Q Planes

Date: 1939
Director: Tim Whelan and Arthur B. Woods
Production Company: Irving Asher Productions

Stars: Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier, Valerie Hobson
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A secret service agent discovers who’s using a secret weapon to steal experimental planes.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Clouds Over Europe’ (US Title)


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The film opens with Police car speeding through city streets. Tom Obrien tells us that this is Church of the Sacred Heart, Horseferry Road, London SW1. Bombed during the War and stood derelict throughout the 1950's before being replaced by a new church in the early 1960's. The church can also be seen in 'Innocent Sinners' Captures 20 and 23. (RL)

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The shot pans with the car as it heads to an office block where a crime has been reported, only to find Major Hammond asleep on a settee. Identified by Tom Obrien as the Barley Mow pub at the junction with Arneway Street and Horseferry Road, London SW1. The building next door, with distinctive windows, is the Westminster Baptist Chapel. Both buildings remain today. (RL)

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The Barrett & Ward Aircraft Company's airfield where Tony McVane is the star pilot.

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The plane with a newly designed supercharger is prepared for Mr. Barrett to look over before the arrival of the Air Minister.

Mr. Barrett meets the Air Minister's as he arrives accompanied by Major Hammond. Paul Francis suggested Brooklands and Richard Flagg confirmed "definitely". With grateful thanks to them both and the ARG Forum for the identification. The Art Deco tower is fully restored and now used as offices. (RL)

image no 5

Chris Mort provides this shot of the location adding that "Other airfield scenes were shot at the adjacent Hawker factory which is sadly now a retail estate.

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The action moves to the coast after a test plane fitted with the new supercharger is brought down by a powerful ray beamed from the S.S. Viking by enemy agents.

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Led by Tony McVane, planes return to the airfield after searching for the test plane.

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Helping her brother with his latest case, Kay Hammond arrives at the Barrett & Ward factory. Denham Film Studios at Denham Green in Buckinghamshire. The location was also used in 'Spaceways' and 'The Case of the Missing Scene'.

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Kay Hammond (Valerie Hobson) tells the Gatekeeper that she must see Tony McVane before he takes off. The gates to Denham Studios on North Orbital Road.

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McVane's test plane is prepared for flight.

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After the enemy agents are overcome by Vane, the SS Viking is brought into harbour.

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Major Charles Hammond (Ralph Richardson) arrives on the quayside where the SS Viking is moored.