Murder Without Crime

Date: 1950
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

Stars: Dennis Price, Derek Farr, Patricia Plunkett, Joan Dowling
Location(s): London



After his wife storms out with a suitcase, an author picks up a girl in a nightclub before murder and blackmail take over the night.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Having driven along Regent Street, author Stephen Holt narrates his story whilst passing through Piccadilly Circus in London W1.

image no 1

Peter captured a more colourful view without any indication of what time it might be.

The shot moves around Piccadilly Circus before Stephen introduces his acquaintances at the Teneriffe Club prior to arriving home late and becoming engaged in a blazing argument with his wife Jan. Facing The London Pavilion on Coventry Street recognised by Peter.

image no 2

No illuminated advertising in Peter's modern comparison.

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Jan Holt (Patricia Plunkett) decides against calling on her psychotherapist after the bitter row over another woman which saw her walk out on her husband.

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The taxi that brought Jan to Dr. Winter's house pulls away leaving her alone in the street.

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Having visited the Teneriffe Club with his landlord Matthew, Stephen drives Grena home. Christopher Matheson identifies the location as Shepherd Market W1, looking towards shops on White Horse Street. The same junction appears in 'Booby Trap'.

image no 5

This view confirms Christopher's identification. (PW)

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Stephen Holt (Derek Farr) reverses the car into the film's Cranfield Mews where Grena lives at number 5. The long demolished Carlton Mews off Warwick House Street SW1.

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Grena (Joan Dowling) and Stephen get out of the car. Carlton Mews in St. James's was built in the early 1830s.

Leaving Grena's flat after more drinks, Stephen walks home when he realises that he is too drunk to drive. The steps lead from Carlton Mews onto Carlton House Terrace. The location was also seen in 'Count Five and Die', 'Fragment of Fear' and 'Bunny Lake is Missing'.

image no 8

This is what would have been visible after climbing the steps. (PW)

Stephen rushes to the upper landing of the mews where Grena lives after believing that he has killed her during a fight when she turns up at his apartment. This ramp gives access to the upper floor properties of Carlton Mews in SW1.

image no 9

The site of the ramp. Now not so much full of character, more full of , , , , , (PW)

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The author runs along the landing to Grena's front door to retrieve a glove that he had left behind earlier. Carlton Mews was demolished towards the end of 1969 after falling into disrepair.

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Failing to gain access to Grena's flat, Stephen descends to the mews courtyard and gets into his car to drive home. Looking out onto Warwick House Street from Carlton Mews. The mews are also seen in 'Fragment of Fear' and 'Bunny Lake is Missing'.

After attempting to call her husband at home, Jan leaves the hotel that she has booked into. The entrance to the Averard Hotel at the eastern end of Lancaster Gate This end of the road appears in 'Return of a Stranger (1961)', 'The Broken', 'Endless Night' and 'Scandal' with this corner seen from the other direction in 'Connecting Rooms'.

image no 12

All white pillars now. SJ

Stephen arrives outside the hotel, just missing his wife. The corner of Lancaster Gate and Craven Terrace in W2.

image no 13

The lamppost has become an No Entry sign. SJ

After Jan and Stephen are reunited in their apartment, a taxi takes Matthew around the corner from home. The corner of Carlton House Terrace and Waterloo Place in London SW1.

image no 14

The same corner. (PW)

Matthew (Dennis Price) gets out of the cab, telling the bemused Driver that this is how he ensures he gets his daily exercise. Waterloo Place with The Athenaeum Club in the background. The location features in 'Brannigan', 'Man on the Run', 'The Man Who Haunted Himself', 'Defence of the Realm', 'That Riviera Touch' and 'Nothing But the Best'.

image no 15

No need for a taxi for such a short journey these days. (PW)

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Following her husband's explanation of the nights events, Jan turns back whilst heading for Cranfield Mews when a Policeman appears from a doorway. Christopher Matheson suggests that the Policeman is emerging from the steps seen in Capture 8. Indeed, the characters in "Count Five and Die" Capture 5 are seen to enter that same opening. (RL)