Penny Gold

Date: 1973
Director: Jack Cardiff
Production Company: Fanfare Films Ltd

Stars: James Booth, Francesca Annis, Nicky Henson, Joss Ackland, Richard Heffer, Sue Lloyd, Jospeh O'Conor, Una Stubbs, George Murcell, Marianne Stone, Penelope Keith
Location(s): Windsor, Amsterdam

Region(s): , ,


A detective investigating the murder of a young woman makes a starling discovery that leads him into the world of international stamp collectors.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy with grateful thanks to Di Davies who proposed the film and provided additional assistance with location placement.

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The location of Windsor is set with a skyline including Windsor Castle. from the Windsor Bridge.

image no 1

Now pedestrianised.

A pan settles on the window of the flat where the murder takes place. Thames Street.

image no 2

And in daylight.

Anna (Una Stubbs) and Matthews (James Booth) watch Roger (Nicky Henson) playing in a game of rugby. The Home Park, Romney Lock Road, Windsor.

image no 3

It will no doubt be green again by the time of the first game.

The murder of Diane (Francesca Annis) is discovered. Thames Street.

image no 4

Pedestrianised except for access.

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The body is taken away. Supposedly looking back into Thames Street the same set appears in 'The Amazing Mr. Blunden' as well as ‘Go for a Take’ and ‘Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width'.

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Matthew and Roger discuss the case as they drive to the police station. A332, Slough to Windsor Railway Viaduct and Windsor Castle in the background.

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They arrive back at the police station to interview Tina Hobbs (Sue Lloyd) the shop assistant, who discovered the body and the safe open. Oxford Road, Tatling End, Bucks. identified by Di.

On their way to interview Charles Henry Blachford (Jospeh O’Conor)…………Church Lane

image no 8

Very much a Continental flavour now.

….they are held up as the band leaves the gates of Windsor Castle….

image no 9

No shortage of tourists the day I was there.

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….and they eventually turn into the entrance of his home. The South Entrance to Pinewood Studios on Pinewood Road, Iver, Bucks. Also seen in “The Amazing Mr Blunden”.

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Their first view of the house. Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios.

Having interviewed Blachford at his home attention turns to his philatelic interests within his offices. 8 Park Street.

image no 12

In fill development to the right.

Matthews and Roger go to collect the barmaid (Josie Grant) who thought that “she saw something”. Thames Street

image no 13

I saw nothing worth reporting.

Action switches to London and naturally, the home of Stanley Gibbons. Strand, London WC2

image no 14

Stanley Gibbons have expanded and moved to the left of the frame.

Matthews visits Blachford’s business premises again to interview the dead girls twin sister Delphi (Francesca Annis) and takes her to lunch “there’s lots to talk about”. Park Street.

image no 15

The parking control officer in his white van arrived just as I was to take the shot.

  • 'Now' required

Meanwhile, Dr Merrick (George Murcell), Blachford’s doctor is leaving "The Cock Pit"........... Turks Head Court, High Street, Eton. Currently shrouded as it is being converted into apartments and eateries. See Capture 57

.....and stops when he sees Matthews and Delphi together. Quite how he would have seen them from where he was remains a mystery! Thames Street, Windsor and Thames Side.

image no 17

A much softer view now.

They approach the restaurant.

image no 18

The Windsor side has seen some Thames side development.

  • 'Now' required

Matthews and Roger discuss the suspects particularly, Diane’s boyfriend Claude (Richard Heffer). Unknown location but Di sees this as Iver Heath or Richings Park perhaps.....

When they meet up with him, Claude recalls how he and Diane became close. High Street, Uxbridge

image no 20

They certainly went off piste with this location.

Claude explains how, desperate for change for the parking meter, she would stop a stranger (Guy Standeven) outside her premises. Thames Street.

image no 21

Now the home of various businesses.

The day of Diane’s funeral. St Anthony’s Church, Farnham Road, Farnham Royal. With thanks to Di.

image no 22

Fortunately a more cheerful flower display on this occasion.

Matthews and Roger return home. Atherton Court, Brocas, Eton with thanks once more to Di.

image no 23

The windows and facia have all been renewed.

Matthews discusses the case with Jones (Jos Ackland) his senior officer. Thames Side, Windsor.

image no 24

Far too busy a place now to sit and chat.

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They further discuss the case as they walk. St. Michael's Bray.

Matthews takes Delphi for a walk to “check up on her sisters boyfriends”….and to find out if she has any! Black Park Lake near Slough and Pinewood Studios identified by Di.

image no 26

Di does not suggest that the trees here are the ones in the film, because they would be much thicker now, but the location feels right. It does indeed, an excellent match. (RL)

Roger visits Blachfords solicitor Mr Roberts (John Savident). Park Street, Windsor.

image no 27

A little easier for resident parking these days.

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Investigations reveal that Diane travelled to Amsterdam.

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Matthews visits Van Der Meij (Clinton Greyn), a stamp dealer at his offices. Likely to be a stock shot.

  • 'Now' required

He learns that Van Der Meij thought that he had been dealing with Delphi and they did a stamp swap “The Geneva” for the “Penny Gold”. Phil Bailey recognised this as the view to the south side of Herengracht just east of Vijzelstraat. In the top right of the shot you can just make out a glimpse of the imposing edifice that houses the Amsterdam City Archive.

Having visited Stanley Gibbons once again Matthews and Roger head to interview Miss Hartridge (Penelope Keith). Southampton Street at the junction with Strand.

image no 31

The same junction from ground level.

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Roger waits by the car whilst the interview takes place. Unidentified location.

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Following the interview they learn that Blachford has been found dead in his pond. Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios.

Following Blachford's funeral Delphi signifies to Claude that she wants to talk to him. St Anthony’s Church, Farnham Road, Farnham Royal. With thanks to Di.

image no 34

A very colourful welcome.

It cuts to show Matthews watching on. St Michael and All Angels, Hughenden in the background.

image no 35

He must have had good eyesight to watch from here.

Delphi drops Blachford's home help, Mrs Parsons (Marianne Stone), off at her home. Cottages adjacent to the Red Lion pub, Stoke Green, opposite the Cricket Ground as advised by Di.

image no 36

I hope that I have captures the correct cottages but screening greenery made it all very difficult.

  • 'Now' required

Upon her return home Delphi wanders down to the lake and is surprised to see Matthews on the bridge. The bridge is in the grounds of Heatherden Hall, Pinewood. Also seen in “The Impersonator” and 'The Amazing Mr Blunden'.

Matthews and Roger start to re-check alibis and call on Tina Hobbs but leave with another resident. 7 Claremont Road, Windsor.

image no 38

I don't think that much has been done to the garden through the years.

As he is placed in their car…… Claremont Road with what was East Berks College in the background advises Di.

image no 39

The changed background isn't now visible.

………Tina comes round the corner. Trinity Place looking towards St. Leonard's Road, Windsor which is also seen in 'Carry On Cabby'.

image no 40

Still recognisable.

But speeds off past St. Edward's RC Church, Dorset Road from Claremont Road, Windsor.

image no 41

You would certainly be taking the corner blind these days.

As the chase continues they pass (in a blur) a number of locations, this one is clearer. Vansittart Estate, Windsor says Di.

image no 42

A revised frontage and now the home of the Windsor & Eton Brewery.

Tina turns into Bridgewater Way. Also seen in 'Allez France!'

image no 43

Some of the cottages in Bridgewater Terrace to the right have been demolished.

And comes to a halt when she meets a lorry in a railway arch under the Windsor Station. Also seen in 'Allez France!'

image no 44

No longer a through road.

Matthews and Roger soon catch up. Bridgewater Way.

image no 45

There is no escape that way now.

Tina finds her way into Bridgewater Terrace.

image no 46

Some modernisation has gone on there.

As do Matthews and Roger. Bridgewater Terrace reverse POV

image no 47

The background is now a little more dominant!

Swerving into Duke Street, Tina hangs on. The junction also appears in 'The Firefighters (CFF)'

image no 48

Just managed to squeeze a spot between two cars.

Both cars speed towards the end of the road and the turn right in to what is also Duke Street.

image no 49

See what happens when you take away those double yellow lines!

The chase continues along Duke Street……but they are going in the wrong direction…. it's a one way street.

image no 50

Still a one way street.

Having reached a dead end in Barry Avenue.

image no 51

Now softened with vegetation.

Tina continues to make a mockery of them.

image no 52

A shady spot for tourist vehicles to park.

And somehow or another manages to exit Eton Court into a much changed High Street, Eton. The same junction appears in 'No Sex Please, We’re British'.

image no 53

Pedestrians now have to make their own crossing judgement.

Then a left into Eton Square where a woman is just about to walk in front of her.

image no 54

A little changed corner of Eton.

After knocking her over Tina leaves the car to make a run for it.

image no 55

A number of cosmetic changes have been made to the building opposite.

Seen from the injured woman’s perspective Roger and Matthews run to the scene.

image no 56

No accident that the road was clear!

Matthews gives chase towards the High Street but appears to lose her, although he eventually finds her in studio location(s) later.

image no 57

"The Cock Pit"........... Turks Head Court, High Street, Eton to the left currently shrouded whilst conversion to apartments and eateries takes place.