Revolution (1985)

Date: 1985
Director: Hugh Hudson
Production Company: Goldcrest Films International, Viking Films

Stars: Al Pacino, Sid Owen, Donald Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Joan Plowright, Steven Berkoff, Dexter Fletcher, Richard O'Brien, Annie Lennox
Location(s): Norway, Norfolk, Devon

Region(s): , ,


Al Pacino heads a stellar cast in Revolution: The Director’s Cut. The definitive version of Hugh Hudson’s powerfully unsentimental film set during the American War of Independence. Single father Tom Dobb (played with dogged resilience by Al Pacino) struggles hopelessly against the violent course of history to protect his only son, meeting many obstacles and hardships along the way. Accompanied by John Corigliano’s poignant score, Hudson’s 1985 film is an uncompromising evocation of the chaos, squalor and upheaval of war which he has re-cut and updated.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Dave Wilson


Greg Chapman advises that the Norwegian locations were filmed in the Strada region.

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An angry mob attempt to tear down the statue during the American War of Independence. This is King's Staithe Square that joins with Purfleet Place in Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 1

Greg Chapman provides this rather less hectic view of the location advising that the large white wooden slatted building that looks like a flour mill on the screen capture was a facade built over two massive steel grain silos which were taken down in the 1990's. (RL)

Trapper Tom Dobb (Al Pacino) and his young son Ned (Sid Owen) guides his boat into New York. But the magic of cinema means this is actually on the River Great Ouse with Kings Lynn in the background.

image no 2

Greg provides this picture of the scene without the magic of cinema. (RL)

The angry citizens throw the pieces of the statue into the river before taking hold of Pacino's boat. This is Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 3

As mentioned by Greg in Capture 1 the large white wooden slatted building that looks like a flour mill on the screen capture was a facade built over two massive steel grain silos which were taken down in the 1990's. In addition, the building with the Dutch-Gabled end (centre-of pic) in the screen capture was also a facade built onto an existing building, as can now be seen. (RL)

His belongings seized, Pacino and his son get given a credit note as compensation for their loss. The younger version of Ned is played by Sid Owen who became well known in BBC series 'Eastenders' where he played Ricky Butcher.

image no 4

Greg advises that the stone pillar in the right of frame of the screen capture is a fake, a prop for the movie. (RL)

A rowdy crowd run along a New York street. In fact this is College Lane in Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 5

College Lane captured by Greg on a much less rowdy day. (RL)

They turn on to Wall Street. In real life this is now Queen Street in Kings Lynn. Pacino, unable to read, asks his son to tell him the detail of the credit note. Greg Chapman advises that the house behind the flag right of frame is No.27 (RL)

image no 6

The attractive terrace captured by Greg who advises that the background property is Thoresby College. (RL)

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Pacino walks through to a local office to find out more information about when they will get paid. This is currently an unidentified location.

Young Ned spots an arriving team of army recruiters. This is the on the side of Purfleet in Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 8

Greg provides this shot of current uncluttered reality. (RL)

With a positive intent, young Ned takes a bold step.

image no 9

Once again the white wooden slatted building appears in the screen capture. Up to date shot from Greg. (RL)

Pacino finds that his son, with the best intentions, has signed up for the army. This is on the side of Purfleet in Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 10

Greg reveals the lengths that the film production made to change the scene. (RL)

But Al tries to get his son de-listed, but there is a struggle and he is forced to join up himself, in order to stay close to his son. This is still the side of Purfleet in Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 11

Greg found it difficult to find anyone to press-gang that day. (RL)

The word is out that the British are coming. People are advising to flee. Greg Chapman identifies this as St. Margaret's Place, Kings Lynn near the Town Hall that features in "The Silver Fleet". (RL)

image no 12

Greg managed to capture the scene after the people took the advice to flee......or maybe it was too wet for them. (RL)

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The displacement of people continues in the fields around 'Brooklyn Heights'. Greg also locates this, he tells us that the barn is at West Tofts, in the Stanford Battle Area that is also the main base for "Dad's Army". (RL)

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The British prepare to command an attack on the US forces from a hillside. This seems to be the Devon countryside, possibly at Down Tor near Burrator Reservoir.

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Having just about survived the British onslaught, Pacino and son retreat and throw down their arms with the intent to desert a fight that they don't consider their own. The battle finale was filmed near Burrator Reservoir in Devon (you can glimpse the reservoir in the background of this shot).

The British legions perform a victory march through New York. In fact we're back in Kings Lynn. This is King Street.

image no 16

Man power has given way to horse power. (RL)

Now the troops march down the slope of Purfleet Place in Kings Lynn...

image no 17

Greg reveals the existence of another piece of scenery in the film. (RL)

and around into Purfleet Place, Kings Lynn.

image no 18

With thanks to Greg for a clearer view of the location. (RL)

Sgt. Maj. Peasy (Donald Sutherland) keeps an eye on the assembled troops, as the people of New York are addressed. This is King's Staithe Square that joins with Purfleet Place, Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 19

Greg reveals that very little needed to be done to this classic background. (RL)

Daisy's parents are attempting to climb the social ladders in their posh residence. This is still in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

image no 20

Greg sends this clearer view of the King's Staithe Square telling us the the building on the right is "The Old Bank House" a fine dining restaurant and backs on to Captures 11 and 12 for "Silver Fleet". (RL)

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A group of rebelious, thieving youngsters, including Pacinos young son, run riot in the street of Ely, UK. This is the Gallery, in the grounds of Ely Cathedral. The cathedral appears on the horizon in the cover photo of Pink Floyd's 1994 album The Division Bell.

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They run around the corner and start up the slope towards the Cathedral in Ely. Several other productions have filmed at the Cathedral including Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Kings Speech and 2016 the cathedral substituted for Westminster Abbey in the Netflix original series The Crown.

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The hunt is afoot from the starting point of Cherry Hill Park in Ely.

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Pacino and fellow worker drag the effigy of George Washington for the hunt down a hill. It is currently unidentified but the landscape suggests we might be back in Devon, near Burrator Reservoir.

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Sgt. Maj. Peasy (Donald Sutherland) oversees the burial of fallen army drummer boys and consoles one of the survivors, with the houses in the proximity of Ely Cathedral in the background. The drummer boys had to learn different drum beats in order to communicate orders over the noise of battle.

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Sutherland loads Pacinos son, now chosen as a drummer boy, onto a cart in front of a currently unidentified location. Likely to be Kings Lynn.

Pacino steals a boat to go and try and find his abducted son. This is Kings Lynn, the East side of the King Street bridge.

image no 27

Greg send this shot advising that wasn't possible to shoot from the same place due to the new buildings in the way and the only clear space where he could have got a similar angle is now too being built on. This shot is taken from the closest he could get and has marked with a red arrow, the direction of the screen-capture. In addition the buildings in the top of the screen-capture have long since been replaced with newer ones. (RL)

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He comes across the British camp. This is another use of the location near Burrator Reservoir in Devon, UK. Here is where he will find his son who has been punished for resisting an officer's whims.

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Local natives have just witnessed Pacino dispatch one of their enemies. They now have an American friend. and their new comrades take Pacino and son back to their settlements. They are walking across an unidentified landscapes. This is probably part of the Norway shoot, as the production did shoot there, apparently at the behest of some Norwegian dentists who had invested in the film.

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Pacino heads to Philadelphia for the records office in order to find information about the fate of Daisy (Nastassja Kinski). This is reported to have been filmed in Ely, UK but the location is currently unidentified.

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The Philadelphia setting suggests a lot of activity associated with the ending of the war.

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They have to weave through the busy crowds in order to get into the office to find out about Daisy. This location is currently unidentified.

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The victorious American troops head off to keep the pressure on the retreating British army. This is a currently unidentified location.

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Pacino and son try to head off Donald Sutherland's character. After an ambush on the beach, Pacino and co have the upper hand. but they take morality over execution at a currently unidentified location.

Pacino sends his grown son (Dexter Fletcher) with his young wife and some of their native Indian friends off to their new future.

image no 35

Greg sends this picture of King's Staithe Square revealing the only genuine building in the screen capture. (RL)

They depart from Kings Lynn, UK.

image no 36

Greg send this photo of the location without those "extra's". (RL)

With American victory over the British complete, the parades in New York (Kings Lynn UK!) are sullied by lies and letdown but there is still a new feeling of hope in the streets, born from this revolution.

image no 37

Greg advises that the curved wall is the same wall as "The Silver Fleet" Capture 14 , looking across at it, rather than along the length of it as in "The Silver Fleet". (RL)