No Love for Johnnie

Date: 1961
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: Five Star Films Ltd

Stars: Peter Finch, Stanley Holloway, Mary Peach, Donald Pleasence, Billie Whitelaw, Hugh Burden, Rosalie Crutchley
Location(s): London, West Yorkshire

Region(s): , ,


Johnnie Byrne is a member of the British Parliament in his 40s. Feeling frustrated with his life, his personal and professional problems begin to mount.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Christopher Matheson’s findings regarding Captures 22 and 23 can be read here.

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  • 'Now' required

Before the election, Johnnie Byrne MP (Peter Finch) walks towards a group of people.

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Johnnie approaches the electorate. Unidentified location.

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Campaigning in Halifax. Unidentified location in Halifax.

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Posters and announcements urge the town to vote for Johnnie.

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More canvassing as the election gets closer. Elsie Crossley recognised this location as New Bank in Halifax which also appears in 'Room at the Top'.

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Opinion polls point to Johnnies party being in power after the election. Unidentified location.

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The voters listen to Johnnies speech after his re-election. Unknown location.

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Closer view of Johnnie as the crowds cheer. Unidentified location.

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The campaign car gives Johnnie a lift to the station. Halifax station off Church Street / Square Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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Johnnie walks into Earnley station to catch the London train. Halifax station, West Yorkshire.

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Johnnie is escorted by the Station Master at Earnley station. Platform 6 at Euston station in London NW1. The old station's platforms were numbered and located approximately where the current ones stand.

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Johnnie speaks with his agent Drake (Conrad Phillips) at the station. Euston station off Euston Road NW1. The platform signs to the top left read '5 and 4'.

Johnnie arrives at his London address, known as Towcester Mansions in the film.

image no 13

Christopher Matheson found the location and provided this shot to support. York Street, W1, looking towards Baker Street. The next street on the right is Upper Montague Street. Taken from outside Bryanston Mansions. (RL)

Mary (Billie Whitelaw) spots Johnnie as he gets out of the taxi.

image no 14

And Christopher provides this reverse shot of Capture 13, York Street facing towards Seymour Place in the far distance. Again taken from outside Bryanston Mansions with Wyndham Street coming in on the right. (RL)

The papers report that Johnnie hasn't gained a post in the new cabinet.

image no 15

Peter sent this picture of the subway entrance behind Johnnie in London's Parliament Square.

Johnnie is interviewed in Parliament Square, London SW1 with the Houses of Parliament in the background.

image no 16

I should be in front of Churchill and to the left along with a clever lens. SJ

After the interview Johnnie walks towards the Houses of Parliament. St Margaret Street in SW1 with Parliament Street and Whitehall in the background.

image no 17

Now. SJ

Swinging round from the previous shot and waiting for the traffic to clear on St Margaret Street, London with Bridge Street in the background.

image no 18

Now. Phil, you make it too easy for. SJ

Johnnie crosses St Margaret Street SW1 and heads for the Houses of Parliament.

image no 19

Now. SJ

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Johnnie talks with Fred Andrews (Stanley Holloway) and Henderson (Peter Barkworth) on the terrace of the Houses of Parliament with Westminster Bridge in the right background. Christopher Matheson believes this to be a studio set, to read his findings see Header Section. (RL)

After his wife leaves him, Johnnie takes a taxi to meet new acquaintance Miss West at Flagg's studio in fictional Ronald Street. John Lawson locates this as the junction of Sussex Place and Hyde Park Gardens Mews in W2.

image no 21

Also seen in Lost (1955), as London Movie Guide will tell one. SJ

Johnnie walks from the cab to meet Pauline West. Looking along Sussex Place from Hyde Park Gardens Mews. Identified by John Lawson. The far end of this part of street was seen in 'All the Way Up'.

image no 22

Looking towards 'Mr Denning Drives North' territory. SJ

Pauline (Mary Peach) walks to meet Johnnie. Ray Glenister found this one for us, Sussex Place, London W2

image no 23

Replacing Ray's capture from Google Earth. (RL)

Pauline speaks with Johnnie outside his tailors.

image no 24

Naturally following on from Capture 23 in Sussex Place, Ray provides us with this Google Earth shot, now replaced. (RL)

The pair decide to go for a drink.

image no 25

They walk to The Victoria in Sussex Place. Again supported by a Google Earth capture from Ray but now replaced. (RL)

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Johnnie and Pauline take a river bus from Westminster Pier, Victoria Embankment, London SW1.

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On the River Thames heading for Greenwich with the Houses of Parliament in the background. London SW1.

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The river bus passes under Tower Bridge, London SE1.

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Johnnie and Pauline leaving Greenwich Pier. Greenwich Promenade, London SE10.

Admiring the Cutty Sark in Greenwich Church Street Greenwich, London SE10.

image no 30

The newly restored Cutty Sark that can now be viewed from below. (RL)

Johnnie and Pauline sit under the colonnade of the Queens House, Park Row, Greenwich SE10. The location also features in 'Four in the Morning', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'The Lost Language of Cranes'.

image no 31

Where are these famous actors when you need them? (RL)

Walking across Parliament Square in London SW1 with the George Canning statue in the left background.

image no 32

Same tree, same Canning. SJ

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Charlie Young (Mervyn Johns) talks with Roger Renfrew (Donald Pleasence) outside the Houses of Parliament. London SW1. Christopher Matheson believes this to be a studio set, to read his findings see Header Section. (RL)

Pauline leaves London. This is the frontage of Euston station behind the Doric Arch on Drummond Street, London NW1.

image no 34

The same location now from a similar viewpoint. The old station layout had long platforms on both sides of The Great Hall which stood in the centre of the complex. (PW)

Johnnie enters the station to look for Pauline. Euston station off Euston Road, London NW1. The forecourt was also seen in 'Play it Cool'.

image no 35

Roughly the same spot now at a lower level. When the station was rebuilt, the shorter platforms to the north of The Great Hall were extended towards Euston Road. (PW)

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An establishing shot of Earnley.

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Johnnie returns on a rare visit to Earnley. Halifax station, West Yorkshire.

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Johnnie walks past the 'surgery' that he is supposed to be holding in his constituency. This is currently an unidentified location.

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In the pouring rain, Johnnie walks up a steep hill to Dr. West's surgery. Dr. Ian Maun advises that, "In the background, a Gothic-style primary school can be seen. The shot was taken in Priory Road, High Wycombe in 1960, and the school is Priory Road County Primary School (now the Hamilton Academy). The rain was provided by a rain-machine (it was actually quite a bright day) and I was in a classroom on the top floor, looking out at the filming. The 'rain' ran down the classroom windows!"