Rattle of a Simple Man

Date: 1964
Director: Muriel Box
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC), Sydney Box Productions

Stars: Harry H. Corbett, Diane Cilento, Michael Medwin
Location(s): London



A group of northern football fans go on a coach trip to watch a Cup Final in London. After the match, whilst in a strip club, one of them decides to prove to his capabilities of picking up a lady to his mates.  What starts off as a one night stand with a lady of the night, evolves into him believing he has found love.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards

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  • 'Now' required

Opening scenes show our stars loading onto coaches and departing for London from Manchester. The coaches in this scene have just left the coach station.

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On the look out for pubs and entertainment, Ginger (Michael Medwin) leads his fellow supporters along a street in London.

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After finding a strip club, Percy (Harry H. Corbett) and his new found lady friend Cyrenne (Diane Cilento) step outside to get a taxi back to her place. This is Hanway Street in London W1 which also features in 'Emil and the Detectives', 'Expresso Bongo' and 'Play it Cool'.

Percy, inside the taxi, arrives outside Cyrenne's flat. This location is at the junction with Sharples Hall Street, Chalcot Crescent and Chalcot Square, in NW1.

image no 4

A select corner of London. (RL)

A lovely Ford Consul with two shifty looking Italians inside, pulls across Chalcot Crescent NW1 . . .

image no 5

No shifty characters during my visit. (RL)

. . . and parks up with the occupants watching Cyrenne's flat.

image no 6

The ironwork has been taken off the bow window on the left. (RL)

Looking up, the Italians can see Cyrenne's flat lights are on. This is 38 Chalcot Square, London NW1.

image no 7

My best attempt given the tree and the vast contrast provided by a very sunny day. (RL)

Meanwhile some party-goers arrive outside No 38. More of Chalcot Square in NW1.

image no 8

Just before a delivery van arrived. (RL)

Whilst Percy is with Cyrenne, Ginger has met up with a charming lady who offers to take him to her house. This is Manley Street NW1 which is also seen in 'These Dangerous Years'.

image no 9

A charming "side street". (RL)

Heading towards No 11, Ginger escorts his lady. This is Chalcot Road NW1 and quite possibly number 11.

image no 10

No 11 right of centre. (RL)

Ginger leaving No 11 looking very worried after a surprise he has had.

image no 11

As is says on the door. (RL)

Ginger walking away from No:11 on his way back to his friends. Chalcot Road at the corner of Manley Street.

image no 12

It looks as thought the whole terrace has added an extra floor. (RL)

Percy, having been told to leave Cyrenne's flat by the shifty looking Italians, continues to watch as Cyrenne is put in the Ford Consul and driven away. Chalcot Square again.

image no 13

Many more parking and driving restrictions these days. (RL)

Meanwhile Ginger has arrived back at the pub where his friends are. The Prince Albert public house at the corner of Princess Road and Kingstown Street NW1.

image no 14

Another closed pub. (RL)

Having mislaid his wallet, Ginger returns to No 11 to retrieve it. The junction of Chalcot Road and Manley Street. The location is also seen in 'Please Sir!'.

image no 15

The same junction today. (RL)

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The Ford Consul with two Italians and Cyrenne onboard arrives at their destination.

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And park up outside an Italian Restaurant then they go inside the restaurant.

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One of the Italians outside the restaurant, watch as Cyrenne hops on to a bus and departs.

Having retrieved his wallet and looking the worse for wear, Ginger looks up and sees this nurse on a bicycle arriving and stopping to assist. Chalcot Road, in the dark.

image no 19

Quiet enough for me to stand in the middle of the road. (RL)

Back at Cyrenne's flat, Cyrenne briskly walks up looking frustrated by her recent encounter. Chalcot Square with buildings on Sharples Hall Street in the background.

image no 20

There have been changes to this corner. (RL)

Percy arrives back at the pub at closing time. The name 'Prince Albert' can now be clearly seen above the doors. Renamed as 'The Albert', the pub at 11 Princess Road closed in 2015.

image no 21

A sad picture now. (RL)

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All the football fans, Ginger and his friends, except Percy, arrive at the coach station for their coaches back to Manchester.

Having found out some untruths about his new love Cyrenne, Percy leaves her flat to race back to the coach station. Chalcot Square in Primrose Hill NW1. The square also features in 'Allez France!'.

image no 23

Immaculately maintained now. (RL)

Percy races off towards Sharples Hall Street, London, NW1 . . . . .

image no 24

A garage has been incorporated into the redevelopment of this corner. (RL)

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. . . his destination is Victoria Coach Station as this scene confirms. The corner of Buckingham Palace Road and Elizabeth Street SW1.

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The coaches bound for Manchester start to leave the coach station. Victoria Coach Station on Buckingham Palace Road in Belgravia.

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Percy seen here franticly looking for his coach home. The coach station appears in 'The Knack, and How To Get It', 'The Deadly Affair' and 'The Small World of Sammy Lee' amongst others.

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After catching his ride home, Percy begins to realise he loves Cyrenne, so stops the coach to get off.

Finally Percy returns to Cyrenne. Looking towards Sharples Hall Street from Chalcot Square in NW1.

image no 29

Another view of the changed corner. (RL)