Never Let Me Go (1953)

Date: 1953
Director: Delmer Daves
Production Company: MGM

Stars: Clark Gable, Richard Haydn, Bernard Miles, Gene Tierney, Kenneth More
Location(s): Cornwall, London

Region(s): ,


American is forced to smuggle his Soviet wife out of the Union with the help of Cornish scenery. SJ

Additional Information:

Lionel Sear advises that Mullion Harbour is often damaged by storms to the extent that the National Trust have considered abandoning it to the sea. Additionally, the film trailer on YouTube shows a car being driven off Mevagissey outer harbour and into the sea. Keith Oliver’s, ( friends remember this and apparently one could sit in the car for a fee!

Mike Pethick remembers: I lived in Mevagissey at the time and remember sitting on Polkirt Hill in the early hours of the morning to see the car being driven off the end of the pier. I also remember watching the scene with Gable on Polkirt being filmed. It was a very exciting time for us children in Mevagissey and when the film people were leaving, their articulated vehicle got stuck in a corner of a narrow street. My father fetched a trolley jack from the garage, where he worked, to lift the end of the trailer and move it across the road a little so that it could continue, Gable turned up one day in a Jaguar XK 150 with his leading lady.

And some more memories from Judi Simmons: My grandparents ran Tremarne Guest House with several of the film crew staying with them, I was 8yrs old at the time. Some of the stars stayed at The Spa Hotel, further up the road from Tremarne. One of the shots of the car being driven off the quay went wrong & the car turned over as it went into the water & the stunt driver had to be extracted quickly.

Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

  • 'Now' required

A seafront, supposed to be Tallinn... but in fact Towan Beach Newquay and the building is the old Cosy Nook Theatre, spotted by Matthew Brooker. (SJ)

Mevagissey, after Next of Kin and Johnny Frenchman and before Dracula.

image no 2

Now. Taken from Polkirt Mews, since redeveloped. SJ.

Gable on the clifftops but not Mevagissey. I reckon Mullion Cove.

image no 3

Lionel and Cynthia Sear confirm that it is indeed Mullion Cove and send this shot taken from the high ground to the north of the harbour, looking south. (RL)

Gable on the east quay of Mevagissey.

image no 4

Now. SJ.

Mevagissey harbour.

image no 5

Now. SJ.

Gable and Haydn on the cliffs.

image no 6

Further south of Polkirt Mews (nlmg002). SJ.

This harbour, not Mevagissey, should be easy to find. It's Mullion Cove on the Lizard.

image no 7

Well done Mike Salter, a perfect double for Clarke Gable.

Now down on the quay seen from above in nlmg007. Lionel and Cynthia Sear "believed" this to be Gorran Haven but never rested until they were sure. In so doing they contacted Keith and Sally Oliver of who asked around their contacts and as a result it is confirmed that this is NOT Gorran Haven. They, however, are firmly of the opinion that it is Mullion Harbour, a 1955 picture of which can be seen on The debate continues and the four of them will continue to seek local knowledge from someone who remembers the film being made. (RL)

image no 8

Lionel and Cynthia were happy to prove that it is indeed Mullion Harbour, south harbour wall, the bollard is there and the shape of the rocks and the buttress wall are clearly the same despite the weather. We can now relax and move on......Oscar and Lucinda has been suggested! (RL)

Gable approaches a "Tallinn opera house".

image no 9

Also known as central London. The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane taken from the corner of Catherine Street and Russell Street, WC2. SJ

The same place.

image no 10

More detail looking down Russell Street, WC2. SJ