No Place for Jennifer

Date: 1950
Director: Henry Cass
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

Stars: Janette Scott, Philip Ray, Guy Middleton, Beatrice Campbell, Brian Smith
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


When a distraught twelve year old learns of her separated parent’s divorce plans, she becomes increasingly neurotic and is sent to an Institute to help her through the situation.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards.  The Daily Telegraph report on the fire can be read here.

Michael Garfield provides an interesting aside. “The scene in Capture 1 shows Janette Scott in long-shot, pushing a rather large ball of snow (there a close ups a few seconds later). The little boy helping her is a very young (and uncredited) Colin Campbell, who found fame a few years later when he played one of the lead roles in ‘The Leather Boys’ as Reggie Wilcox. I showed some stills from the film to his daughter, who said she didn’t even know about the film as her father never spoke about it, but acknowledged that it’s definitely him.”

James, the Concierge at Stockleigh Hall (Capture 9) advised that during the War, Canadian, Australian and American troops were billeted there and that they had to go over the road to the London Zoo to eat.

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The opening scene is of Jennifer (Janette Scott) playing in the snow with the Marshall children. This is a studio set.

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Mr Marshal (Philip Ray) drives Jennifer home, here arriving at her home. Again this appears to be a studio set.

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Bringham School where Jennifer attends. Another set . . . . but is it based on a real location?

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Jennifer arriving back at her home after walking from school.

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Jennifer's new home with the removal lorry just departing. A poignant caption given the subsequent events, see Capture 5 (RL)

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Full view of the thatched home of Jennifer. Jules Ballantyne has identified this cottage as being in the village of Great Hormead, Hertfordshire on the B1038. The home was gutted by fire shortly after a family moved in towards the end of 2016. Planning Permission to rebuilt is currently in hand and clearly here is the platform to record the changes as a result of the unfortunate event. A link to the Daily Telegraph report on the event can be viewed via the Header Section. (RL)

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Jennifer writes a letter to her mother. See Capture 6 (RL)

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After arriving in London by train, Jennifer is taken by car to her Mother's home. The car is hidden behind the centre gate post. This is Waterloo Station in London SE1.

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The car conveying Jennifer arrives at her Mother's home with Brian Stewart (Guy Middleton) and Paula Bailey (Beatrice Campbell) in front of the car. 'Stockleigh Hall' 51 Prince Albert Road, London NW8 Also seen in 'Smart Alec' and 'Four Days'. (RL)

image no 9

With thanks to Concierge James for his interest and assistance in my taking this shot. See also Additional Information above. (RL)

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Jennifer and Martin Marshall (Brian Smith) in the ground of The Tower of London in EC3. Various parts of the Tower are seen in 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow', 'The Jokers' and 'Two Weeks in September'.

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The Institute of Child Psychology that Jennifer attended, see leaving the main building.

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Paula Bailey, Jennifer's Mother, meets Jennifer outside the Institute.

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At the airport where Jennifer's mother hopes to take Jennifer to Paris with her.

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Paula Bailey, visible centre of still, walks out of the departure building at the airport.

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Driving along London in separate Taxis, are Jennifer with her Father and her mother heading for the divorce courts. Strand, London WC2 circa No.80. (RL)

image no 15

A festive photo of the same location from Peter.

The two taxis arrive at the Divorce Courts. The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand, London WC2 (RL)

image no 16

Peter visits court for this up to date shot.

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Jennifer decides to go back to where she feels wanted. Jennifer seen here running from the divorce courts. The Royal Courts of Justice also feature in 'A Pair of Briefs', 'The Assassination Bureau Limited', 'Genevieve' and ‘Steptoe and Son’ amongst others.

Jennifer dashes across the road. Strand, looking across to Australia House and Aldwych to its right hand side. (RL)

image no 18

From the safety of the pavement, Peter provides this view.

Still running, Jennifer looking for the railway station. Looking south on Tottenham Court Road, London WC1 with University Street going off to the right. (RL)

image no 19

Peter took this more colourful shot of the corner now.

<?php echo 20; ?>

Jennifer found the railway station. A view that can never be repeated. This is the famous Doriac Arch outside Euston Station in London, dismantled in the 1960s and dumped in a canal!! The arch stood where the ramp from the station concourse to platforms 8 to 11 now runs.

image no 20

The ramp, and the location of the arch, was behind the beige coloured wall to the right. (PW)

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Unable to afford a railway ticket, Jennifer continues to wander around London. Pickford & Co were at 241 and 243 Old Street, London EC1 (RL)

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Jennifer sprinting across yet another street. Looking across Hampstead Road, London NW1 to the junction with what was Seaton Place but now Brock Street. Seaton Place was also seen in 'A Cry from the Streets'. (RL)

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Feeling hungry, Jennifer pauses at the window of a small restaurant. 14 Hampstead Road, London NW1 (RL)

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Jennifer, looking in at the cakes on display, realises she does not have enough money to buy anything. 14 Hampstead Road, London NW1 looking across Hampstead Road to what was Eden Street that was also seen in '13 East Street'. The black and white starburst logo of 'Lavells' (top left corner) here appears in Capture 5 of '13 East Street'. (RL)

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As the night draws in, Jennifer is still wandering the streets of London.

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Jennifer waits for a train after descending into a London Underground station. With help from Nick Cooper and Richard McCarthy, this location has been identified as the northbound Bakerloo Line platform at Oxford Circus. The layout dates from 1926 and the entrance to the platform was further altered when the Victoria Line was constructed.

image no 26

Looking along the same platform from the same position. (PW)

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Jennifer having had an encounter with a shady character on the London Underground, runs away attempting to lose him. Viscount Street, London EC1 with the remains of the Welsh Chapel to the right looking across Fann Street to Hotwater Court. (RL)

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Sprinting passed this church, Jennifer sees a patch of waste land to hide in. The Welsh Chapel, Viscount Street, London EC1 (RL)

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The last train home takes Jennifer back to Bringham, seen here leaving the station. Is this the side entrance at Hitchin Railway Station?

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Back in Bringham, Jennifer is making her way back to the Marshall's home. Looks like Lyle's Row, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4.

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Further up the hill. It does look like Lyle's Row, Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

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Jennifer's Father heading back towards Bringham. This is the High Street in the old town of Stevenage, Hertfordshire.