Patriot Games

Date: 1992
Director: Phillip Noyce
Production Company: Mace Neufeld Productions, Paramount Pictures

Stars: Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Sean Bean, Thora Birch, Patrick Bergin, James Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Harris, James Earl Jones
Location(s): London; Maryland, Virginia, California (USA)

Region(s): ,


While on holiday, the hero of the Hunt for Red October foils an IRA assassination attempt and finds his wife and daughter to be at risk from bloody revenge.

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Ford's house, set in Maryland, but, with those cliffs, I'm thinking California.

"Buck House" London

image no 2

But not the place at all. It's the east gate of the old Royal Naval College, Greenwich SE10. Brother Robin on the case here.

Birch irritating hapless sentry outside Buckingham Palace.

image no 3

Hmmm, was this an accident? RJ trigger happy.

Archer and Birch walk on an "ordinary" London street.

image no 4

Now inside the old college with added bollards. RJ

More London street action.

image no 5

Tremendously popular location now, with too many films to list but London Movie Guide does. RJ

Birch photographing Archer.

image no 6

Still in SE10. RJ

Ford meeting his family after delivering his lecture.

image no 7

Good column work. RJ

Terrorist attack.

image no 8

Now. RJ

Ford and co take cover.

image no 9

Hold the camera straight! RJ

Ford gears up for action.

image no 10

And again. RJ

Bean gets nasty with Fox's car.

image no 11

Now. RJ

Great dated grab showing 1 Canada Square all on its own in the Canary Wharf development across the Thames.

image no 12

Great set, Robin, thanks.

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HM Prison Southwark the sign says. The back of Tate Bankside in reality, London SE1

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O'Dwyers, supposed to be in Northern Ireland. Bet it isn't.

Much loved location (Sweeney!, The Steal, Shooting Fish, Two Way Stretch, A Warm December: see London Movie Guide for further details) in Trinity Square, EC3, here posing as a criminal courthouse.

image no 15

10 Trinity Square, soon to be an expensive hotel and apartments. (RL)

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Back at Ford's house in the USA.

Lovely sign, thank you, London W1. I think this is the Burlington Gardens end to the north rather than the south side from Piccadilly. The arcade features in 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger', '101 Dalmatians', 'The File of the Golden Goose' and 'The Best House in London'.

image no 17

A more modest sign for Burlington Arcade now. SJ

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Best shot even though Bean's in the black maria. This is his rescue staged at Canary Wharf ot the east of Canada Square, London E14.

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California or Maryland or perhaps Delaware?

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As above.

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Ford leaving the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. This could be the Naval Chapel.

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Just outside the gate

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Ford passing Hanover Street, so he is walking south down Maryland Avenue.

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Ford arriving at CIA HQ, Langley, Virginia, USA.

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Northern Ireland? Or closer to Pinewood? Closer to Pinewood but still some way away, Sutton Way, London W10 says Stephen Smith. (RL)

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Yes, could be Morocco, for example, (depicted in the film as Libya), but there are many sand dunes in Southern California as well, which would be my guess.

Cooley is a character's name but this is Burlington Arcade, London W1.

image no 27

This one has proved difficult to match: the ceiling is fine but it appears that the shop fronts were raised to meet the upper window sills. SJ

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And there is Cooley himself (Alex Norton) making a run for it, ending up at Aldwych Underground station, a much celebrated geographical inconsistency as it's quite a way from the Arcade. The booking hall also appears in 'Rogue Male' and 'Their Finest'.