Plein Soleil

Date: 1960
Director: René Clément
Production Company: Robert et Raymond Hakim, Paris Film, Paritalia

Stars: Alain Delon, Marie Laforêt, Maurice Ronet, Bill Kearns
Location(s): Rome, Ischia, Procida



Amoral conman finds murder and impersonation all the more difficult to keep up as the net closes in. SJ

Additional Information:

Also known by the English title ‘Purple Noon’ and remade in 1999 as ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, the original title of Patricia Highsmith’s novel.

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Delon as Ripley, who has been sent to encourage Greenleaf to return home to the USA, walks along the Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome.

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Kearns (a friend of Greenleaf) joins Ronet (Greenleaf) and Delon at a café at 118.

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Ronet and Delon encounter a blind man in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto at the south end of the Piazza del Popolo.

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Delon watches Ronet pretending to be blind as he crosses the Via del Corso to the Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

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Panning right to the Via del Ripetta.

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Arriving at "Mongibello" which is a hybrid of the islands of Ischia and Procida off Naples. This is Procida, which is the smaller island between Ischia and Naples.

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Delon passes a holdall over to Laforêt (Duval, Greenleaf's girlfriend) on the Via Roma, Procida.

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Another shot which catches the Via Libertà to the right.

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The Albergo Miramare, seen in a later scene and no longer going, advertises the umbrella/awning. Now on the east coast of Ischia on the Lungomare Aragonese.

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Delon visits Laforêt on the via Stradone, not covered but visible on Streetview from the via Luigi Mazzella, jsut a little further west.

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The post from (supposedly) Ronet is delivered on the Lungomare Aragonese as it joins the Piazzale Aragonese. The Miramare is out of shot on the left.

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Delon and Laforêt wait for a bus for Rome to search for Ronet. In front of 70 via Luigi Mazzella next to the Chiesa dello Spiritu Santo.

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Delon lies low in a small hotel. As he leaves we see this view.

image no 13

The tiny via Campo Carleo off the Piazza del Grillo overlooking, to the west, the foro Traiano. SJ

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Delon strides in front of the Pantheon, Piazza della Rotonda.

image no 14

Despite being traffic-free, there's a more crowded look nowadays. SJ

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Delon gathers materials for impersonating Ronet.

image no 15

Looking east on the Via Santa Caterina da Siena approaching the corner of via del Gesù, just south-east of the Pantheon. SJ

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With more supplies, Delon is ready to impersonate Ronet.

image no 16

On the via del Piè di Marmo, now an art supply shop rather than chemist's. SJ

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Delon checks into a more upmarket hotel, the Excelsior on the Vittorio Veneto.

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Laforêt and Delon stroll by the bay of Naples on the via Nazario Sauro.

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Cashing in Ronet's cheque at a bank a little further south on the corner of via Santa Lucia and via Partenope, Napoli.

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Delon and Laforêt enjoy a drink in the centre of Naples at the Piazza San Francisco Capuana, in front of the Porta Capuana (left) and Chiesa di Santa Caterina a Formiello.

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Delon goes a little strange observing fish in a market-place.

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Back in Rome, Delon continues his plan to impersonate Ronet by taking digs at 90 via Savoia, (quoted in the film as such), close to Viale Regina Margherita to the north of the centre of Rome.

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Too quickly he has to flee over rooftops to end up at via Cittavecchia which joins the via Savoia just a little to the south.

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He inveigles his taxi-driver to fetch his bags from the front of his short-lived digs.

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Disposing of Kearn's body.

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Delon goes to cash in some of Ronet's money at the Piazza dei Cinquecento in front of Termini.

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Delon leaves the police station turning onto the via di Grotta Pinta from the Largo del Pallaro with the sunlit building on the via del Chiavari.

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Returning to "Mongibello" i.e. Procida.

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Delon waits to enter Laforêt's place at via Stradone.

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Delon and Laforêt take a carriage to the beach. This is just west of the bus-stop seen earlier on the via Luigi Mazzella.

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The beach is the Spiaggia dei Maronti on the south coast of Ischia.

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Delon is summoned for a phone call, unaware that Ronet's body has been found.

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The background is Punta Sant'Angelo, the southernmost point of Ischia.

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Three additional shots: an establishing shot of Delon's first hotel, the Paradiso. 24 via Campo Carleo.

image no 34

Looking a little barer. SJ

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Delon steps out.

image no 35

It's still number 24. SJ

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This follows capture 14 as Delon gathers materials for making a fake passport in the name of Greenleaf.

image no 36

The "Kodak" shop now. SJ