Psyche 59

Date: 1964
Director: Alexander Singer
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Troy-Schenck Productions

Stars: Curt Jürgens, Patricia Neal, Samantha Eggar, Ian Bannen
Location(s): London, Home Counties

Region(s): ,


A troubled wife’s gradual recollection of the night she fell down stairs and became psychosomatically blind. SJ

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Bannen and Neal ride across Bayswater Road, London W2, after a hack in Hyde Park.

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Dismounting at Bathurst Mews.

image no 2

The Hyde Park Stables in Bathurst Mews, looking south of Bathurst Street, W2. SJ

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Hyde Park Stables again.

image no 3

The stables closed in late 2018, leaving, after the closure and conversion of the Knightsbridge Riding Club in Elvaston Mews in about 2008, just the one in the park area. The Ross Nye is just round the corner in Bathurst Mews. SJ

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Bannen drives Neal back to her London domicile. Dave W, a self confessed "location anorak" provides the location, Buckingham Gate, London SW1 looking towards Portland House and advises that "The Prisoner" had his bachelor pad there.(RL)

image no 4

Looking from Buckingham Place towards Place Street. The two towering buildings survive, the front one now called The View SW1, 20 Palace Street, and Portland House at the back only just finished the year before filming. The Prisoner lived at 1 Buckingham Place, next to the post-box. SJ

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Arriving at the front door. Looks very Mayfair-ish. As a result of Capture 4 Dave establishes the exact front door as No 8 Buckingham Place, London SW1 (RL)

image no 5

And here is no8 today, with the row unchanged. SJ

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Jürgens and Bannen see off Eggar and Neal at probably Charing Cross station.

image no 6

Following a general discussion and advice from Glyn Horton it is agreed that the station is indeed Charing Cross and Dave W provides the photo confirmation with thanks to the station assistant for permitting him to take the shot. It probably should be from Platform 4 but we have the match! (RL)

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The rather splendid house in the country. Probably within generous reach of Shepperton Studios where production was based.

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Another view from the drive.

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Jürgens and Bannen stop off to fill her up.