Mutations, The

Date: 1974
Director: Jack Cardiff
Production Company: Cyclone, Getty Pictures Corp.

Stars: Donald Pleasence, Tom Baker, Brad Harris, Julie Ege, Michael Dunn, Scott Antony, Jill Haworth
Location(s): Berkshire, London

Region(s): ,


Hoping to speed up evolution, a deranged biologist experiments on students.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Students leave college after a lecture by Professor Nolte. Beit Quad at Imperial College in London SW7 identified by the British Film Location Spotters Club on Facebook.

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Leaving the quad, Heidi (Julie Ege) and Bridget (Olga Anthony) part company from Tony (Scott Antony) and Lauren (Jill Haworth). Looking into Beit Quadrangle on Prince Consort Road, South Kensington.

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Tony and Lauren walk towards a parked Jaguar. Outside Imperial College's Beit Hall with Exhibition Road in the right distance.

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The two get into the car and Tony drives away. Prince Consort Road SW7 with the Royal College of Music in the centre background. The road was also seen in 'The Ipcress File', 'Seven Keys', 'The Girl on the Boat', 'Quest for Love', 'The Hideout' and 'The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)'.

Outside Battersea Park, Burns (Michael Dunn) pastes up a poster advertising a freak show. Queenstown Road in London SW8.

image no 5

Now. SJ

Now walking alone, Bridget approaches the gate to Battersea Park. This is Queenstown Road just south of Chelsea Bridge at the corner of Carriage Drive North. The same location appears in 'Soapbox Derby' and 'Col cuore in gola'.

image no 6

On a summer's day... SJ

The camera follows as Bridget enters the park. Carriage Drive North with the River Thames in the background and Chelsea Embankment beyond.

image no 7

... rather than autumn. SJ

A mysterious fog descends and Bridget starts to run when she sees that someone is following her. Battersea Park in SW11.

image no 8

Appears to be either alongside the Boating Lake sw of former Deer Enclosure or on Central Peninsular between Ladies Pond and Boating Lake... I quite like here, opposite the Moore sculpture, as the railings bend off the left slightly. SJ

Burns appears from behind a sculpture and begins to pursue the young woman. Three Standing Figures by Henry Moore.

image no 9

And here's the sculpture. SJ

At his mansion, Professor Nolte (Donald Pleasence) feeds the dogs while the disfigured Lynch (Tom Baker) barters for his latest captive. Oakley Court on Windsor Road, Oakley Green in Berkshire.

image no 10

Now with the conservatory restored. SJ

More of Oakley Court appears in the background as the two continue their conversation.

image no 11

An under-used clock tower, given the number of times Oakley Court has appeared. SJ

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Lynch returns to the fairground in Battersea Park where Bridget lies unconscious in his caravan. The fair stood in Battersea Park until 1974 and various parts of it feature in 'Bedazzled', 'The File of the Golden Goose', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire' and 'Torture Garden'.

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At London Airport Heidi, Tony and Lauren wait to meet Brian Redford, a chemist and former Army Major who's flying in from the United States.

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After sitting in on one of his lectures, Brad Harris (Brian Redford) asks the Professor about his theories. The quadrangle of Beit Hall at Imperial College.

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Professor Nolte invites the American to his house to see his work. Looking onto Prince Consort Road from Beit Quad in SW7.

A car brings the two biochemists to Professor Nolte's country home. The gates of Oakley Court on Windsor Road, Oakley Green.

image no 16

Same gates and posts or a good likeness but a different location: moved 75 yards or so to the east. SJ

Professor Nolte and Brad get out of the Rover P6 and enter the house. Oakley Court makes an appearance in 'Half a Sixpence', 'And Now The Screaming Starts', 'Room to Let', 'The Man in Black' and 'The House in Nightmare Park'.

image no 17

I stood on a wall to gain some height but it was not enough. SJ

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A car displaying a poster for the freak show's Monkey Woman passes the college. Prince Consort Road in SW7.

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Brad accompanies Heidi, Tony and Lauren as they leave the college. Facing the Royal Albert Hall on the steps from Prince Consort Road.

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Professor Nolte follows the students, overtaking them on the steps leading to the Royal Albert Hall. Looking along Prince Consort Road with buildings on Queen's Gate in the distance.

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The three friends wonder where Bridget could be after she failed to turn up for tea. Beside Beit Hall of Imperial College on the steps leading up from Prince Consort Road.

After closing, Tony makes his way into the fairground at Battersea Park. The steps lead down from Carriage Drive North to the Grand Vista.

image no 22

These stairs now lead to the Children's Zoo. The balustrade has added ornaments. SJ

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Rides come to life as the young man makes his way through the fair before being captured by Lynch.

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While Brad and Heidi worry about Tony's disappearance, Lynch cruises the city streets in search of a Prostitute. Facing east on Old Compton Street at the junction of Frith Street in W1 with the Casino, since reverted to its original name of the Prince Edward Theatre, to the right of centre.

image no 24

A sharper and brighter view. (PW)

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Answering the intercom at her flat on fictional Lynley Street, Lauren lets Tony enter only to be confronted by a horrific half plant, half man creature.

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Lauren's screams wake the neighbours and alert a nearby Policeman.

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PC Brent (John Wireford) runs into the building where he discovers Lauren unconscious.

As mist creeps up from the river, a Tramp (Toby Lennon) makes his way across Albert Bridge. The bridge is seen in 'Once a Jolly Swagman', 'The Party's Over', 'That Kind of Girl' and 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

image no 28

From the Battersea end looking north. SJ

The Tramp settles down for the night beside the bridge before the mutated Tony climbs from the river and kills him. Albert Bridge crosses the Thames between Chelsea and Battersea.

image no 29

Overgrown and fairly inaccessible for a good night's kip nowadays. Taken from Battersea Park. SJ

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Brad arrives at Heidi's apartment to find her missing.