Date: 2002
Director: Terence Ryan
Production Company: Bórd Scannán na hÉireann, Distinguished Features, Insight Ventures Limited

Stars: Sean Hughes, Elliott Gould, Daragh O'Malley, John Lynch, Griff Rhys Jone, Nickolas Grace, B.J. Hogg, David Kelly, Milo O'Shea, Freddie Jones, Richard Attenborough
Location(s): County Antrim, County Down, County Monaghan



Due to the incompetence of the Boundary Commission a new border passes directly through the village of Puckoon.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Several and a half metric miles north east of Sligo, split by a cascading stream, lies Puckoon . . . home to Dan Madigan (Sean Hughes). Ballyveagh Farm at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum at Cultra in County Down.

image no 1

A ground level view of Ballyveagh Farm. (PW)

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Not far from Dan's condemned home, the village of Puckoon basks in the heat of a fine summers day.

Saffron coloured in the bleach early sky, the sun blistered down, cracking walls and curling the brims of the old men's winter-damp hats; warm-hum biddies circulated air in their nethers, flapping their skirts and easing their drawers. Looking towards Green Road in Ballycultra Town at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum on Bangor Road, Holywood.

image no 3

The row to the right contains the Basketmaker's House and the Fisherman's House. (PW)

Joyous voiced children fought for turns at the iron pump, their giggling white bodies splashing in the cool water from its maternal maw.

image no 4

The pump was a prop outside the Old Rectory. (PW)

Outside his crumbling old turf cutters cottage, Dan breaks the fourth wall to complain about his legs to the film's Director, Richard Attenborough. Ballyveagh Farm in the rural area of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.

image no 5

Built in the 1840s, Ballyveagh Farm was moved from its location in the Mourne Mountains to the museum in the 1980s. (PW)

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Spurred on by his ferocious wife, Dan cycles away from the previous scene to find work.

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With his legs disobeying him, Dan loses control of his bike and creates havoc as he speeds through the men from the Boundary Commission.

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Rafferty (B.J. Hogg) looks down at Dan Madigan as the ground breaks his fall when he is thrown from his bike after riding over the roots of a tree.

Dan continues his journey and eventually arrives at the church. Kilmore Church in Ballycultra Town.

image no 9

The church was built in 1790 in Carnacally, Kilmore, County Down and was moved to the museum in 1976. (PW)

Sporting the neck and shoulders of a rugby player, Father Patrick Rudden (Daragh O'Malley) asks what brings Dan so far from his dear bed, The churchyard with buildings surrounding The Diamond in the background.

image no 10

The churchyard in front of Kilmore Church at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Holywood. (PW)

The 3rd Battalion, Protestant Scout Troop march through the village on their way to the Ulster Scout Jamboree. Facing Green Road from The Diamond at the museum.

image no 11

The row to the right contains the Police Station and the Post Office. (PW)

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The Scouts approach the Georgian façade of Brent Lodge, where the Boundary Commission are meeting to discuss the new border between Ulster and the Irish Free State. This is Ballywalter Park on the outskirts of Ballywalter near Newtownards in County Down.

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A three hour late train brings Colonel Stokes' platoon from Belfast. Downpatrick Railway Station on Market Street in Downpatrick, County Down. The station is operated by the heritage Downpatrick & County Down Railway.

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The new border causes problems in the graveyard, the pub and in the villager's back yards.

Soon after the deceased Sean Doonan has his passport picture taken inside, Seamus Ford (Conor Mullen) and Lenny Braddick (Frankie McCafferty) arrive at Reuben Croucher's funeral parlour to purchase a coffin. Outside the Market and Court House on The Diamond at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum at Cultra.

image no 15

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

Lenny recovers from being hit over the head with a vase after frightening Mrs. Croucher when he appears from inside a coffin. Facing the Market and Court House on The Diamond at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum on Bangor Road, Holywood, County Down.

image no 16

The Market and Court House was constructed on Mill Street, Cushendall, County Antrim in the 1850s and moved to the museum in 1979. (PW)

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As they wheel a coffin containing Dan Madigan through the grounds of Brent Lodge, Lenny and Seamus come across the Scouts camped in front of huge mansion. Ballywalter Park near Newtownards, County Down.

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Outside Brent Lodge, Chief Inspector Tomelty (Joe McGann) shakes hands with Sir John Meredith (Freddie Jones) as Ulsterman Alex Walker (Richard Ridings) looks on. Ballywalter Park in County Down.

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The unhinged Madam Grinns (Aine Ni Mhuiri) chases Dan Madigan through Brent Lodge.