Parole Officer, The

Date: 2001
Director: John Duigan
Production Company: DNA Films, Figment Films, Toledo Pictures

Stars: Steve Coogan, Om Puri, Steven Waddington, Ben Miller, Emma Williams, Susan Jane Tanner
Location(s): Greater Manchester, Lancashire, London, Merseyside

Region(s): ,


A failed parole officer framed for murder must enlist the help of his former clients to clear his name.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited comparison images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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After being transfered from the office in his hometown of Blackpool because of complaints from his co-workers, probation officer Simon Garden (Steve Coogan) cycles to work in Manchester. King Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester.

image no 1

The same street now looking towards Spring Gardens.

Simon, an obviously irritating character, stops and gestures for a young mother to cross the road. King Street in Manchester.

image no 2

A slightly different angle due to traffic and parked vehicles.

The woman mutters expletives under her breath.

image no 3

The west side of King Street, opposite Pall Mall.

Simon stares at the woman and prepares to ride on.

image no 4

The same phone box now. King Street, Manchester M2.

The annoying probation officer leaves a corner cafe eating crisps. The corner of Cyrus Street and Cambrian Street, Miles Platting, Manchester. The cafe was also seen in 'A Taste of Honey', albeit at a distance.

image no 5

The same location isn't as quaint now.

Further along the journey to work. Oxford Street, Manchester identified by the Barmaid at the City Arms.

image no 6

The former Odeon cinema stands on the left and the tower in the distance belongs to the Palace Hotel.

As Simon rides along Mosley Street, a red sports car speeds past towards the junction with Princess Street.

image no 7

In the right background stands Manchester Art Gallery.

The red Porsche draws alongside a police car.

image no 8

Saint Peter's Square looking towards the junction of Lower Mosley Street, Oxford Street and Peter Street. Manchester M2.

As the officers look across into the Porsche, they see a young girl, Kirsty, at the wheel.

image no 9

From the corner of Lower Mosley Street facing Oxford Street. I think I'll pay a return visit in the future, when it's finished!

Kirsty speeds away and the police give chase. St Peters Square facing the Midland Hotel on Peter Street.

image no 10

No speeding now.

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The pursuit continues along a motorway before Kirsty veers onto a slip road and heads back into the city. The A57(M) Mancunian Way as it passes between Oxford Road and Princess Street with Manchester Metropolitan University in the background.

Kirsty negotiates narrow roads as another car joins the chase. Gun Street seen from Pickford Street looking towards Jersey Street in Manchester M4.

image no 12

A lot of building work has hidden the view seen in the screen shot.

Another car appears and causes Kirsty to swerve and crash. Looking towards the junction of Henry Street and Jersey Street.

image no 13

This is the building seen on the extreme right of the screen grab.

Kirsty rolls the Porsche over after dodging the other car. Facing the Royal Mill on Henry Street, Manchester.

image no 14

The Royal Mill, now with a new neighbour.

The pursuing police car catches up just after the other car's Driver has planted Class A drugs on Kirsty. The centre building stands on Jersey Street at the corner of Gun Street.

image no 15

A different angle to show the building that's now overshadowed by redevelopement.

The police arrive and an Officer (Bruce McGregor) goes to assist the Driver (Stephen Dillane) as he carries Kirsty (Emma Williams) from the wreck moments before it explodes.

image no 16

The Royal Mill again, on Henry Street.

Kirsty's rescuer introduces himself as D.I. Burton.

image no 17

This is looking towards Jersey Street from roughly where the actors stood on the, then, undeveloped waste ground.

Simon turns up at the probation office where he finds the, now arrested, Kirsty awaiting his services. New Bridge Street in Manchester with the now demolished Boddington's Brewery in the left background.

image no 18

The same location with a newer, minimalist (or cheaper if you prefer) bridge parapet.

Simon follows Burton to a club on Faulkner Street after suspecting that he had something to do with the drugs found on Kirsty.

image no 19

The same street now.

Inside the club, Simon witnesses the corrupt Detective Inspector murder accountant Trevor Deacon.

image no 20

Faulkner Street, Manchester.

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Simon attempts a bribe of £40 after being pursued to the roof by two of the club's Bouncers (Brian Nickels and Buster Reeves). Above the corner of Portland Street and Piccadilly, Manchester.

The Bouncers search the canal after Simon falls from the roof. A reversed image of the Rochdale Canal between Castle Street and Deansgate, Manchester.

image no 22

The same place now, also reversed. This section of canal also featured in '24 Hour Party People'. Identified by Richard Taylor.

The radio announces the finding of a headless corpse in a local canal. The River Irwell from New Bridge Street with Manchester Cathedral to the right of the Arndale Centre tower.

image no 23

The bridge carries the railway south of Victoria station. The shot is taken from the location seen in image parof018.

After Burton threatens to frame Simon for the murder of Deacon if he doesn't keep quiet about the drugs, the now ex-probation officer leaves town.

image no 24

Grains Road, Shaw near Buckstones Road B6197. overlooking Shaw. Neil Rigby. With a little help from Google.

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Simon wanders through a village after spending the night in his car. King Street, Delph, Greater Manchester.

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Through a shop window, Simon sees D.I. Burton on television. King Street at the corner of Church Street in Delph, Saddleworth.

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As he watches Burton being hailed as a hero after the 'rescue' of Kirsty, Simon remembers a CCTV camera in the nightclub. King Street, Delph.

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Simon heads back to Manchester to retrieve the CCTV tape. Delph, historically in Yorkshire but now in Oldham, Greater Manchester. The location was used in 'Brassed Off'.

The man on a mission approaches the club.

image no 29

Faulkner Street in Manchester city centre.

Simon waits to mingle with a group of businessmen as they decide to enter the building.

image no 30

The same location now, Faulkner Street.

Before Simon can get to the tape, the club's boss, Cochran (John Henshaw) departs with the evidence.

image no 31

Opposite the building playing the club on Faulkner Street, Manchester .

After discovering where the Boss is going, Simon goes back to his car.

image no 32

Faulkner Street in Manchester's China Town.

Simon follows Cochran to the bank.

image no 33

Faulkner Street at the junction with Nicholas Street, Manchester M1.

Cochran leaves the bank after securing the tape in a safety deposit box.

image no 34

Still blue doors on Castle Street, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Simon stands watching as a prostitute across the street whistles at him.

image no 35

Brunswick Street, Liverpool.

The prostitute turns out to be WPC Emma Walsh (Lena Headey) who is working undercover.

image no 36

Looking towards the Mersey on Brunswick Street near the junction with Lower Castle Street.

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Simon returns to his hometown to enlist the help of his former clients. Blackpool, Lancashire as seen in so many films including 'Holidays with Pay'.

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The first port of call is George, who is working as a roller coaster inspector. Goodhall Street in London NW10. Information from

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George (Om Puri) opens the door and welcomes Simon inside before explaining that he will never go back to a life of crime. Goodhall Street in North Acton.

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Whilst riding on a seafront roller coaster, Simon persuades George to join him in robbing the bank where the video tape is held. Blackpool, Lancashire.

Fishmonger Jeff is approached to join the gang before computer salesman Colin agrees to help too.

image no 41

Bridge Street, Stockport, Greater Manchester (formerly Cheshire) with the dome of The Court shopping centre right of centre.

  • 'Now' required

After recruiting his gang, Simon drives them all to visit Victor Bonderenko, a master criminal. Neil Rigby has been after this one for a long time and has finally found the location, Harrop Edge lane, junction with Hunters Hill Lane, Delph OL35 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Victor's wife, Sarah (Jenny Agutter), explains that the legendary crook had fallen into a mincer whilst doing a robbery in a food processing plant. St Thomas' Church on Broad Lane near Delph, Greater Manchester.

  • 'Now' required

Sarah, Simon, George, Colin (Ben Miller) and Jeff (Steven Waddington) stand at the side of Victor's grave in which half a dozen pies and a couple of pasties are buried.

The gang return to Simon's house with equipment given by Sarah Bonderenko.

image no 45

Neil Rigby has narrowed it down to Burnside Drive, Burnage, Manchester M19 and supports with this Google shot. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Inside the house, Simon and the group of reformed criminals begin to plan the robbery.

  • 'Now' required

Simon pays a visit to Emma. Neil Rigby, whilst wishing to take no credit provides us with the location, Aloysius House, Palfrey Place, Ardwick, Greater Manchester courtesy of (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The gang return home with take-away pizzas and find that Kirsty has broken into the house.

  • 'Now' required

After the gang reluctantly allows Kirsty to join, she is sent five miles away to test the radio whilst they play scrabble. This appears to be one of the gas holders that lie between Bradford Road and New Viaduct Street, Manchester M12.

An establishing shot of the West Clyde Bank. The former Bank of England building on Castle Street in Liverpool, Merseyside.

image no 50

Nothing seems to have changed.

Simon and his crew visit the scene of the job.

image no 51

Facing Cook Street from Castle Street, Liverpool.

The gang infiltrate a meeting of cycling protestors in an effort to gain cover for their planned escape from the bank. In front of the Town Hall in Albert Square, Manchester.

image no 52

The same location on the day of the Manchester Day Parade.

The Bike Group's Leader (Bernard Wrigley) states that the committee have decided to hold the protest at five o'clock on Friday. The Albert Memorial in Albert Square, Manchester.

image no 53

The same location now.

Simon stirs up enough support for the group to move the date and time of their protest to suit the robbery.

image no 54

Albert Square, Manchester.

The gang practice their cycling skills.

image no 55

Peter Giles has provided both the location detail and a "now" shot. He says that the bridge is about 250 metres west of Dove Stone Reservoir, near Greenfield Greater Manchester. (RL)

At their city headquarters, a major security firm's computer is hacked by Colin in preparation.

image no 56

Tib Lane from Clarence Street Manchester M24. Neil Rigby replaces his Google shot with one of his own. (RL)

In order to smuggle equipment into the vault, Simon and Kirsty pose as Dr Monroe and a schoolgirl, bringing a 'charity' pig to the bank for safekeeping.

image no 57

Castle Street in Liverpool now.

When Emma finds Deacon's phone number in Burton's mobile phone, Simon and his crew are arrested. Lower Ormond Street, Manchester identified by Neil Rigby.

image no 58

A shot from Neil to prove his identification, but no longer a police station (RL)

Simon tells Emma the whole story whilst Kirsty escapes from custody.

image no 59

Higher Ormond Street with Cavendish St, Manchester M15. Another Google replacement by Neil. (RL)

Whilst the prisoners wait in their cell, Kirsty turns up, reversing a van through the wall. Upper Helena Street in Manchester M40. Information from

image no 60

The same street now, derelict and feeling very unwelcoming.

The gang scramble into the van and make their escape. Bradford Road at the junction with Beswick Street and Butler Street as seen from Old Mill Street.

image no 61

Surprisingly, little has changed. Even the traffic light is still on red!

Wheels squeal as Kirsty takes a corner.

image no 62

From a different direction, Bradford Road at the junction with Beswick Street, Old Mill Street and Butler Street in Manchester M4.

The gang head away to carry out the planned robbery. Looking north east on Bradford Road, Ancoats.

image no 63

The road is dominated by Brunswick Mill, still standing and occupied.

The Town Hall plays host to the North West Regional Police Awards.

image no 64

Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester M60.

Dignitaries start to arrive at the venue where Burton is to receive a Bravery Medal.

image no 65

The same place now. Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square.

Detective Inspector Burton makes his way into the Town Hall.

image no 66

Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square.

An establishing shot of the target bank. Castle Street, Liverpool.

image no 67

The same location now.

  • 'Now' required

Simon and his gang appear on a nearby roof. Although the film is set in Manchester, the tower in the centre distance is a ventilation shaft for the Mersey Tunnel.

  • 'Now' required

Colin doesn't like heights.

  • 'Now' required

Kirsty radios to Jeff in the street below.

The gang make their way towards the West Clyde Bank. Above Cook Street facing Castle Street.

image no 71

The same street from ground level.

  • 'Now' required

At the prearranged time, alarms start to sound all over the city to cause confusion whilst the robbery takes place. John Hewitt advises that the tower to the extreme right is the Palace Hotel at the corner of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street whilst the tower on the left stands at the corner of Princess Street and Whitworth Street.

  • 'Now' required

More alarms begin to ring around the city as the security firm's staff realise that they have been hacked. A matted shot with, in the lower half, the corner of Portland Street and Princess Street with a former cotton warehouse, now a hotel, to the left and in the upper half, the towers of Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square.

The gang make their way into the bank as alarms continue to sound.

image no 74

Manchester Central Library in St Peters Square.

Disguised as a policeman, Jeff watches as a real Officer questions two women before finding evidence that the bank is being robbed. Cook Street in Liverpool.

image no 75

Cook Street now, between the never ending queue of buses.

The police arrive after being alerted as, inside the bank, Simon and the gang run into difficulty.

image no 76

Castle Street, Liverpool.

At the stroke of 12 o'clock, the cycling protestors arrive outside the bank and surround the police.

image no 77

Castle Street at the corner of Cook Street.

WPC Walsh and Sergeant Mills (Justin Burrows) arrive at the bank.

image no 78

Taken from the steps of the 'bank' facing Brunswick Street.

Whilst Kirsty, George and Colin make their way out of the building, Victor (Omar Sharif) exits the bank after mysteriously appearing inside and helping to complete the robbery.

image no 79

The same doorway now on Union Court in Liverpool.

Simon escapes through the front door of bank after retrieving the video tape.

image no 80

Again, from the steps of the 'bank' on Castle Street.

Victor and his Wife ride away from the scene.

image no 81

Union Court looking out onto Castle Street.

Colin and George cycle through jammed traffic caused by the cycling protestors.

image no 82

Cook Street looking towards Castle Street in Liverpool.

Simon turns off and heads to the Town Hall with the tape.

image no 83

Union Court off Cook Street in Liverpool.

The start of a tilt shot featuring the Town Hall's clock tower.

image no 84

Albert Square, Manchester, Greater Manchester.

Simon rides to the award ceremony aiming to expose Burton by playing the video tape.

image no 85

Albert Square once again.

Victor and Sarah drive away in a 'borrowed' police car after helping Simon to clear his name and have Burton arrested.

image no 86

Cooper Street at the junction with Mount Street in Manchester with the Town Hall on the right.