Quiet Weekend

Date: 1947
Director: Harold French
Production Company: Associated British

Stars: Derek Farr, Frank Cellier, Marjorie Fielding, George Thorpe, Barbara White
Location(s): Berkshire



Charming vintage British comedy charting the comic and romantic adventures of a family headed by George Thorpe and Marjorie Fielding and their son Derek Farr during a weekend spent in a country cottage.

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Village shoppe, Berks? Herts?

Thatch and barn, somewhere.

image no 2

A house in East Garston, Berks adjoining the barn in 003. Which Gary Pearce told us about.

Barn to be identified.

image no 3

Yes a barn and in East Garston, Berks, Gary Pearce sent in the information, well done Gary.

Thatched cottage probably still there.

image no 4

Cornsaggers Cottage, East Garston, Berks, information from Gary Pearce and thanks to him.

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High Street, or Main street, or...? Neither, an apparently unnamed road but the location is Denford Mill, Hungerford, Berks. With thanks to Robert Burrell who provided the link to British Pathé website (https://www.britishpathe.com/video/quiet-weekend) showing events during the filming in the Village. (RL)

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Denford Mill, Hungerford, Berks (RL)

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The mill? Yes, Denford Mill, Hungerford, Berks (RL)

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Denford Mill, Hungerford, Berks on the left hand side. (RL)

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Village store.


image no 10

This is Goldhill House in East Garston, Gary Pearce's information. Martin? and Ray Hobbs were both boys still living in the village who took part in the film.

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House and barn.

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House, well, twelve pics to identify, and 8 or so prizes to be won.