O Lucky Man!

Date: 1973
Director: Lindsay Anderson
Production Company: Sam, Memorial Enterprises

Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Richardson, Rachel Roberts, Arthur Lowe, Helen Mirren, Graham Crowden, Dandy Nichols
Location(s): Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lanarkshire, London, North Yorkshire

Region(s): , , , ,


A surrealist musical serving as an allegory for the pitfalls of capitalism as it follows a young salesman in Europe.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill. Uncredited ‘now’ images by PW

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Salesman Mick Travis heads west to Imperial Coffee.

image no 1

The M4 over Boston Manor Road. Google/Neil Rigby

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Travis is promoted to sell coffee in the North East. Arriving at his hotel after a terrible journey. Unidentified location.

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Pulling into the hotel car park.

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Travis parks at the Sutherland House Hotel.

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Travis drives into town. Kathy B advises that this is 'The Rows' in Poolsbrook in North East Derbyshire about 6km north-east of Chesterfield.

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Driving along a deserted street. Kathy identifies Poolsbrook Cottages with the Miners Welfare Club in the distance.

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Michael Arnold "Mick" Travis (Malcolm McDowell) enters a local shop. Kathy recognises this as what were known as the 'top shops' in Poolsbrook, Derbyshire.

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Travis drives on to sell coffee. Looks like a Teesside Municipal Transport bus ahead and this is in the South Bank area with the Clay Lane Steel Works in the right distance.

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On another day, Travis drives through Poolsbrook, Derbyshire. The bus was route 7, operated by Chesterfield Corporation and this is Staveley Road. Information from Kathy B.

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Mick Travis delivers Imperial Coffee to a corner shop. Possibly in South Bank, Teesside but for the moment an unidentified location.

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And on to the next call.

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Sell, sell, sell - Travis drives from shop to shop. Unidentified location.

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Unknown location.

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Unidentified location.

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Travis drives over a level crossing on the way to the fictional Cochranes Steel & Iron Works.

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Travis enters Cochranes Steel & Iron Works. The Gas holder in the background could be the same one from images olm008 and olm010. http://www.fansonline.net suggests that this may be the Clay Lane entrance to Cleveland works, now gone. If so, this is Middlesborough Road East in South Bank, Teesside.

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Driving through the plant with the works' gas holder dominating the background. This is the Clay Lane Blast Furnace Plant and the area is now taken by John Boyle Road in the South Tees Freight Park.

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Travis parks up outside the canteen of Cochranes Steel & Iron Works.

Travis takes a breather and checks on his progress. The sign reads 'Welcome to Wakedale and the Royal Wakedale Hotel'.

image no 19

Not as far north as the sign would have you believe. West End Road, Northolt, at the junction with Harvey Road. Picture and information from Alan Field. Image copyright Google Streetview.

The Royal Wakedale Hotel in the film. Wakedale, Yorkshire.

image no 20

The Majestic Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG12HU. Neil Rigby/Google

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Travis visits The Royal Wakedale Hotel in the hope of a sale. The Majestic Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate found by Neil Rigby.

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Travis looks through binoculars at Fylingdales early warning station. Snod Hill, North Yorkshire.

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Travis is arrested by the army and taken to their base. Pitstone cement works near Leighton Buzzard identified by Neil Rigby.

Soldiers guard the gateway of the base.

image no 24

Pitstone cement works, Pitstone, Leighton Buzzard LU79AR. The cement works was demolished in the 90's. Research by Neil Rigby.

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Travis is taken into one of the base's buildings. Unidentified location.

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After an incident at the army base, Travis escapes and makes his way to a country church. Neil Rigby has identified this "country church" as St Cosmas & St Damians, Church Lane, Challock, Kent. (RL)

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Travis speaks with the Vicar's wife (Mary MacLeod) outside the church. St Cosmas & St Damians church, Church Lane, Challock, Kent identified by Neil Rigby.

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The Vicar's wife waves Travis off. St Cosmas & St Damians church, Church Lane, Challock, Kent.

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After hitch hiking, Travis is driven to the Millar Research Clinic where he has agreed to volunteer for research. Unidentified location.

The car enters The Millar Research Clinic.

image no 30

The gatehouse seems to have been demolished. which made it harder to find. But I took a look at the film on You Tube and the road curves just before the limousine turns into the gateway. Gates match. A few alterations to the pillar caps etc. Heathfield Road, Burnham SL60. By the entrance to Hedsor Park Farm. Probably another entrance to Dropmore House. Neil Rigby / Google Streetview.

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The Millar Research Clinic. Dropmore House near Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

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After escaping from the clinic, Travis gets a lift from a band and returns to London. The Westway with Royal Oak station visible on the right. London W2.

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Panorama of a misty and dreary London with The Westway snaking through Paddington.

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Mick Travis on the rooftop of band member Patricia's house. London SE1.

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Patricia (Helen Mirren) and Travis enjoy champagne on the rooftop of her house. Redcross Way SE1 with Cannon Street station and the City of London visible in the background.

Looking down onto Redcross Way where the other band members, including Alan Price, are waiting for Patricia. London SE1.

image no 36

From ground level, the archway that Alan Price was standing in front of.

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Travis leaves an underground station. Nick Cooper has tracked down, via True Form, that the station is Tottenham Court Road. All now under redevelopment for Crossrail. The True Form font changed over the years but Nick's reference to https://www.flickr.com/photos/warsaw1948/6778212310/ supports his identification, as does http://www.ltmcollection.org/photos/photo/photo.html?_IXMAXHITS_=1&IXenlarge=9886278 where the new style "m" of Form can be seen.

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Travis accompanies Sir James Burgess to Dr. Munda's house. Unknown location.

Travis is chauffeured to meet Basil Keyes. Waterloo Place, London SW1.

image no 39

Still a popular filming location, the caravan is one of many filming BBC's 'New Tricks'. SJ

The Rolls Royce drives through Waterloo Place SW1.

image no 40

Now. SJ

Arriving at Basil Keyes' club. Waterloo Place, London. Also seen in 'Wilde', 'Who Dares Wins', 'Defence of the Realm', 'The Holcroft Covenant' and 'That Riviera Touch'.

image no 41

The Athenaeum, 107 Pall Mall (but this is Waterloo Place). SJ

After being framed, Travis ends up behind bars. Wormwood Scrubs, London W12.

image no 42

Difficult to get a comparison shot and there has been some alteration work. Image copyright Bing Maps.

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Travis is released from prison along with Laurence Biles (Brian Pettifer), unnamed (Michael Bangerter) and MacIntyre (Ben Aris). Members of the Britmovie forum locate this as Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow.

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The prisoners are met by their loved ones. Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow.

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A panning shot showing the twin towers of Cannon Street station as seen from the top of Patricia's home on Redcross Way, London SE1.

The pan ends looking along Redcross Way towards Park Street, London SE1.

image no 46

All the building are still extant . . . . and so is the 'Take Courage' sign.

Travis looks on as The Salvation Army Band plays.

image no 47

Park Street at the corner of Redcross Way SE1.

Salvation Army Major (Philip Stone) leads a prayer.

image no 48

Park Street on the corner of Redcross Way, London SE1.

A woman asks two men with a ladder to help. Park Street opposite Redcross Way SE1.

image no 49

The same location now . . . . without the ladder.

The men follow the woman as she runs through an alley next to the Borough Cafe, Park Street, London SE1.

image no 50

The building survives as a sandwich bar.

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Travis follows and comes across a tenement block where someone is threatening suicide. Quinn Buildings in SE1 identified by John Carroll. The tenements were surrounded by Waterloo Road, Morley Street, Dodson Street and Webber Row until they were demolished in the mid 1970s.

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Tenement neighbours (including Mona Washbourne and Dandy Nichols) ask Travis to help. John Carroll tells us that he was born and lived in Quinn Buildings until moving out in 1968 and adds "Towards the end of the film when Malcolm McDowell is climbing a ladder, if you look over his shoulder you can see two white painted windows opposite. That is Block 2 and I was born at number 36."

Travis spots a sandwich board. Leicester Square, London WC2.

image no 53

Looking north outside the Odeon Leicester Square. SJ

The sandwich man (Richard Warwick) gives out leaflets in Leicester Square WC2.

image no 54

The same location now. SJ