Pair of Briefs, A

Date: 1962
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: The Rank Organisation

Stars: Michael Craig, Mary Peach, Brenda De Banzie, James Robertson Justice, Roland Culver, Liz Fraser, Ron Moody
Location(s): London



Two junior barristers find romance as adversaries when they take opposite sides in the same case.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Newly qualified barrister Frances Pilbright (Mary Peach) leaves the house on the first day of her new job.

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Tony Stevens (Michael Craig) leaves the building where he shares a flat with solicitor Hubert Shannon.

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As Tony starts his scooter, Sir John Pilbright’s niece drives smoothly away in her Jaguar E-Type.

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Looking each way, the junior barrister pulls onto the road.

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Tony rides towards Sir John Pilbright’s chambers where he expects more minor cases to be passed his way.

Almost knocking over a Colleague, Tony nears his office. Looking into Clements Inn from Strand in WC2.

image no 6

Whilst the gates remain open Mark O'Neill captures a more interrupted view. (RL)

Frances also nears her new office in her sports car. Brian Horn recognised the early example of a Jaguar E-Type. Facing Strand from Clements Inn with St. Clement Danes church in the background.

image no 7

Mark O'Neill finds that the location is now used asa taxi rank. (RL)

Frances and Tony almost collide at the entrance to Clements Inn.

image no 8

Mark was not witness to any accidents. (RL)

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Tony hands his card over to Frances before continuing to his chambers.

A Policeman (Cyril Chamberlain) moves the young barrister on. Clements Inn off Strand in WC2.

image no 10

Mark found a legitimately parked van. (RL)

Pleased that he has suggested himself to be a respected barrister, Tony parks up his scooter. New Square with Old Buildings in the background.

image no 11

According to this shot from Mark the postbox has been moved. (RL)

Tony heads to the office where he discovers that Frances is joining the same chambers. New Square in Lincoln’s Inn WC2. The row of buildings appears in 'A Fish Called Wanda' and 'The Limehouse Golem'.

image no 12

Mopeds are much less intrusive to the picture Mark found and another parked van further compromised his angle. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Across London, a Rolls Royce draws up outside the fictional Ritz Towers Hotel. Albert Embankment in SE1 with Prince Consort House to the right and the Houses of Parliament in the left distance. Just next door stood Hamilton House which features in 'How to Get Ahead in Advertising'.

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The door of the car is opened by Harry the Chauffeur and Miss Gladys Worthing (Brenda De Banzie) steps out. Outside Prince Consort House on Albert Embankment.

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Miss Worthing is escorted into the hotel and shown to her suite. Also appearing in 'Hot Enough for June', Prince Consort House was demolished in 2015.

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Following a quick change into more dowdy attire, Gladys leaves the back of the hotel and asks a Taxi Driver (Joe Ritchie) to take her to Camberwell. The car park at the rear of Prince Consort House.

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The taxi reaches Camberwell.

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Getting out of the cab, Gladys looks around before turning a corner.

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Gladys finds the home of her wartime husband Sidney Pudney and enters to ask him to take her back.

Returning from seeing her husband, Gladys issues a writ for restitution of conjugal rights after he denies ever knowing her. The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand, London WC2.

image no 20

A more colourful capture from Mark. (RL)

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After Miss Pirbright is engaged to represent her, Gladys asks the Concierge (Terry Scott) which court she is in. The Royal Courts of Justice.

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Gladys Worthing enters the court where she explains that due to a bomb falling on the registry office all proof that she was married to Sidney was destroyed.

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While the case is being heard by Mr. Justice Haddon, Sidney’s girlfriend Pearl Hoskins (Liz Fraser) arrives a little the worse for drink. The Royal Courts of Justice.

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When a tearful Gladys loses her case, Tony watches his client Sidney Pudney (Ron Moody) produce the marriage certificate and set fire to it. The Royal Courts of Justice also appear in 'Genevieve'.

Now legally free of Sidney, Gladys walks from the courts. Carey Street WC2, outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

image no 25

Mark found that bollards would prevent parking there now . (RL)

Gladys hails a cab to take her back to the Ritz Towers Hotel. The location was also seen in ‘Steptoe and Son’ as well as 'A Fish Called Wanda'.

image no 26

Bereft of "Gladys" Mark captured a very quiet location. (RL)

Becoming suspicious of Miss Worthing's actions, Tony sets off to follow the taxi. Looking westward on Carey Street in WC2.

image no 27

And "now" from Mark. (RL)

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Sidney tells Gloria that they are now free to be together.

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Tony follows Gladys through the rear entrance of the hotel and confronts her in her suite. The back of Prince Consort House with Albert Embankment visible through the entry on the right.

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After telling Tony that her real name is Mrs. Hanley and that she has four children from her marriage to a millionaire, Gladys is driven back to Miss Pirbright's chambers. New Square with the War Memorial in the left background.

To prevent any chance of an appeal, Harry delivers a note for Frances. New Square in Lincoln’s Inn.

image no 31

No 12 captured by Mark, off angle he admits, due to a parked van. (RL)

Mr. Justice Harry Haddon (James Robertson Justice) arrives at the chambers to request that Sir John disciplines his niece and Tony after an outburst in court. Looking southward along the east side of New Square WC2.

image no 32

The scene from Mark lacks the presence of James Robertson Justice. (RL)

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Taking his employer home with her children to be with her rich husband, Harry stops for fuel.

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Sidney and Gloria pull up at the pumps next to Gladys’ Rolls.

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Gloria laughs at a disappointed Sidney as he watches what he could have had a share of through blackmailing his bigamous wife.