Omen III: The Final Conflict

Date: 1981
Director: Graham Baker
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Stars: Sam Neill, Lisa Harrow, Rossano Brazzi, Don Gordon, Robert Arden, Barnaby Holm
Location(s): Wisconsin, Washington D, USA. North Yorkshire, London, Cornwall, Uk. Italy.

Region(s): , , , ,


Spawn of the devil, Damien is now fully grown and ready to prevent the second coming of the Nazarene. SJ

Additional Information:

Originally known as ‘The Final Conflict’.


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This may be in Eagle River, Wisconsin, suggested by imdb, where the seven daggers of Megiddo have ended up.

Helpful subtitle: a shot lifted from The Omen.

image no 2

The Monastery of San Benedetto does really exist near Subiaco, 50 km east of Rome. But in reality this shot here shows the Abbey of San Sebastiano, located in Via dell'Abbadia in Alatri (Frosinone). This shot was sent in by Manuel Gurtner and also graces The Omen capture 27 (SJ)

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Or is this Wisconsin. And it begs the question, why Wisconsin? Though I'm delighted it features.

A damp Hyde Park, W2.

image no 4

Even with the leaves gone, it's still tricky to get the Spence's Hyde Park Barracks tower in shot from West Carriage Drive. SJ

Arden passes from Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, W2.

image no 5

No changes here: a few sinister figures at the end of the tunnel for added atmosphere. SJ

Arden, now under a Satanic influence, is about to walk past his chauffeur.

image no 6

Not entirely happy with as there's little to match. But I'm sure we're somewhere near the south end of the bridge. Another look required. SJ

Ambassador Arden walks to the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, W1.

image no 7

The north side of the square. SJ

Boating at the Round Pond, Kensington Gardens, W2.

image no 8

A windy day at the pond. The little hut has gone. SJ

Neill with Holm at the pond.

image no 9

But the bandstand (to the right) is still there. SJ

The Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens, W2.

image no 10

The tree on the left is leaning more to the left, otherwise the same serene scene. SJ

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Preaching at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park near Marble Arch.

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The gates of the US ambassador's residence.

Neill besieged by the press as he enters the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, W1.

image no 13

A lot of change on security grounds here. SJ

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A park view from Neill's window in the embassy.

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Bodmin Moor area, Cornwall.

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One of the seven monks (Tommy Duggan) with an eye-catching rock in the background.

Approaching Roche Rock, Roche, Cornwall.

image no 17

A ruined chapel dedicated to St Michael perches on the top. 16/8/13. SJ

Closer up.

image no 18

Now. SJ

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Neill and Gordon in the grounds of Prideaux Place, just outside Padstow, Cornwall.

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Reverse pov.

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Before the hunting ban.

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Prideaux Place.

I'n not sure whether the gates were a prop.

image no 23

But they're certainly not there now. This is the Treffry viaduct which runs over the Luxulyan Valley neat St Austell, Cornwall. SJ

Neill with the hounds as the rest of the hunt passes underneath.

image no 24

Looking the other way to the south-east. SJ

A monk (in fact prolific stuntman Vic Armstrong) takes a dive from the viaduct.

image no 25

Now. SJ

Neill with the hounds.

image no 26

Quite a low camera angle, so I'm, er, toeing the line. SJ

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Maida Avenue, W2. The area appears in 'The Ipcress File', 'Georgy Girl' and 'A Fish Called Wanda'.

Crossing the Regent's Canal by Warwick Avenue bridge, W9 running into W2.

image no 28

Looking west past Junction House, Blomfield Road, W9. SJ

St. John's "Hill," W2. Also seen in 'Hennessy', 'The Blue Lamp', Otley' and 'The Passenger'. SJ

image no 29

St John's Gardens, W11. SJ

Walking down the hill.

image no 30

Jazzy new garages. SJ

A taxi hits the pram.

image no 31

St John's Gardens and Lansdowne Road, W11. SJ

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Boy scouts look to do a "good deed" by killing one of the those born on the day of the Cassiopeia alignment.

Brazzi leaves his "hotel."

image no 33

The building behind Brazzi has since been demolished, exposing more of the street. (PW)

Artillery Lane, E1.

image no 34

A little more colourful nowadays. (PW)

Brazzi is being watched by Holm.

image no 35

The same location now. (PW)

Holm follows Brazzi.

image no 36

This is Brick Lane and the alleyway is Pedley Street running alongside the railway line from Liverpool Street. (PW)

Brazzi emerges out of Warwick Avenue tube station, W9.

image no 37

Warwick Avenue close to Clifton Villas. SJ

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Neill and Harrow cross the Paine Bridge, Grade II* listed, of Brocket Hall near Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

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Gordon drives up to the house.

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He enters his house.

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Fountains Abbey near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

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Neill inside the abbey ruins.