Naked Runner, The

Date: 1967
Director: Sidney J. Furie
Production Company: Sinatra Enterprises, Artanis Productions

Stars: Frank Sinatra, Peter Vaughan, Derren Nesbitt, Edward Fox
Location(s): Cambridgeshire, London, Sussex, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Region(s): , ,


A British Intelligence officer takes advantage of an American industrialists visit to East Germany with his young son to coerce him into carrying out an assassination.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Sam Laker (Frank Sinatra) is cheered by his colleagues. Looking out at Charing Cross Road from inside Centre Point, New Oxford Street, London WC1.

Sam speaks to Martin Slattery. From inside Centre Point looking onto Charing Cross Road WC1.

image no 2

Actually I think this may be New Oxford Street where it meets Bainbridge Street. At 118, The Halifax used to be Dorothy Perkins, but, before that, Montague Burton (thank you RL) so Sinatra is calling from behind the Centre Point Tower in the adjunct. And that's the full Monty on this location. SJ

Sam arrives at Slattery's office. Centre Point again looking towards the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. London WC1.

image no 3

This bothered me until I realised there's a reflection in the glass of the "then" mirroring the buildings on Oxford Street. SJ

Sam looks up at the building. Centre Point on New Oxford Street WC1.

image no 4

The same location now, taken from St. Giles High Street. (PW)

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The view from Sam's apartment window. Geoff Leonard tells us that this is the apartment of Lord Archer taken from the balcony of The Penthouse, Alembic House (now Peninsula Heights), 93 Albert Embankment , London SE1. He adds that it also featured, mostly internally, in other films, such as Theatre of Blood, A Touch of Class, The Italian Job and Sweeney. Geoff supports with a picture of Lord Archer, with that very background, available on gettyimages. (RL)

Martin Slattery (Peter Vaughan) waits for a military contact ... Chelsea, between Holbein Mews and King’s Road the former “Duke of York’s Headquarters” but was bought by Saatchi and made into his art gallery. You can see the parade ground and south façade of the building by going to, the video tour of the gallery in the bottom right corner. John Donaldson.

image no 6

Taken from Cheltenham Terrace. SJ

Slattery departs after receiving a package.

image no 7

And the reverse pov. SJ

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Sam meets with Slattery and is given his mission. The top of the former Playboy Club, Park Lane and Curzon Street in London W1 with with the London Hilton building in the right background. Located by John Donaldson.

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Sam walks away from Slattery after begrudgingly accepting the mission to Leipzig. Looking towards Hyde Park Corner from Park Lane, London W1.

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Slattery waits for foreign agents at Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire.

Sam is sent to a shop called Kromadecka in what is supposed to be Luisenstraße in Leipzig, Germany. Steve Dowthwaite recognised this as outside the former Bayswater Synagogue on Chichester Place in W2. Steve adds that he saw several films being made in the area including 'Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn' and 'The Strange Affair' and that he appears in 'Secret Ceremony' as one of the crowd standing outside St. Mary Magdalene Church.

image no 11

The same place now. (PW)

Sam leaves the shop on Luisenstraße. Having lived in Paddington as a child in the 60s, Steve Dowthwaite advises that the tower block in the right distance is Gaydon House on Bourne Terrace and that this is outside the half demolished Synagogue on Chichester Place. Earlier views of the location appear in 'Innocent Meeting', The Comedy Man' and 'Never Let Go'.

image no 12

The distant tower block gives the location away. (PW)

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Sam is taken to meet Colonel Hartmann in the East German (!) countryside. Nowhere near East Germany says Geoff Dodd it is Claremont Fan Court School, Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey. (RL)

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The car pulls up outside the house where Hartmann sends Sam on a mission to Copenhagen to kill Rudolf Frensen. From Claremont Fan Court School, Esher Sam is more likely to be going on a school trip. Identified by Geoff Dodd. (RL)

Sam looks through a bus window en route from the airport. Vesterbrogade at the junction with Hammerichsgade, Copenhagen.

image no 15

Joe Blackwell provides this comparison showing that Vesterbrogade has been narrowed to make way for cyclists, pedestrians and café culture.

Further along from image nakru015. The base of the SAS Royal Hotel at the corner of Hammerichsgade and Vesterbrogade.

image no 16

Not so rainy in Joe Blackwell's modern view.

The bus arrives at the air terminal. Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen with the Liberty Memorial to the right.

image no 17

Taken from ground level, the same elements fill this shot by Joe Blackwell.

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Sam waits for his contact Anna (Inger Stratton) in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

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Sam and Anna talk. In the Tivoli Gardens looking towards what appears to be Copenhagen Central Station on Bernstorffsgade.

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After spending the night with Anna, Sam looks out from her apartment at the SAS Royal Hotel, Hammerichsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Slattery looks through a window as he speaks to Sam. Unidentified location.

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Two uncredited actors, Rudolf Frensen and his escort, wait at a station. I may be wrong but this appears to be Kingscote station on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex.

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Frensen and his escort arrive at another station. This looks very much like Horsted Keynes station on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex..

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Sam arrives back in Leipzig. Unidentified location.

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Leaving the terminal at Leipzig airport. Unknown location.

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Sam on the roof of a marionette theatre in Leipzig. Members of the Britmovie Forum identify this shot being taken on the roof of 94 Narrow Street in Poplar, London E14 looking over the River Thames towards Rotherhithe.

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Ruth (Toby Robins) talks with Sam. Narrow Street E14.