Rude Boy

Date: 1980
Director: Jack Hazan & David Mingay
Production Company: Buzzy Enterprises

Stars: Ray Gange, Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Topper Headon
Location(s): Fife, London, Strathclyde, West Midlands

Region(s): , ,


Roadie fan hangs out with the Clash in a semi-documentary with acted scenes and plenty of concert footage.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and now images by SJ

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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Brandon Estate, London SE17, no actors but nice shot, also seen in The War Zone.

image no 1

Now. Taken from John Ruskin Street. SJ.

Hanworth House, next door, London SE5, also seen in For Queen And Country.

image no 2

Now. From the Brandon Estate. SJ.

Camberwell New Road, London SE5.

image no 3

Now. From Bolton Crescent. SJ.

372 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9, now demolished.

image no 4

Taken just before demolition moved in.

Tennyson Avenue and Thackeray Road, London SW8.

image no 5

Now, odd place for a march.

Thackeray Road.

image no 6

Barely recognisable now that the hall has been replaced but housing roof at top right gives it away, just.

Thackeray Road and St. Philip Street.

image no 7

Now. Gwyneth Paltrow stood here in 'Sliding Doors'.

48 Dean Street, London W1 which was also seen in 'Adventures of a Taxi Driver'.

image no 8


Downing Street and Whitehall, London SW1.

image no 9

Now, with security gates.

Bow Street Law Court, as seen in 'The Informers'. London WC2.

image no 10


Royal Opera House, Bow Street.

image no 11


Broad Court, also seen in 'David Copperfield' (1970).

image no 12

Now, just off Bow Street.

Facing south-east along Digbeth High Street at the junction with Milk Street in Birmingham.

image no 13

A little demolition and rebuilding has taken place. (PW)

Facing north-west from outside of Digbeth Civic Hall on High Street, Digbeth B5 with the Rotunda visible in the left distance.

image no 14

The Rotunda still visible. (PW)

Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham.

image no 15

Digbeth Civic Hall, Digbeth, Birmingham now known as the Digbeth Institute. Phil Wilkinson

Atlantic Road, Brixton?

image no 16

Coldharbour Lane entrance to the market. Not entirely convinced but maybe a local, perhaps LLB, can confirm when the doors are open. SJ.

Ray Gange on Coldharbour Lane.

image no 17


The Railway.

image no 18

The Railway Tavern, now Brady's of Brixton, 20 Atlantic Road. SJ.

Looks like Atlantic Road, Brixton.

image no 19

Atlantic Road looking west. SJ.

Not an obvious angle of Trafalgar Square, also seen in Bunny Lake Is Missing.

image no 20

Now, taken from St Martin's Place.

Paul Simonon on King's Cross Road, London WC1.

image no 21


Topper Headon outside Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, WC1.

image no 22

Now a hotel called Clink.

Clerkenwell Magistrates Court.

image no 23


Mick Jones on King's Cross Road.

image no 24


  • 'Now' required

Joe Strummer regales the fans at Victoria Park, London E9.

  • 'Now' required

Court Hall, Glasgow?

The Kinema, Carnegie Drive, Dunfermline in Fife.

image no 27

Now closed, but most recently known as Velocity night club. The Clash gig featured in Rude Boy was played here on 6th July 1978. SD

Stockwell Road near Stockwell tube, London SW9.

image no 28

Now, still a bus-stop.

Same place, reverse shot on Stockwell Road.

image no 29

Now with a removal van in the way of Acland House.

Dean Street with the Terrazzo also seen in 'Brannigan'.

image no 30


48 Dean Street again.

image no 31


And again.

image no 32


Somewhere near Blackfriars, possibly. This and the following still, rud034, no longer exist. The street is Limeburner Lane connecting Old Bailey and Ludgate Hill. The railway arches are the old pre-Thameslink tracks just north of the bridge which used to cross Ludgate Hill. The church spire just visible is St Bride's, Fleet Street. The area has changed beyond recognition. The railway now runs underground and new office blocks on both sides of the street make a convincing now shot impossible. Andrew Fisher

image no 33

Peter took this shot from Limeburner Lane with St Bride's towers visible top centre.

Limeburner Lane near Blackfriars.

image no 34

These are all new buildings advises Peter, but with the architecture mimicking the old bridge.