Reckoning, The

Date: 1970
Director: Jack Gold
Production Company: Columbia Pictures

Stars: Nicol Wiliamson, Ann Bell, Rachel Roberts
Location(s): Berkshire, Lancashire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): , , ,


Michael Marler, a successful business man in London, is about to make his way to the top. The death of his father brings him – after 37 years – back to his hometown Liverpool, where he is confronted with his lost Irish roots. He finds out that his father died because of a fight with some anglo-saxon teddy boys. It becomes “a matter of honour” for him, to take his revenge without involving the British police.

Additional Information:

John Owens provided the stills and nows. He says: “The film also gives the impression that the Virginia Water area of Surrey was used. I am fairly sure that some shots in the early part of the film were shot around the junction of Christchurch Road/Gorse Hill Lane”

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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Number 7 Rolls Building in New Fetter Lane, London.

image no 1

The Rolls building now - under redevelopment. Photo copyright Google Street View.

Close up of the Rolls Building.

image no 2

Close up of Rolls Building today - photo from Google Street View.

This is Wheatland Lane in the Seacombe area of the Wirral. The 'parents house' was shot in Daisy Grove - now demolished.

image no 3

The houses in Wheatland Lane have been demolished but the pub - Mona Castle - in the background to the right is still there - the drainpipe running down the side and the window help to identify. John Owens.

Wheatland Lane again - the wall alongside Hector Jackson's scrapyard - information courtesy of local WikiWirral forum.

image no 4

Part of the wall in Wheatland Lane survives. John Owens.

Nicol Williamson walking alongside a wall in the docks area of Birkenhead. Martin Owens says that Williamson is walking along Beaufort Road, Birkenhead towards the corner of Buccleuch Street, most of the wall has been demolished now, the only remaining piece is at the junction of Beaufort Road and Buccleuch Street.

image no 5

And here's the part of the wall that still stands. Taken from the corner of Buccleuch Street on Beaufort Road in Birkenhead, Merseyside. (PW)

One of the 'Four Bridges' connecting Birkenhead and Wallasey.

image no 6

The bridge in Tower Road is unchanged. John Owens.

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A doctors surgery in the film - looks like a church building possibly.Could be the Wirral or Liverpool - the film switches between them in seemingly continuous shots.

Other shots in the film suggest that this is the Virginia Water area of Surrey. Mark Pearce says;Pinewood Road in Virginia Water at the point where the road crosses the 18th fairway on Wentworth's West course.

image no 8

The house in the background (which is still there, behind the trees) belonged at the time of filming to the crime writer David Williams. Mark Pearce

Again possibly Virginia Water - tree lined leafy road with a distinctive sloping roof on the building.

image no 9

Mark Pearce states; This is Christchurch Road in Virginia Water. Nearly all the houses along the road have since been demolished and rebuilt, including the one in the original shot, though the trees remain.

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Nicol Williamson's house in the film - looks like 60s building possibly the same location as tr008 and tr009.

Is this a real butchers shop - possibly Barker Bros / Parker Bros? Again could be in Virginia Water. Or could be a set?

image no 11

Real says Mark Pearce; This was a butcher's shop, Clarke Bros., in Station Approach, Virginia Water. The butchers closed in around 1995 but the hairdressers which took over the premises is still partly owned by the same family.

Conveniently identified by the sign as 'King Street Service Station'. This is King Street Wallasey. .. the garage is very close to the pub pic 016 as King St.,is at the bottom of Union St., where the pub is. Martin Owens.

image no 12

The service staion in King Street is still in the same location. John Owens.

Nicol Williamson driving off from a road alongside the 'Shaggy Calf' pub - supposedly in Liverpool - but in fact it's Carlton Road in Slough. Thanks to local 'YoLiverpool' forum for help in identifying this.

image no 13

Carlton Road Slough today - photo copyright Google Street View.

The 'Shaggy Calf' pub in Mirador Crescent in Slough. Thanks to 'Slough Information' internet forum for help in identifying the location.

image no 14

The 'Shaggy Calf' pub at the corner of Mirador Crescent/Carlton Road Slough has been replaced by housing. Photo copyright Google Street View.

Carlton Road, Slough again, outside a fish and chip shop.

image no 15

There is still a fish and chip shop at the end of the row of shops in Mirador Crescent Slough. Photo courtesy of Google.

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'The Firefly' pub - not identified - could be Slough again - or Liverpool / Wallasey - or.... This pub appears to be the Shepard's Rest pub, Union St., and the corner of Darington St., Wallasey. Martin Owens

St George's church in Heyworth Street in the Everton district of Liverpool. The 'pointed tower' to the left is the roof of the Everton library on St Domingo Road.

image no 17

St George's church is still there - supposedly one of the highest points in Liverpool. The pointed library tower to the left is just visible through the trees - though the library is no longer in use. John Owens.

Nicol Williamson looking from the churchyard in reck017. This is identified in the next still from the Liverpool Echo as Havelock Street and Seacombe Towers in Everton looking down towards the docks and river Mersey.

image no 18

Havelock Street and Seacombe Towers have been demolished. This photo is taken from the same spot as the original. The area has been landscaped but the docks and river are visible in the distance. John Owens.

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Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Echo.