Pop Pirates (Children’s Film Foundation)

Date: 1984
Director: Jack Grossman
Production Company: Welbeck Films Ltd, Children's Film and Television Foundation

Stars: George Sweeney, Roger Daltrey, Joe Melia, Christopher Beeny, Bill Treacher
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, East Sussex



A schoolboy pop group enter a talent contest but their lead singer is involved with video piracy.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Inside The Palace Pier Theatre, reggae band The Pirates audition for a competition. This is Palace Pier on Madeira Drive in Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 1

The theatre was dismantled in 1986. It was also seen in 'Carry On At Your Convenience' and 'Come Play With Me'. SD

Paul ‘Winegum’ Wine (Spencer Chandler) sits strumming while Robert (Stephen Bird), Patrick (Patrick Pereira) and Fred (Calvin Samuel) pack up the band’s gear. Palace Pier was renamed Brighton Pier in 2000 and Brighton Palace Pier six years later.

image no 2

The pier entrance at opening time, just before the crowds arrived. SD

Paul’s Uncle, Stewart Biggs (George Sweeney), hands over master tapes to a pair of Video Pirates. Overlooking Brighton Marina from Marine Drive.

image no 3

Development of the marina began in 1985 and has continued ever since. SD

A Policeman calls over to Stewart that his van is parked on double yellow lines. Marine Drive with properties on The Cliff in the background.

image no 4

Not only that, the van is also blocking the entrance road to the marina. SD

After the van is loaded, Michael Carpenter (Ricky Simmonds) pays Stewart the rent for the band's hired equipment. Outside the entrance to Palace Pier with the Royal Albion Hotel at the corner of Grand Junction Road and Old Steine in the background.

image no 5

A similar view was seen in 'Carry On At Your Convenience'. SD

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At the Popular Video Production Company, a Guard (Joe Melia) comes out of his office to meet a car bringing Sergeant Jones and Mr. Baker of Customs and Excise to carry out an investigation.

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At the rear of the video company’s factory, Stewart looks around as he carries a package to the back gate.

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Paul takes the package containing video master tapes of new material by singers and bands.

With Paul and his Uncle missing, The Pirates use Mr. Carpenter’s van to carry their equipment for the final audition. JT recognised this as Madeira Drive with Marine Parade in the background.

image no 9

Now with a different van parked outside the pier. SD

Paul cycles back from helping his brother having missed the audition.

image no 10

Lime Walk, New Denham, Buckinghamshire. The scene ends by the house on the right where Lime Walk leads into Willow Crescent, so logically this should be viewed from the northern end of Lime Walk. Image copyright Google Streetview. SD

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Michael tells Paul that the band have made it through to the final without him. Lime Walk, New Denham. SD

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At the old harbour, Paul helps Stewart to copy the video tapes aboard a dilapidated barge.

Soon after Paul leaves the band Michael finds his pals on the seafront. The steps run down from Madeira Parade to Madeira Drive on King’s Cliff opposite Rock Place.

image no 13

Now, without Ant Jones from Grange Hill. SD

Michael tells Fred, Patrick and Rob that his Dad has agreed to let them use his lock up to practice. Looking east along Madeira Drive in Brighton.

image no 14

With Brighton Marina on the horizon. SD

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Mr. Carpenter arrives with the group to move the rented equipment from Mrs. Wine’s garage.

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Michael’s dog Seamus disturbs Paul when he discovers the band practicing in Mr. Carpenter’s lock up at the old harbour.

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When the boat's generator breaks down, Stewart drives into town to get replacement parts.

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The Pirates finish rehearsing and, without a lift, head to catch the bus home.

The lads wait at a bus stop. Marine Parade in Kemp Town with Arundel Terrace in the left background.

image no 19

I could have stopped the bus and got an even better match. SD

As the bus moves away, Michael remembers that they’ve left Seamus at the harbour. The bus is Southdown’s number 614, a Bristol VR dating from 1978, and it’s travelling west on Marine Parade near Percival Terrace with Brighton Marina visible in the right distance.

image no 20

Now, without the bus. SD

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Michael returns to the old harbour to look for Seamus.

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After he discovers the video pirating equipment, Michael is captured by Stewart and locked in a boat with Seamus.

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Persuaded by Stewart, Paul calls Michael’s sister Jill to tell her that her brother is staying at a friend's house overnight.

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Fred, Rob and Patrick call on Mrs. Carpenter (Jean Marlow) to discover that Michael has not been home.

Seamus heads into town with a cassette tape that Michael has recorded.

image no 25

West Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Facing north east from beside The Courtyard. Image copyright Google Streetview. SD

Seamus finds the rest of The Pirates on the seafront. Looking across Madeira Drive with buildings on Marine Parade in the background.

image no 26

Now, with a nice red van. SD

After listening to the tape the youngsters set off to find Mr. Carpenter. The amusement park once stand between Marine Parade and Marine Drive

image no 27

Now with an amusement arcade on the site. SD

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Mrs. Wine (Frieda Knorr) is questioned by and Sergeant Jones (Simon Rouse) and Mr. Baker of Customs and Excise after irregularities are found at the factory.

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Paul runs into the street to warn Stewart about the police at home.

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Back at the old harbour, Paul releases Michael from his floating prison.

Parking up in town, Stewart and Paul leave Michael in the back of the van. Adelaide Crescent at the junction with Palmeria Square in Hove.

image no 31

They park them differently now. SD

The brothers head for the harbour. Looking along Adelaide Crescent from the junction with Palmeira Square.

image no 32

Viewed from between the parked cars. SD

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At his lock up, Mr. Carpenter (Bill Treacher) helps the boy’s collect their instruments before the competition final.

As Stewart takes his brother onto the Video Pirates' speedboat, Rob and Patrick wait outside the theatre whist another band plays inside. Brighton’s Palace Pier opened in May 1899.

image no 34

Originally the west side of the theatre near the end of the pier. Now the amusement dome with the dodgems in the background. SD

Crowds watch as Stewart and Paul fight it out aboard the speedboat. The pier has featured in many films including 'La Course à l'échalote', ‘Carry on at Your Convenience’, 'Loot', ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Quadrophenia’.

image no 35

Originally viewed from the area in front of the Palace Pier Theatre. This section of the pier was extended in the 1990's and is now covered in fairground rides. SD

After being rescued from the sea, Paul is brought onto the pier. Brighton Palace Pier, Madeira Drive in Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 36

Facing the entrance to the Palm Court Restaurant. SD