Rotten To The Core

Date: 1965
Director: John Boulting
Production Company: Tudor Productions, Charter Film Productions

Stars: Anton Rodgers, Charlotte Rampling, Eric Sykes, Ian Bannen, Thorley Walters, Peter Vaughan, Dudley Sutton, Kenneth Griffith, James Beckett
Location(s): London, Surrey, West Sussex

Region(s): ,


Three rogues leave prison expecting the boss to have their stash ready to share out. Instead, they are informed that the boss is dead and the money was spent on nursing care. But it’s a cover . . . .

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.  

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Lenny the Dip (Kenneth Griffith), Jelly (Dudley Sutton) and Scapa Flood (James Beckett) are released from prison.

image no 1

Wormwood Scrubs, Du Cane Road, London W12. Also seen in The Italian Job, The Horses Mouth and so many more. (PW)

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After finding that their boss 'The Duke' has died, Lenny, Jelly and Scapa try different schemes. Possibly a studio set but included for sake of completeness.

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The gang attempt to grab a briefcase. Maybe a set but for the while an unidentified location.

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The victim leaves the bank. An unknown location.

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The robbery fails as the case is chained to the bearer who wraps the chain around a lamppost.

Lennie wears false arms to go pickpocketing. Victoria Coach Station, Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1. Also seen in The Knack, The Small World of Sammy Lee etc.

image no 6

Now. SJ

Lennie thinks he sees The Duke catching a bus to Longhampton. Victoria Coach Station SW1.

image no 7

Oops, who jogged me? SJ

Lieutenant Percy Vine takes Sara Capell home and nearly runs down Private detective William Hunt (Eric Sykes).

image no 8

Durham Place, London SW3 found by Alan Field who proved it with a google image, now replaced by SJ.

Hunt, in disguise as a roadsweeper, is employed to follow The Duke's girlfriend Sarah Capell. Durham Place SW3 located by Alan Field.

image no 9

Little has changed, even the parking. SJ

Lieutenant Percy Vine (Ian Bannen) shouts at Hunt after nearly running him down.

image no 10

Alan Field kindly sent in a google shot of Durham Place. Now replaced by a better angle. SJ

Sarah Capell (Charlotte Rampling) speaks with Lieutenant Vine outside her house. Durham Place, London SW3.

image no 11

Now. SJ

Hunt sees Scapa and the gang arrive at Sarah's house which is supposedly on Brompton Walk SW7 but actually on Durham Place, SW3. Identified by Alan Field.

image no 12

Now. SJ

Hunt, now disguised as a Sikh 'Sandwich Man', keeps watch on Sarah. Durham Place, London SW3 found by Alan Field.

image no 13

This shows the back of the cricket pavilion in Burton Place seen in The Jokers. SJ

Hunt watches as Sarah leaves.

image no 14

Alan Field identified Durham Place, London and SJ provided a closer shot.

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At the Hope Springs Nature Clinic, a gang of crooks are trained up for a big job. Littleton Park House at Shepperton studios in Surrey. The building features in 'Make Mine a Million', 'The Belles of St. Trinian’s', 'Cockleshell Heroes', 'The Earth Dies Screaming' and 'Law and Disorder'.

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The clinic is a cover for the operations of The Duke and Anxious O'Toole (Victor Maddern). Littleton Park House, Shepperton.

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The Duke arrives at The Bella Vista Residential Hotel in Longhampton. Unidentified location.

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The Duke (Anton Rodgers) disguised as a Doctor outside The Bella Vista.

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The heist takes place. A train carrying German Army dignitaries and soldiers wages arrives at Longhampton Halt. This appears to be Baynards station which was on the line between Christ's Hospital and Guildford. More detail at

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The Duke, disguised as a German Officer, takes the place of the genuine dignitary. Baynards station in Surrey. The station, that closed in 1965, was also seen in 'The Grass is Greener', 'They Were Sisters', 'The Horsemasters' and 'Monster of Terror'.

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At Longhampton station, the Army await the arrival of the German Officers . . . . . . and their wages. Christ's Hospital station near Horsham, West Sussex.

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Still waiting at Christ's Hospital station in West Sussex. The station buildings were demolished in the early 1970's.

Cars for the visiting Officers arrive. Christ's Hospital station forecourt, West Sussex.

image no 23

Clive Brett with the help of Google that very little has changed in all those years. (RL)

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Lieutenant Vine's detail get ready to unload the payroll. Christ's Hospital station.

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The train arrives at Longhampton. Christ's Hospital station on the line between Horsham and Billingshurst.

image no 25

A.R.Butcher has kindly provided us with a shot of the same location as it is now saying that "If you look carefully you can see the adjacent platform in the undergrowth. All other platforms still exist - but are very overgrown. The platforms in question served the Guilford Line – which was closed in 1965. They now form an as yet unopened part of the Downslink bridleway." (RL)

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Lieutenant Vine stands to attention. Christ's Hospital station. The station was once a junction also serving the now closed line to Guildford. A.R.Butcher advises that "Christ’s Hospital Station still exists on the Arun Valley line between Horsham and Barnham, and serves the eponymous school. (RL)

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The rest of The Duke's men arrive in a hearse. Christ's Hospital station.

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A better view of the water tower. Christ's Hospital station in West Sussex.

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After the payroll is stolen most of the gang is caught and the money ends up in a bank. Unidentified location, possibly a studio set.

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The street outside the bank just before a second attempt to take the money fails. Unidentified location.

At the end of the film Sarah's father, Sir Henry Capell (Peter Vaughan) takes her back to Burnley. Marylebone station, Melcombe Place, London NW1.

image no 31

Still recognisable.

Sarah spots The Duke just before she catches the train. Marylebone station also features in 'Violent Moment', 'The Day of the Triffids', 'The Internecine Project', 'Don't Open till Christmas', 'A Hard Day’s Night', 'Ring of Bright Water', 'Up Jumped a Swagman', 'Life at the Top' and 'One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing'.

image no 32

The same spot now. (PW)

The Duke leaves the station. Marylebone station in London NW1.

image no 33

And after this shot, I left the station too. (PW)