Date: 1988
Director: Bernard Rose
Production Company: Working Title Films

Stars: Charlotte Burke, Glenne Headly, Elliott Spiers, Ben Cross
Location(s): Devon, London

Region(s): ,


Whilst ill, Anna becomes lost in a twilight world where she discovers that she can enter a house that she has drawn.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Before her illness takes full effect, Anna Madden (Charlotte Burke) and her friend slip away from school one afternoon to Highgate High Level station. Although rebuilt in Underground style the station never saw trains on a proposed extension to the Northern Line. Archway Road, London N6.

image no 1

Highgate Station looking west in April 2007. The plastic sheeting is to stop water seepage into the Northern Line concourse below. Photo copyright Nick Catford.

Playing hide and seek. Anna runs to hide in the tunnels at Highgate High Level station. London N6.

image no 2

Highgate Station looking west at the east portals of Highgate West Tunnel in April 2007. With thanks to Nick Catford and Disused Stations website at where more images of the station can be seen. Photo copright Nick Catford.

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After Anna recovers the family decide to take a break by the sea. Annas father (Ben Cross) walks towards the Royal Britannia Hotel on Broad Street, Ilfracombe.

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After seeing a lighthouse from her dreamworld, Anna runs from the hotel to find it.

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Panning shot from image 4. Anna runs along The Quay, Ilfracombe, Devon.