Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A

Date: 1979
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: S. Benjamin Fisz Productions

Stars: David Niven, Richard Jordan, Elke Sommer, Hugh Griffith, Joss Ackland
Location(s): London, Twickenham, Kent

Region(s): ,


Ex con, out of the nick, inveigled into another heist.

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Wormwood Scrubs prison in West London. The location also features in ‘The Horse's Mouth’, ‘Jungle Street’, ‘Black Orchid’ and ‘Hot Millions’

image no 1

Now, Du Cane Road in London W12. SJ.

Scrubs prison forecourt. Or even... 'fore caught. See for other possible confusions of the English language.

image no 2

Now. SJ.

Chiswick High Road from Linden Gardens, West London, identified by Adrian Grepnold, thanks Adrian.

image no 3

Thanks, Adrian, right as usual. Chiswick High Road from west side of Linden Gardens, W4. SJ.

Linden Gardens, West London, information from Adrian, to whom we give our thanks.

image no 4

Linden Gardens. SJ.

Berkeley Square, London W1.

image no 5

Berkeley Square House... SJ.

image no 6

... on the east side of the square, previously visited in The Titfield Thunderbolt. SJ.

image no 7

Now. SJ.

image no 8

See the Rolls Royce showroom? Also seen in Cool It Carol. SJ.

Old Kent Road?

image no 9

Not an entirely accurate shot as I have only just realised that this is where I was covering The Frightened Man. Goldhawk Road, London looking at the junction with Paddenswick Road. (RL)

Goldhawk Road, London looking towards the junction with Paddenswick Road.

image no 10

Steven Mandich provides a comparative shot of the location junction. (RL)

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Edgware Road?

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Grafton Mews, off Berkley Square, where the old Ministry of Transport was, and which appears in The Titfield Thunderbolt.

image no 13

Bruton Lane opposite Grafton Mews. The rear of Berkeley Square House. SJ.

image no 14

Bruton Lane towards south side of Berkeley Square SJ.

image no 15

Panning to left. SJ.

image no 16

Reverse shot. SJ.

image no 17

South side also seen in I'll Never Forget What's 'isname. SJ.

image no 18

The back of the "bank" in Bruton Lane. SJ.

Berkeley Square, again.

image no 19

Right in the middle. SJ.

...and at one time the scene of assignation for ladies of the I'm told.

image no 20

Enough storage room for a lawnmower. SJ.

Mount Street, W1 in the background at the north-west corner of Berkley Square.

image no 21

For some reason, I omitted this on a previous trip but fear not I returned to make amends. SJ

image no 22

Entering Berkeley Square from the north side. SJ

image no 23

In the middle of the square. "11 Harrowhouse" in the background. SJ.

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Is this the northern edge of Hyde Park, Bayswater Road, where Norman Wisdom was in Trouble in Store?

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Berkeley Sq. W1.

image no 26

Jordan is turning from Bruton Place into the square. SJ

Berkeley Sq. W1.

image no 27

Now. SJ.

Kew Bridge station at the west end of Chiswick High Rd. Information from Adrian Grepnold.

image no 28

The same, very busy, road now. (PW)

Off Grafton Mews.

image no 29

Grafton Mews now gated. SJ.

Grafton Mews.

image no 30

Now. SJ.

Chiswick High Road. I used to work in that ladbrokes, most of the rest are as well, the car lot is either King St or Goldhawk Road my money being on Goldhawk Rd. Aidan McManus.

image no 31

Corner of Turnham Green Terrace and Chiswick High Rd. Aidan McManus.

image no 32

We move on?

image no 33

...and a bit more. Aidan.

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Confirm the car lot is on Goldhawk Road, West London, Quadrophenia zone. Info from Steve Cooks, thanks to him.

image no 35

The large building is The Mulberry Pub, Goldhawk Road, corner of Paddenswick Road. Terry Guntrip. Image Copyright Google Maps.

image no 36

The days i spent in that gaff - Aidan.

image no 37

Look at the tower. Aidan McManus.

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May well be just west of ngh019, suggests Adrian Grepnold. As ever our thanks to him for his insight. No, a little further away than that, it is actually 198/200 High Street, Hounslow, London TW3 says John Mellor and the passage in between is called Red Lion Yard. (RL). Website visitor Ross emailed to point out that the passage way is in fact called 'Red Lion Walk' (DW)

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200 High Street, Hounslow, London TW3 says John Mellor who has promised a "Now" shot to support. (RL)

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May well be just west of ngh019, suggests Adrian Grepnold and Jamie Okoro confirms that this is outside T. Adamou & Sons at 124 Chiswick High Road in W4.

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Chiswick High Road, London W4 identified by Jamie.

Chiswick Eyot? The Strand on the Green perhaps?

image no 46

Noooooo, it's Embankment in Twickenham. (PW)

image no 47

Embankment, Twickenham with the bridge to Eel Pie Island in the background and subsequently confirmed by Tim Harlow. (PW)

image no 48

Eel Pie Island, once known as Twickenham Ait, in the Thames. (PW)

image no 49

Embankment, Twickenham now. (PW)

image no 50

Facing Eel Pie island where a little redesign and rebuilding has taken place. (PW)

image no 51

Twickenham Rowing Club seen from Embankment, Twickenham. (PW)

image no 52

A working boat moored alongside Embankment and rebuilt properties in the background. Twickenham, Greater London. (PW)

image no 53

Looking across to Eel Pie Island in The Tideway of the River Thames. (PW)

The riverside pub is The Barmy Arms in Twickenham. Information from Steve Cook, well spotted, thanks.

image no 54

The same pub, and tree, now captured by Phil Wilkinson.

image no 55

Embankment in Twickenham, next to The Barmy Arms. (PW)

Yes, well then, mebbee?

image no 56

Goldhawk House, Goldhawk Road, London. (RL)

image no 57

Goldhawk House, Goldhawk Road, London with a change of user. (RL)

image no 58

Quite a boring shot really. (RL)

Chiswick High Road and Duke's Avenue, location spotted by Adrian Grepnold.

image no 59

Barley Mow Passage off Duke's Avenue, W4. SJ.

image no 60

Still a Lloyd's on Chiswick High Road. SJ.

image no 61

Tobias on Duke's Avenue with a red brick Catholic church behind him. SJ.

image no 62

Barley Mow Passage and Duke's Avenue. SJ confirms AG's sleuthing.

Jamie Okoro advises that Mylo's was at 253 Chiswick High Road W4.

image no 63

Looking towards the corner of Duke's Avenue, so very close to previous action. SJ

Chiswick High Road in W4, located by Jamie.

image no 64

A shop-front rethink. SJ

A little further along Chiswick High Road.

image no 65

But not much. SJ

Chiswick High Road in W4, identified by Jamie.

image no 66

Trees unaltered. SJ

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Chiswick High Road in W4, located by Jamie Okoro.

image no 68

Still a familiar scene. SJ

This is at the junction of Goldhawk Road and Paddenswick Road, London W12. Information from Jamie.

image no 69

Not so easy to drive on the pavement now. (RL)

Jamie Okoro identifies this as Goldhawk Road in W12. The background public house is currently known as The Grand Union.

image no 70

It has changed its name yet again, now The Oak. (RL)

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Ramsgate Hoverport? ... Yes, see below (SJ)

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Just to confirm this (and above) are Ramsgate Hoverport, situated at Pegwell Bay. I was working there and remember walking into the front port passenger cabin and David Niven was sitting there. One of my deepest regrets is that I didn't have the courage at the time to speak to him. David Ward

Aldwych and Strand, London WC2.

image no 73

This replaces Terry Guntrip's Google shot from 2010 which showed the old Strand tube entrance on the south side of Strand, but this is the north side close to Clement's Inn, all rebuilt, but the tree is the same and the bus stop is in the same position. SJ

Jordan emerges, having changed from barrister robes into civvies.

image no 74

Roughly here, all rebuilt. SJ

image no 75

And Sketchley's would've been about here. SJ

image no 76

Now. SJ.

image no 77

Now. SJ.

image no 78

Now. SJ.

Embankment, Westminster. Remember Blind Date?

image no 79

Victoria Embankment. SJ.

image no 80

Taken from Westminster Bridge with some zoom. SJ.

image no 81

Victoria Embankment. SJ.