Passport to Treason

Date: 1956
Director: Robert S. Baker
Production Company: Mid Century Film Productions

Stars: Rod Cameron, Lois Maxwell, Clifford Evans, Peter Illing, Marianne Stone, Douglas Wilmer, John Colicos, Ballard Berkeley, Andrew Faulds, Barbara Burke, Derek Sydney
Location(s): London



While investigating the mysterious death of a friend, Mike O’Kelly discovers a peace organisation is the front for a crime syndicate.

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Screen captures and uncredited “now” shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

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“You have to have a good reason to be out on a night like this in London”. The Houses of Parliament from Albert Embankment, London

image no 1

A somewhat brighter day light shot.

“I had that reason, I am Michael O’Kelly (Rod Cameron), I’m a private investigator”. Chelsea Embankment, London SW3 looking west to the Albert Bridge.

image no 2

A clearer view.

“Mostly routine, missing kids…..” Albert Bridge

image no 3

A similar daytime shot.

Having found an investigator friend dead in his office he pursues enquires via a number of studio sets until we see Caterina (Barbara Burke) delivering a ticket, at an outside location, to Amedeo Sacchi (Derek Sydney), the man Michael is trying to trace. Orton Street, Wapping, London E1

image no 4

Postwar building and rebuilding.

But she is being watched. Orton Street looking towards London & Colonial Wharf

image no 5

The camera position has been built on.

  • 'Now' required

Amedeo escapes from a window as Michael enters his room but “the baddies” catch up with him. Redmead Lane, London E1 now totally absorbed into development.

The scene moves to St. Patrick’s Church, Greenbank, Wapping, London E1

image no 7

It would appear that the board has long gone.

Where Michael goes to meet with Caterina. St. Patrick’s Church, Greenbank, Wapping, London E1

image no 8

The church appears to have lost some of its ironwork.

Having learned that Amedeo worked for a private nursing home Michael goes to meet the owner Dr. Randolph (Douglas Wilmer). Onslow Gardens, London SW7

image no 9

Now with designated parking.

As Michael leaves, his secretary, Miss ‘Jonesy’ Jones (Marianne Stone), arrives in a taxi. Onslow Gardens. London SW7

image no 10

Some property renumbering appears to have taken place......or was it just for the film?

When Michael, with the help of Diane Boyd (Lois Maxwell), visit the offices of the League for World Peace they are interrupted by a visit from Dr. Randolph who they follow by car. Onslow Gardens, London SW7

image no 11

Now one way.

The chase begins. (The subsequent scenes in the chase are too dark to identify.) Onslow Gardens also used in 'Crooked Sky'.

image no 12

Rather more parking now.

Michael gets captured by Dr. Randolph and the “baddies”, given a “truth drug” and eventually ends up working with MI5 and returning to the offices of League for World Peace. Onslow Gardens, London SW7

image no 13

The Blue Plaque is for Prime Minister Andrew Law 1858-1923

Diane, as a MI5 agent, is rumbled by Dr. Randolph and the police close in. Hammersmith Broadway.

image no 14

A considerably changed Broadway.

  • 'Now' required

Michael and the police arrive at Dr. Randolph’s nursing home. This property was also seen in 'Gaolbreak'. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Randolph makes his escape with Diane in a stolen car. Unknown location.

Closely followed by the police. Lysia Street, London SW6

image no 17

The school on the left remains but the background has all been redeveloped into housing.

“The stolen car enters Conway Street”. But it is another view of the Lysia Street corner.

image no 18

A much more family friendly environment.

  • 'Now' required

The police follow them to the warehouse where the shoot out takes place. Unknown location

The captain of the barge that is to take them to a waiting boat, escapes. Shadwell Basin, London E1

image no 20

At least the mooring bollards remain.

Michael leaps aboard to save the day. Shadwell Basin and Garnet Street bridge to the left also seen in 'Nightbeat'.

image no 21

The Glamis Road bridge was open at the time of filming.