Date: 1963
Director: John Gilling
Production Company: Ingram

Stars: Janine Gray, Glyn Houston, Dyson Lovell, Duncan Lamont
Location(s): London



After a brutal raid on an Hatton Garden diamond merchant, a man lies dead and the finger of guilt points straight towards Janine Heining, an employee who’s conveniently gone missing and found to have amnesia. The police are after her as are the ruthless villains.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

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Amongst the credits Janine Heining (Janine Gray) runs, frightened, towards the camera. Chelsea Embankment with Albert Bridge lit up in the background.

image no 1

A less tense view of the same location.

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We are told that “this is where Johnnie lived”………

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…….“when he was at home” and we are taken back in time to Johnnie Cobb (Dyson Lovell) playing the trumpet and deafening Janine.

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Johnnie has conspired for his two mates Ben (Brian Weske) and Tom (Stanley Meadows) to act as German representatives to steal a diamond. Having shot Mr Jessop (Philip Ray) and coshed Janine they make their escape. A confused Janine follows shortly afterwards. Unknown London street, might be Hammersmith.

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Within the film itself we find her crossing Chelsea Embankment with Albert Bridge in the background.

image no 5

An ideal day to stroll along the banks of the Thames.

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Suffering from amnesia, Janine manages to take a cab to the films ’14 Southport Street, London E15’ an address that she had found on an envelope in her handbag. That of Johnnie’s brother Louis (Charles Houston).

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Louis does not believe her story and desperately needs money so she makes a run for it.

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Supposedly from East London she finds herself crossing Battersea Bridge.

image no 8

A very similar scene.

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And walking down by the River below Chelsea Embankment with Lots Road Power Station right of centre top.

image no 9

Significant changes to the riverside background.

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Events lead her to “team up” with Mike (Glyn Houston) and they find Louis dead, killed by his brother Johnnie who runs from the scene.

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They too make an escape and hastily cross the road. King Street, Hammersmith London W6

image no 11

The pedestrian crossing remains.

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Within seconds Johnnie sees them. King Street, Hammersmith.

image no 12

The 'offy' has long gone.

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They are crossing back to the side of the road that they were already on. King Street, Hammersmith

image no 13

Although a different name it is still an Indian Restaurant after all these years.

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Mike takes Janine back to his flat, Johnnie follows them. Westcroft Square, London W6

image no 14

Best possible comparison given the substantial growth of greenery.

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Having found that the stolen diamond was a fake, Tom returns to his garage…to find the police! Unknown location.

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Meanwhile Johnnie goes to find Janine. Westcroft Square, Hammersmith

image no 16

A parked vehicle prevented a more accurate shot.

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And Mike starts his return home. Kings Street, Hammersmith

image no 17

The changing face of the High Street.

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To find a policeman and Johnnie outside his flat and runs home as they disperse. Westcroft Square.

image no 18

Parking spaces at a premium.

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Mike and Janine go to “Joe’s Café” where they first met, but Johnnie is watching. A sign says 'Crown Café' and behind the blind there is the end of the word 'Restaurant'.

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Janine runs from the Café to watch Mike in a boxing contest when she hears he is getting beaten. That is a No 11 bus so could be Hammersmith area.

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Mike loses his fight, Johnnie is jealous of his potential relationship with Janine and sets out to kill him as she arrives.