Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

Date: 1968
Director: Saul Swimmer
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Stars: Peter Noone, Keith Hopwood, Derek Leckenby, Karl Green, Barry Whitwam, Stanley Holloway, Mona Washbourne, Marjorie Rhodes, Lance Percival
Location(s): Berkshire, Greater Manchester, London, Middlesex, Rome (Italy)

Region(s): , , ,


Manchester working class lads raise money to race a greyhound by playing in a band.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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The film opens with ariel views of Manchester . . . . we are told.

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Pomona Docks lie in the centre of the shot with the River Irwell to the left and the Bridgewater Canal on the right. Manchester M16.

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An ariel view of Manchester streets.

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The camera finds Herman Tulley as he rides a motorcycle with his greyhound, Mrs. Brown, in the sidecar.

The young band member heads for the local greyhound racing stadium.

image no 5

Paul Bruffell places this as Edge Lane Road, Oldham, OL1 and advises that the northern section still exists but the southern section was dug up as part of the housing demolition programme. The terrace housing has been demolished leaving the semi-detached houses shown here. The stone wall in the screen capture was a retaining wall for the bus depot accessed via Henshaw Street, both of which have now been removed. (RL)

Lead guitarist Derek (Derek Leckenby) also heads to the stadium. The junction on Bournville Road SE6.

image no 6

Looking west from the western spur of Adenmore Road. SJ

Karl (Karl Green) drives Barry (Barry Whitwam) as Derek catches up. Westdown Road SE6 with the bridge carrying the railway between Catford and Nunhead above.

image no 7

The scene now. SJ

The friends turn into the race track's approach road. The junction of Adenmore Road and Westdown Road in Catford SE6.

image no 8

Road re-alignment. SJ

Keith (Keith Hopwood) cycles as the others catch up. The former approach to Catford Stadium running alongside the railway line in SE6.

image no 9

Somewhere about here. SJ

Herman Tulley (Peter Noone) arrives with Mrs. Brown. Catford Stadium, which closed in 2003 and was damaged by a fire two years later.

image no 10

Almost near completion of the new Catford Green and no sign of the stadium at all. SJ

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As Mrs. Brown catches up with the hare, the boys run towards her. Catford Stadium with Holbeach School on Doggett Road in the left distance.

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After a successful practice race, the friends leave the stadium. Catford Stadium in south-east London. The site is currently being redeveloped.

Herman nears home with Mrs. Brown.

image no 13

Paul Bruffell gives the location as Newark Street, Oldham having passed the junction with Adelphi Street and approaching a side road providing access to Farnworth Street. He adds, "the road network in the local area was significantly revised following the demolition of the housing, resulting in all the street in the screen capture being dug up. The B6194 and Mortimer Street are in the background, the B6194 then having terrace housing frontages." Paul had provided full photo and map evidence (held on record) and submits this shot of Scafell Close which is about 20m north of where Newark Street met Edge Lane Road, looking down the hill showing the new housing constructed following the demolition of the old terrace housing. (RL)

The combination struggles up hill to where Herman lives with his grandmother. Rock Street, Oldham says Paul Bruffell, also seen in A Kind of Loving 011c. (RL)

image no 14

Paul provides a shot of how it is today, looking along what would have been Rock Street from Beever Street down to Wallshaw Street. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Herman sets of for his interview for the position of Junior Assistant Accounts Executive. Rock Street, Oldham says Paul Bruffell, also seen in A Kind of Loving 011c. (RL)

The young hopeful heads towards town. Oldham Parish Church of St. Mary with St. Peter's on Rock Street is prominent to the right. The church also appeared in 'The Whisperers'. To be exact, Paul advises that "the young hopeful" is heading along Edgerton Street passing the junction with Horsedge Street. (RL)

image no 16

Paul Bruffell provides this photo as it is today, the church he says "is just about visible behind the trees. The side street is Horsedge Street." I agree Paul, you can on the larger shot! (RL)

The journey to the interview continues. Mumps Bridge in Oldham, Greater Manchester as seen from Bottom O' Th' Moor. The railway bridge was removed in 2011 when a new tram line was extended into the town and the area has drastically changed.

image no 17

Paul Bruffell re-enforces the "drastic changes" that have taken place with this shot, thank goodness for the former Natwest Bank with its distinctive tower. He reminds us that the tower can also be seen in A Kind of Loving Captures 31 and 32......but not as clearly! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Herman arrives at Advertising House to see Mr. Oakshot. Great West House on Great West Road, Brentford, still standing and now suitably refurbished for a more modern age. The building was also seen in 'Darling'.

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In another part of town, girls cycle past as Keith loads empty bottles onto a lorry

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A case of empties smashes onto the ground as Keith eyes the 'birds'.

Herman prepares to tend his grandad's grave after failing to get the position at Advertising House. Steve Cook advises that this is St. Mary Magdalene church in Littleton, adjacent to Shepperton Studios.

image no 21

Grandad's grave stone must have been a prop as it is no longer there. SD

A Tramp (Lance Percival) wakes from his slumber in the grave yard. St. Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton, Surrey, identified by Steve.

image no 22

No tramps in the grave yard today, just a chap taking photos. SD

After asking for five shillings, the tramp introduces himself as the honorable Percy Sutton, gentleman of the road. The church yard of St. Mary Magdalene Church on Squire's Bridge Road, Shepperton. Located by Steve Cook.

image no 23

And photographed by Stephen Dean. SD

Herman takes Percy home for dinner. Steve found St. Mary Magdalene Church which was also seen in 'The Jigsaw Man'.

image no 24

And also in 'The Smashing Bird I Used To Know'. SD

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Mrs. Brown is entered into a race and when she wins Londoner G. G. Brown to invites the boys to meet his wife and daughter. Catford Stadium SE6.

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Herman talks with Judy Brown (Sarah Caldwell) when Mrs. Brown (Mona Washbourne) comes to collect her for the journey home.

That evening, Herman walks through town thinking of Judy. 31 Bridge Street, Walton-on-Thames. (RL)

image no 27

Some significant changes on the right hand side. (RL)

Smitten, the young vocalist sings whilst he walks amongst lovers in the street. 31 Bridge Street, Walton-on-Thames. (RL)

image no 28

Now. (RL)

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The band members wander through a building site as they discuss taking Mrs. Brown to a greyhound race in London.

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Herman's Hermits agree to go to the event and set about raising the cash.

Tulip (Sheila White) walks with Herman as they arrive at Manchester's Piccadilly station to catch the London train. In reality, this is the footbridge that crosses Kings Cross station in London N1.

image no 31

Herman's ticket is checked. Kings Cross station on Euston Road.

image no 32

A similar view. (PW)

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After a montage of London landmarks is shown, Barry looks for a name label in the collar of a silent Hippie Girl (Michele Cooke) who has followed the lads through London.

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The band approaches a boarding house where the landlady mistakes the name Mrs. Brown as a woman and refuses to let them in.

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When they can't find anywhere to stay, a Con Man (Dermot Kelly) takes £11 from Herman for 'accommodation'.

The accommodation turns out to be a fire station. Di Davies identifies this as Slough Fire Station on the A355.

image no 36

This unaltered shot comes courtesy of Kevin Hale under Creative Commons Licence - Slough fire station (Kevin Hale) / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Derek gets carried away on an appliance when he's caught up with one of the crews as the alarm is sounded. Di Davies locates this as turning left out of Slough Fire Station. (RL)

image no 37

This is an approximation of the same shot now. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Following a walk through back projected London, the Hermits stop for some food near where Percy is reading a newspaper. Tower Bridge stands in the background of this shot from St. Katharine Docks in E1. The location was seen in 'The Diplomatic Corpse' and 'The Firm'.

image no 38

Peter took this similar shot with The Shard conveniently hidden behind the right hand tower of the bridge.

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Percy turns to see the boys and asks if they're here for the big race.

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Finding out that the lads have nowhere to stay, Percy leads them through the dock.

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The tramp takes them towards a warehouse. The 'B' Warehouse of St. Katharine Docks stands to the right with the Anchor Brewhouse in the distance. Identified in Simon James' London Film Location Guide.

  • 'Now' required

The boys struggle with their luggage as they cross to the warehouse. The area was used in 'To Sir With Love', 'The Long Good Friday', Circus of Fear' and 'Attack on the Iron Coast'.

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Percy introduces everyone to his fellow down and outs. Looking across St Katharine Docks towards The Ivory House.

The next morning, the group go to see G. G. Brown at his fruit and vegetable business in Covent Garden.

image no 44

The best aerial view Peter could get of the north east corner of Covent Garden.

Shots of market workers and traders are shown as the lads start working for Mr. Brown.

image no 45

With impossible access, Peter took this shot is from Wellington Street on the west side of the Floral Hall which shows the same building design as the screen capture which was filmed from Tavistock Place.

A fight breaks out after a barrow collision is caused by G. G. Brown bawling to attract custom. Covent Garden in WC2 at the corner of Russell Street. A similar shot was seen in 'Frenzy'.

image no 46

The same redeveloped corner by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Herman pushes his barrow into the street and the boys begin to earn enough money to enter Mrs. Brown into the race.

At the river side, Percy smokes the butt of a cigar dropped by a passer by. Looking across the Thames to the Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Palace Road in SE1.

image no 48

The same location now by Peter.

G. G. Brown drives his Rolls Royce through town after picking up the boys after work.

image no 49

Peter found the place but with everything rebuilt, including the traffic island.

The Rolls crosses the river on the way to G. G. Brown's house where he is holding a 'soirée' for friends. Facing west on Lambeth Bridge.

image no 50

The same location now by Peter.

Percy is spotted and called over to jump into the car. In the background is the roundabout that forms the junction of Lambeth Palace Road, Lambeth Road and Albert Embankment in SE1. The area was seen in 'The Cracksman'.

image no 51

Peter found that the area has been redeveloped.

  • 'Now' required

The gang arrive at G. G.'s "cottage". Binfield Manor on Forest Road, Binfield near Bracknell in Berkshire identified by Steve Cook.

  • 'Now' required

G. G. Brown (Stanley Holloway) takes everyone inside for the gathering where the Hermits meet Vince Hobart, owner of the Phonograph Club. Binfield Manor also appears in 'The File of the Golden Goose' and 'Interlude'

  • 'Now' required

Mrs. Brown is entered into the trials where she wins. White City Stadium in W12, which was demolished in 1985.

  • 'Now' required

Back at Advertising House, Mr. Oakshot reads of Herman's win. Great West House, Great West Road, Brentford in Middlesex.

When Judy gets a modelling job in Rome, Herman accompanies the Browns to the station. Judd Street WC1 with the corner of Bidborough Street on the left.

image no 56

Peter captured the location and recalls working in an office opposite Camden Town Hall where some of the antics were funnier than a Carry On film.

The frontage of St. Pancras station on Euston Road at the junction with Judd Street and Midland Road.

image no 57

The same corner now from Peter.

Herman and Judy get out of the car with the greyhound as G. G. and his wife try to find a parking space. The forecourt of Kings Cross station with St. Pancras station visible in the extreme right background. The area was also seen in 'The Ladykillers'.

image no 58

The forecourt has been improved. (PW)

The young pair walk towards the platform. Kings Cross station in London N1.

image no 59

Yes, the platforms were numbered differently then. (PW)

Herman excuses himself to go and tie Mrs. Brown to a parcel barrow before saying goodbye to Judy.

image no 60

Platform 9, on the suburban side of Kings Cross station. (PW)

Whilst the two say their farewells, the rake of barrows is driven away, along with Mrs. Brown.

image no 61

I'm not claiming that this is exactly the same spot. (PW)

After the train has departed, Herman looks for the dog as the Hermits prepare for their appearance at Hobart's nightclub. The north end of Kings Cross station.

image no 62

Platform 9 again. (PW)

Mrs. Brown can't be seen. The station was seen in 'Hoffman' and 'The Ladykillers'.

image no 63

A similar view now. (PW)

Panicking, Herman tells the Browns that the dog is missing. Kings Cross station in N1.

image no 64

This is platform 8. (PW)

Herman runs through yards outside the station, calling for Mrs. Brown. The former Imperial Gasworks holders rise in the background. The location is seen in ‘Herostratus’, 'Robbery' and 1966's 'Alfie'.

image no 65

Camley Street, unrecognisable today. The sheds were also seen at the beginning of Alfie. SJ

As the rest of the band begins to play, Herman continues his search for Mrs. Brown. Camley Street in N1 as it runs under the Midland Main Line out of St. Pancras.

image no 66

Also seen in the chase scene in Robbery. SJ

  • 'Now' required

After the band are fired from the club when their lead singer fails to turn up, Herman and G. G. Brown return to the greyhound track. White City Stadium, Lime Grove, London W12.

  • 'Now' required

The £100 entrance money is refunded. The stadium was also seen in 'Jumping for Joy' and 'The Blue Lamp' and 'Otley.

  • 'Now' required

With no jobs and no greyhound, the boys hitch a lift and return to Manchester.

  • 'Now' required

Derek and Karl find work on a building site, but aren't very good at it.

  • 'Now' required

A depressed Herman cycles towards home.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Judy's photo shoot is going well. In the background rises the dome of Basilica di San Pietro (St. Peter's Basilica) in Vatican City.

image no 72

Never transmutable. SJ

Ponte Sant'Angelo (St. Angelo Bridge) over the River Tiber in Rome with Castel Sant'Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) in the background. The view is also seen in 'Rome Adventure'.

image no 73

Been there for ages. SJ

  • 'Now' required

After Percy turns up with a pregnant Mrs. Brown, Tulip and Herman talk about returning to London.

  • 'Now' required

Herman and the band return to the Brown's house and leave Mrs. Brown's puppy on the doorstep. Steve Cook finds an other use of Binfield Manor, Binfield, Berks. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

G. G. opens the door and Herman waves back as the band, Tulip and Mrs. Brown drive away. As a result of Steve's identification of Capture 75 they must be driving away from Binfield Manor, Binfield, Berks. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The minibus pulls over when Judy is spotted on the front cover of a magazine in a newsagents window. The Singer shop may be a clue. A clue or not Steve Cook recognised this as High Street, Staines-upon-Thames. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Herman's Hermits drive off and the end credits roll. But a Tesco's lurks in the background. Tesco's no longer "lurks", 2-8 High Street, Staines-upon-Thames TW18 is now "The George" public house Steve Cook tells us, whilst Debenhams on the junction remains. (RL)