Officers on the way to the launch that will take them to their submarine. The background buildings make an appearance in 'The Bulldog Breed',

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Lieutenant Commander Peter Armstrong, his Number 1, Lieutenant Manson (Nigel Patrick) and Sub-Lieutenant Oakley (Peter Hammond) stand in HMS Trojan's conning tower as the vessel begins to move.

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HMS Trojan leaves harbour. This is the Eastern Ship Channel with Portland Breakwater Lighthouse standing to the left at the southern end of the north-eastern breakwater.