Night of the Prowler

Date: 1962
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Butcher's Film Productions

Stars: Patrick Holt, Colette Wilde, Bill Nagy
Location(s): London



The partners of a successful racing car company believe their lives are at risk when one of their number is shot dead.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The sound of footsteps dies away as a Stranger walks into the distance while the credits roll.

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The Stranger returns to his lodgings after shooting Trevor Watson, a partner of Aylestone Engineering.

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Following Watson's death, trials of the Aylestone Mk III continue at the test track with John Waring taking the place of company partner Paul Conrad as driver at the last minute.

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Flanked by two Time Checkers (Richard Wilding and Unknown), Robert Langton (Patrick Holt) signals the timing run to start.

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The Aylestone Mk III speeds across the airfield.

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John loses control of the Mk III when the car's brakes fail after being called in to end the trial.

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An ambulance rushes to the scene of the crash.

A taxi brings Robert's estranged wife home to the building where she has taken an apartment. Looking from the forecourt of Kings Court onto Hamlet Gardens in London W6.

image no 8

Parking remains very much the same despite the years. (RL)

Marie Langton (Colette Wilde) pays the Cab Driver before entering to find that a threatening message from Don Lacey has been delivered. The entrance of Kings Court on Hamlet Gardens.

image no 9

One can no longer be dropped off at the door. (RL)

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Robert returns to the offices of Aylestone Engineering where he receives a phone call from former company employee Lacey.

Having advised Detective Inspector Cameron about Don Lacey, Robert gets back into his car outside Marie's flat after finding that she is not at home. Looking north on Hamlet Gardens, Hammersmith.

image no 11

More greenery but very little else has changed. (RL)

A taxi carrying Marie and Paul Conrad pulls onto the building's forecourt as Robert drives away. Facing south on Hamlet Gardens with King Street in the left background.

image no 12

No call for a telephone box these days. (RL)

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When shots are fired through the apartment windows, Paul Conrad (Bill Nagy) rushes outside to see if he can spot the gunman.

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After refusing police protection, Robert arrives in the mews where Jacky Reed, a former girlfriend of Lacey, lives. Stanhope Mews East, London SW7.

image no 14

Remains very much the same. (RL)

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Robert takes out a key and opens the door to his lover's home. Looking north along Stanhope Mews East in South Kensington.

image no 15

It would appear that flower have always been a feature of this house. (RL)

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Leaving after breaking up with Jacky, Robert's Wolseley is followed from the mews. Facing south on Stanhope Mews East.

image no 16

At least parking both sides of the road has been resolved. (RL)

Robert spots the car that's been tailing him when he arrives outside his wife's flat. Outside Kings Court in Hammersmith W6.

image no 17

Why was the "Autohall" sign taken down" (RL)

The Ford Zephyr comes to a stand along the street. Hamlet Gardens, which also appears in 'Hour of Decision'.

image no 18

Some more planting has taken place in the last 50+ years. (RL)

Entering to tell Marie that he believes Lacey has been following him, Robert discovers that Paul is moving her out of town for safety. Kings Court on Hamlet Gardens W6.

image no 19

I must go back and take Capture 20! (RL)

The Stranger leaves the call box outside the building after phoning Marie's flat and speaking with her husband. The prop phone box stands outside Kings Court, Hammersmith.

image no 20

The one I forgot on my last visit. (RL)

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Paul and Marie arrive at his friends place in the country.

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Robert follows his wife from Aylestone Engineering after Don Lacey's body is discovered and the Stranger is identified as Anders, an accountant at the company.