Penny Points to Paradise

Date: 1951
Director: Anthony Young
Production Company: Advance Productions, PYL Productions

Stars: Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Alfred Marks, Paddie O'Neil, Vicky Page, Bill Kerr, Sam Kydd
Location(s): Sussex



A man who has a big win on the football pools takes his friend to the same seaside boarding house that they have always patronised but the other guests are intent on taking his fortune for themselves.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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<?php echo 1; ?>

A montage of Brighton and Hove landmarks are seen as the film gets under way. This is Brighton Palace Pier dating from 1899.

image no 1

The 120 year old pier now, seen from ground level. (SD)

<?php echo 2; ?>

Looking towards Grand Junction Road and King’s Road from the Palace Pier.

image no 2

Taken in 2011 but seems a fair match. SJ

<?php echo 3; ?>

A repeat of capture 2.

image no 3

Another view from the Palace Pier, with the i360, which opened in 2016, seen top left. (SD)

<?php echo 4; ?>

Facing Marine Parade with the southern end of Old Steine in the foreground.

image no 4

Norman was here in 'One Good Turn'. (SD)

<?php echo 5; ?>

The Grade I listed Royal Pavilion, also known as Brighton Pavilion in Pavilion Gardens.

image no 5

Now with bushes. The Royal Pavilion was also seen in 'The Girl With a Pistol'. (SD)

<?php echo 6; ?>

Shelters on the Esplanade stand in front of Astra House on King’s Road, Brighton.

image no 6

Bertie and his parrot were here in 'The Night We Got the Bird'. (SD)

<?php echo 7; ?>

The Western Lawns Bandstand, Hove with Walsingham Terrace on Kingsway in the background and Walsingham Road to the right.

image no 7

The bandstand was demolished in 1965. (SD)

<?php echo 8; ?>

Passengers alight as the train bringing football pools winner Harry and his pal Spike to the coast arrives in Brighton.

image no 8

The glass and iron roof of the station was constructed in 1882/1883. Thanks to Brighton Station security staff for permission to take photos. PB.

<?php echo 9; ?>

Harry Flakers (Harry Secombe) and Spike Donnelly (Spike Milligan) get off the express from London. The station features in many productions including 'One Good Turn', and 'Jigsaw'.

image no 9

Platforms 5 and 6, looking north. PB.

<?php echo 10; ?>

A cross-eyed Porter (Sam Kydd) almost steps off the platform as he carries the friends’ cases to the taxi rank.

image no 10

Platforms 5 and 6, looking south to the station entrance. PB.

<?php echo 11; ?>

The Porter leads the pair away from the concourse. Brighton station on Junction Road.

image no 11

The Brighton Station entrance now. (SD)

<?php echo 12; ?>

A Taxi Driver (Sam Kydd) brings his ramshackle car to a stand outside the station. Brighton station approach road.

image no 12

The station entrance . No vehicle access these days. PB.

  • 'Now' required

Harry and Spike begin the bumpy journey to their lodgings. Outside Brighton station looking towards Queen’s Road to the left and Junction Road on the right. The area outside the station appears in 'The Counterfeit Plan'.

<?php echo 14; ?>

After falling from the back seats, the two Londoners recover themselves and chase the cab.

image no 14

Vernon Terrace, one of the Seven Dials in Brighton. (SD)

<?php echo 15; ?>

The taxi comes to a halt at the unassuming boarding house that the two friends visit every year. Third Avenue, Hove in Sussex.

image no 15

Now with a different lamp post. The old style of lamp post still exists in Hove (if you are interested in lamp posts). (SD)

<?php echo 16; ?>

Spike and Harry grab their luggage and enter Langfords Hotel. Third Avenue with King’s Gardens and the English Channel in the distance.

image no 16

The view of the English Channel slightly washed out by low winter sun. (SD)

  • 'Now' required

Knocked unconscious when recovering from an hypnotic trance, Harry dreams that he is a famous sportsman.

  • 'Now' required

Harry also runs a race during the black-out before putting the shot.

<?php echo 19; ?>

The Major (Peter Sellers) waves as counterfeiters Edward Haynes and Digger Graves flee the hotel when the police arrive. Third Avenue, Hove in Sussex, now East Sussex.

image no 19

Now, with nothing happening. (SD)

<?php echo 20; ?>

Sheila Gilroy (Vicki Page) and the Officers rush from the hotel to find that Harry, Spike and Sheila have taken the police car. Langfords Hotel on Third Avenue, still standing and still open for business.

image no 20

Now with a modern entrance. (SD)

<?php echo 21; ?>

The crooks speed away towards the seafront. Facing Marine Parade from Lewes Crescent in Kemp Town with and the east end of Chichester Terrace to the right.

image no 21

A rapidly darkening sky the weather forecast described as "sunny intervals"! (SD)

<?php echo 22; ?>

Carrying his gun, the Major (Peter Sellers) climbs onto his bike and sets off in pursuit of the forgers. Third Avenue in Hove.

image no 22

Viewed by the steps of the modern entrance. (SD)

<?php echo 23; ?>

Having hailed the decrepit taxi, Sheila and the Policemen join the chase.

image no 23

A reversed view of Chichester Terrace as it appears in the film. This is actually facing west. (SD)

<?php echo 24; ?>

Facing west on Marine Parade in Brighton.

image no 24

With buildings on the corner of Eaton Place to the right. (SD)

<?php echo 25; ?>

Old Steine seen from Madeira Drive with the Royal Albion Hotel to the right.

image no 25

The Royal Albion Hotel was also seen in 'Ashes and Sand', 'Genevieve' and 'One Good Turn'. (SD)

<?php echo 26; ?>

Old Steine with Royal York Buildings ahead.

image no 26

A similar view was seen in 'Genevieve'. (SD)

  • 'Now' required

Haynes and his sidekick turn off the main road.

  • 'Now' required

The pursuit continues through a farm.

<?php echo 29; ?>

All three cars pass over a level crossing as the gates begin to close.

image no 29

Brighton Road, Crawley, West Sussex. Norman walked to Brighton from here in 'One Good Turn'. (SD)

<?php echo 30; ?>

Continuity seems to have been disregarded as a corner shop is passed.

image no 30

Springfield Road, Crawley, viewed from West Street, with the Asda Superstore now in the background. (SD)

<?php echo 31; ?>

The dilapidated taxi negotiates North Street in Brighton. The view is facing west and on the extreme right the base of the Jubilee Clock Tower can be seen.

image no 31

David Hemmings and Andrea Monet walked by and Fred Hale ran past the clock tower in 'Brighton Rock' (1947). (SD)

<?php echo 32; ?>

Lewes Crescent in Kemp Town with properties on Sussex Square in the background.

image no 32

The Lewes Crescent properties, and their associated cars, now. (SD)

<?php echo 33; ?>

Edward Haynes (Alfred Marks) follows Digger Graves into Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks. Grand Junction Road with Madeira Drive in the right distance.

image no 33

The waxworks closed in 1979. (SD)

<?php echo 34; ?>

The Policemen arrive in the clapped out cab. The waxworks was sandwiched between the Albion Rooms and the Royal Albion Hotel on Grand Junction Road facing Brighton’s seafront.

image no 34

Now unrecognisable with the altered facade. (SD)

<?php echo 35; ?>

Well wishers line the footpath outside the church where Harry weds Christine Russell (Paddie O’Neil) and Spike marries Sheila in a double wedding. The church of St. Andrew on Church Road, Hove.

image no 35

A lych gate, which was added in 1953, made lining up this shot more difficult than I expected. (SD)

<?php echo 36; ?>

Always handy, the rickety taxi arrives to carry the newly-weds away. The corner of Brunswick Square and Kingsway in Hove. The inland part of Brunswick Square features in ‘Genevieve’.

image no 36

Brunswick Square was also seen in 'Ashes and Sand'. (SD)

<?php echo 37; ?>

A Drunk (Freddie Frinton) weeps as he holds the arm of the Langfords Hotel Landlady (Hazel Jennings). The church yard of St. Andrew’s Old Church on Church Road.

image no 37

No weeping drunks in the churchyard today. (SD)

<?php echo 38; ?>

Harry is once again left chasing the taxi as it drives away along the sea front. Facing eastward on Kingsway in Hove, Sussex. Kingsway is also seen in ‘The Night We Got the Bird’.

image no 38

Only a white van could spoil this view! (SD)