Date: 1961
Director: Sidney Hayers
Production Company: Lynx Films Ltd

Stars: Michael Craig, Françoise Prévost, Billie Whitelaw, William Lucas, Kenneth Griffith, Tom Bell
Location(s): County Durham, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Suffolk, Warwickshire

Region(s): , , ,


A vicious gang of crooks plan to steal the wages of a local factory, but their carefully laid plans go wrong, when the factory employs an armoured van to carry the cash. The gang still go ahead with the robbery, but when the driver of the armoured van is killed in the raid, his wife plans revenge, and with the police closing in, the gang start to turn on each other.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘I Promise To Pay’ (US Title)

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image no 1

Yes, this is the address on the card. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Establishing shot of the factory whose wages are to be grabbed. Part of the GEC works in Rugby with the River Avon in the foreground.

image no 2

The route of the river has been altered at some time and the area is very overgrown.

  • 'Now' required

Inside the factory called Kneales in the film. Michael Markwick advised that this is the main drive in the old BTH engineering factory. Sadly, everything in the shot was demolished several years back but Michael recalls watching filming during his apprenticeship days.

  • 'Now' required

Grey Street at the junction with Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1.

The payroll car en route from the bank in Barras Bridge, Newcastle looking north towards the Great North Road. Location identified by Graham Heslop.

image no 5

The same redesigned junction. (PW)

The gang follow the payroll car in the centre of Newcastle. Newgate Street with the junction of Blacket Street found by Graham Heslop.

image no 6

The location isn't as busy now. (PW)

The payroll car heads down Dean Street towards Side in Newcastle centre.

image no 7

The same location now.

The gang overtake the payroll car.

image no 8

Manor Road, Richmond upon Thames.

Manor Road Level Crossing, Richmond.

image no 9

A similar now shot.

The gang pull away over the level crossing.

image no 10

The entrance to North Sheen station, on Manor Road, Richmond, can be seen to the right.

  • 'Now' required

Harry Parker (William Peacock) arrives home to tell his wife Jackie about getting the Kneales payroll contract. Steve Gall advises that this is Chester Crescent off Portland Road in Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne and Les Hiftle confirms the location. The Edwardian properties across the road have now been demolished.

  • 'Now' required

A reverse shot of image pay010. Steve Gall identifies Chester Crescent off Portland Road and Les adds that this house was owned by his Grandma, who received a couple of free tickets to the premiere in Newcastle as a thank you!

The Royal Buffet was part of the Theatre royal building at the corner of Grey Street and Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

image no 13

The location is cleaner now.

Grey Street in Newcastle City centre with The Monument to the left.

image no 14

Street clutter now spoils the view.

The new armoured payroll van has just passed Howard's Department Store (left) on Clayton Street, Newcastle upon Tyne with the Cathedral Church of St. Mary right of centre.

image no 15

The empty department store still stands.

  • 'Now' required

The payroll van speeds onto Redheugh Road after crossing the junction with Askew Road, Gateshead. Identified by Graham Heslop.

  • 'Now' required

Unknown location.

Katie Pearson (Françoise Prévost) leaves Johnny Mellors' (Michael Craig) car at Newcastle Central station on Neville Street.

image no 18

Newcastle Central Station where Michael Caine arrived in the city in Get Carter.

Harry Parker arrives to pick up Dennis Pearson from home before making the payroll run.

image no 19

Looking down Stella Hall Drive towards The Rise in Ryton near Blaydon on Tyne. Image copyright Google Maps.

Looking east along Warwick Street, Newcastle. The street on the left is Dinsdale Road. Identified by Graham Heslop.

image no 20

Ken Alexander sends his shot of Warwick Street as it is now. Only the one building on the left remains, the block of flats in the background are obscured by the trees and the land to the right has been landscaped. (RL)

The van is loaded in Grey Street, Newcastle.

image no 21

The building is still a bank.

Pandon Bank, Newcastle upon Tyne.

image no 22

Ken provides his shot of Pandon Bank showing the building on the left remaining the same and Melbourne House having been converted into flats. (RL)

Pilgrim Street at the bottom of Pandon Bank with the Tyne Bridge in the background. But George Tullin states; Not PILGRIM STREET. It is, and always has been CITY ROAD. Google, etc have made the same mistake. Pilgrim Street actually runs down to the Quayside past All Saints church next to the Tyne Bridge.

image no 23

The wall is still there opposite the bottom of Pandon Bank. Image copyright Google Maps.

The Odeon cinema centre background on Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

image no 24

Newcastle has some very impressive old buildings, unfortunately not on Pilgrim Street.

Same image as 024

image no 25

Just to prove that the old Odeon is hiding behind the building that appears to be crossing the street.

Newcastle's High Level Bridge as seen in Get Carter. Jubilee Wharf can be seen behind the bridge. A panning shot starts at the clock tower belonging to the Guildhall on Sandhill.

image no 26

Similar now shot.

The pan continues bringing the Tyne Bridge approach road. into view.

image no 27

The same location.

The van drives along Side towards the junction with Queen Street and Sandhill in Newcastle.

image no 28

The roadworks spoil this now shot. Believe it or not the road was still open to two way traffic!

Looking along Sandhill with the Tyne Bridge centre background.

image no 29

Less traffic in the same location today.

The bridge crosses Wallsend Burn at St. Peters Road, Wallsend and has been replaced with modern bridge. Location found by Graham Heslop.

image no 30

David Pike send us this shot of the same location today. The old bridge having been demolished around 4 years ago, this is the new one in the same place. (RL)

The van about to cross the River Tyne Swing Bridge. The bridge is also seen in ‘On the Night of the Fire’, ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Schizo’.

image no 31

Similar shot taken during a gap in the rush hour traffic.

Gang leader Johnny Mellors waits for the armoured van near the factory. Close to the River Avon bridge on Broughton Road, Rugby.

image no 32

The same place now. Taken from a slightly different angle to show the relationship with the bridge.

About to ram the armoured van.

image no 33

The bridge has been rebuilt but it is on Broughton Road, Rugby and crosses the River Avon.

Some filming took place in Rugby and the building with the six gabled roof top left is part of the British Thomson Houston Works (GEC) that occupied the area between Mill Road, Leicester Road and Boughton Road.

image no 34

The site has been redeveloped with housing and a college replacing the works.

Dennis Pearson drives out of the factory gate.

image no 35

The building still stands on Technology Drive, Rugby but the area is being redeveloped for housing. This shot is looking towards Mill Road. The brackets that held the clock can still be seen on the wall.

Blackie (Tom Bell) walks towards the gang hideout.

image no 36

This area is now part of the Quayside development along Close. Surprisingly, all the buildings in the screen shot are still extant. The bottom of the stairs from image 048 can be seen to the right of the shot.

Blackie enters the riverside hideout. This area is seen from the High Level Bridge in 'Get Carter' and across the river stands Jubilee Wharf on Pipewellgate, Gateshead.

image no 37

Now part of the Quayside development on Close. Image copyright Google Maps.

Parkside Crescent, Tynemouth.

image no 38

On a rainy April morning. (PW)

Katie and Dennis Pearson's house on Parkside Crescent, Tynemouth.

image no 39

The same, extended property. (PW)

Katie Pearson (Françoise Prévost) waits for Johnny to pick her up. Looking south towards Seaton Sluice, Northumberland from Links Road (A193). Again identified by Graham Heslop.

image no 40

David Pike provides us with a further "now" shot, here, Seaton Sluice Bridge. He adds that the bridge in the film was demolished in 1967 with the new bridge standing right, out of shot. The houses and buildings to the left are still standing as is the centre white building 'The Waterford Arms'. The church has gone and the building to the right is Seaton Sluice District and Social Club, recently used in the TV series Vera. (RL)

Jackie Parker (Billie Whitelaw) on Parkside looking towards Grand Parade, Tynemouth. The building to the left is the Tynemouth Plaza which was gutted by fire and demolished around the turn of the century.

image no 41

Julie models the more inclement weather some fifty-five years later. (PW)

Rear of the Pearsons' house on Parkside Crescent from Parkside, Tynemouth.

image no 42

The same location. (PW)

Monty (Kenneth Griffith) picks up a newspaper.

image no 43

George Tullin identifies this location as Percy Street at the junction with Leazes Park Road, Gateshead. The area was demolished to make way for Barclays Bank in 1996. Dave Horn advises (6.9.14) that the tiny Leazes Park Road (and the main junction with Gallowgate beyond it on the right) has nothing to do with Gateshead (which is specified as part of Leazes Park Road). Gateshead is to the south of Newcastle on the opposite bank of the River Tyne. (RL)

Monty is thrown out of a pub on Bottle Bank in Gateshead with the Tyne Bridge on the right. The area has since been redeveloped.

image no 44

A completely changed location with only the Tyne Bridge to give it away.

Katie Pearson catches a bus on Grand Parade, Tynemouth with Jackie Parker in pursuit.

image no 45

Not quite the right spot but the same distant buildings. (PW)

Jackie follows Katie after getting off the bus in Pilgrim Street with the Tyne Bridge beyond the railway bridge.

image no 46

The railway bridge has since been renewed.

Jackie follows Katie to the gangs hideout at the top of High Bridge, a chare (alley) off Pilgrim Street.

image no 47

The area has been completely redeveloped and Graham Heslop confirms that this is the same location. The alley leads from Pilgrim Street, where Jackie and Katie got off the bus in image 046, to Dean Street.

Heading down the Long Stairs that end on Close opposite the gangs hideout. The stairs also appear in 'Get Carter' and lead from Queens Lane. Location identified by Graham Heslop.

image no 48

And confirmed with a photo from Ken Alexander, showing very little change. (RL)

Katie and Johnny leave the hideout and head for a Norfolk boatyard.

image no 49

Mill Road, Rugby, Warwickshire. Ident and photo by a sharp eyed Michael Markwick

Heading along Horatio Street towards Walker Road.

image no 50

Ken Alexander sends this shot of Horatio St. remarking that the building on the right remains as well as the cobbles at the bottom of the road but the metal railings have been replaced and the roadway somewhat remodelled. (RL)

Katie and Johnny head towards The Yachtsman near the boatyard.

image no 51

The building still stands near the ferry in Walberswick, Suffolk. Image copyright Google Maps.

Katie takes the cash and runs.

image no 52

Martin Skipper provides this shot of the same location that he took whilst in Walberswick. (RL)

Katie stops off at an unidentified service station. In a later shot the name North End Garage can be seen which ties in with North End Cafe and a poster is seen advertising The Regal in Beccles.

image no 53

Its a long shot but I'm sure that this service station on the A12 at Darsham in Suffolk is the same location. The reasoning is contained in images pay047an and pay047bn. Image copyright Google Maps.

Proving shot for capture 54. Katie pulls in at the North End service station.

image no 54

The road has been widened by the addition of lay bys but note the electricity wires to the left of the road and the telegraph wires to the right of the road. Image copyright Google Maps.

Proving shot for image 54. A police car heads to pick up Johnny.

image no 55

Reverse shot from capture 54. The road has been widened but note the hedge line running from right to left centre background that hides the railway line. Image copyright Google Maps.

Johnny heads for the boat. Walberswick near the mouth of the Blyth in Suffolk.

image no 56

This shot from Martin reveals that the bank has been reclaimed from the river. (RL)

The police arrive at the boatyard along Ferry Road, Walberswick. 'East of Ipswich' and 'Drowning by Numbers' were also filmed in the area.

image no 57

Martin also sends us this now from near a slip way at end of road, looking South-West along Ferry Road. (RL)