Run for Your Money, A

Date: 1949
Director: Charles Frend
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: Donald Houston, Meredith Edwards, Moira Lister, Alec Guinness, Hugh Griffith
Location(s): Berkshire, Bridgend County (Wales), London, Middlesex

Region(s): , ,


Two brothers from a Welsh village take their first trip to London to collect a prize.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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This is a story of how Welsh Wales came to town. It all began in Hafoduwchbenceubwllymarchogcoch.

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David 'Dai Number 9' Jones (Donald Houston) and Thomas 'Twm' Jones (Meredith Edwards) run to see the pit manager after being summoned to the surface.

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Whimple (Alec Guinness) waits to greet Dai and Twm at Paddington station after they win the London Echo's prize for digging coal.

The columnist and his photographer Stebbins (Mackenzie Ward) head to platform 9. Windsor & Eton Central station off Thames Street in Windsor. The station was also seen in 'Left, Right and Centre', 'That's Your Funeral' and 'Doctor in Trouble'.

image no 4

The greatly redesigned station has just one platform now . . . and this isn't it. (PW)

Being two of the first off the crowded train, David and Thomas walk from the station without being met.

image no 5

Teresa Stokes sends this shot remarking that the road itself is now a "dedicated smoking area", not now being allowed to smoke on railway premises. (RL)

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The streets of London look deserted and bleak to the two brothers. This appears to be a model or a studio set, complete with ABC Bakery. Have a look at Hitchcock's 'Sabotage' to see what is achieved with large sets.

Dai chases after con artist Jo (Moira Lister) when she leaves her compact on the table in a cafe where the two miners were having breakfast.

image no 7

High Street, Acton, London W3. No 68 doesn't seem to have a lucky trading record. (RL)

Twm searches for Dai after following him from the cafe. RL notes that these shops are not in Acton's High Street.

image no 8

The shop remains as proven by Roland-François Lack with the aid of Google, 36 Haven Green London W5. Clearly the Director was playing with our locations! (RL)

Dai is nowhere to be seen.

image no 9

High Street, Acton, London W3, looking towards Locarno Road. (RL)

Huw Price (Hugh Griffith) stands in the gutter singing as Twm scans the street.

image no 10

High Street, Acton, London W3 looking towards Grove Road. Not quite the right angle due to that over large bus shelter. (RL)

After recognising Huw as a fellow chorister from years ago, Twm retrieves the musician's harp from a pawn shop and the two start searching for Dai. Peter locates this as Bride Lane looking north towards Fleet Street EC4 with the former Crown & Sugarloaf pub to the right.

image no 11

And Peter also provides the proof.

Whimple finally catches up with Dai outside the offices of The Echo. Facing east on Fleet Street EC4. Similar views were seen in 'Sea Wife', 'Who Done It?', 'Strange Bedfellows', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire' and 'Brothers in Law'.

image no 12

The same clock can be seen top centre in this image from Peter.

As Whimple drives away with Dai and Jo, Twm and Huw approach the newspaper's offices. Fleet Street with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in the distance.

image no 13

Peter captured the view over 65 years later.

The two Welshmen enter the offices of The Echo. Fleet Street EC4.

image no 14

No longer the 'Echo', if it ever was. Image provided by Peter.

Whilst taking Dai on a fleeting sightseeing tour, Whimple pulls up outside the Tower of London. The Tower of London in EC3 as seen from Tower Hill.

image no 15

Peter was also outside the Tower.

Dai and Jo enter the tourist attraction. Through the archway can be seen Tower Bridge.

image no 16

Tower Bridge is still there in this shot from Peter.

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Whimple is stopped by a Beefeater (Edward Rigby) and told to buy a ticket. The Tower was also used in 'The Jokers' and 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow'.

The journalist runs through the Tower of London's grounds as Dai and Jo admire the Crown Jewels. Wellington Barracks stand on the right.

image no 18

And this comparison is from Peter.

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Whimple makes his way through parading soldiers.

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Jo leads Dai away as Whimple catches up with them.

The pair reach the riverside. Facing east on Tower Wharf in EC3. The area was seen in 'The Naked Edge'and 'Alfie'.

image no 21

It was also seen through the lens of Peter's camera.

Two o'clock strikes as Dai remembers that Whimple has tickets to a rugby match that are part of the prize.

image no 22

A return to the area for other photographs allowed Peter to capture the same view.

Jo sweet talks Dai into taking her along. Looking west on Tower Wharf with London Bridge just visible in the left distance.

image no 23

Peter found that things have changed at the Tower of London. Cannons and railings have moved and the trees are now mature.

Twm and Huw attempt to catch a bus to Twickenham but the conductor throws them off.

image no 24

High Holborn looking towards Chancery Lane and the bus stop remains in place. (RL)

When Dai and Jo pass Twm and Huw on a tube station escalator, Dai's bowler ends up on the floor of a corridor. Holborn Underground station on Kingsway WC2.

image no 25

Peter goes underground once again for Reel Streets and sends an improved shot over his previous visit. (RL)

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Twm chases the hat as Huw follows with his harp. These are the disused stairs leading down to Platform 5 at Holborn station.

Huw and Twm have difficulty boarding a waiting train. The northbound Piccadilly Line platform at Holborn station which were also seen in 'Turn the Key Softly'.

image no 27

Peter ventured onto the platform to take this comparison.

Crowds leave the stadium after the rugby match between Wales and England at Twickenham. A stock shot of Twickenham Stadium on Whitton Road in Twickenham, Middlesex. The location was seen in 'Allez France!'.

image no 28

The west stand now. See "Allez France" capture 10 for information on the (then) Rowland Hill Memorial Gate seen in the centre of the original capture. SJ

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Whilst Jo takes Dai to see her accomplice Barney with the intent of selling him a fake diamond ring, Twm and Huw try to hail a lift back from the game. Richard Lowe places this as the Great West Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 looking towards Gillette Corner. What is now the Osterley Park Hotel is angled to the right of the screen shot.

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As he drives back to London, Traffic lights change bringing Whimple to a halt. Richard Lowe locates this as the Great West Road with Wood Lane crossing at the lights.

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Twm and Huw climb into Whimple's car with the harp. Great West Road, Isleworth Middx.

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Now searching for Dai, Whimple looks for the building where Jo lives.

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Jo runs from her flat as Whimple finds Dai inside.

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The confidence trickster escapes onto a main street. No use looking in an old A to Z, Suffolk Gardens isn't real.

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Whimple and Dai chase after Jo. Just a slight pan from the previous frame reveals that this is looking north on Bond Street in Ealing, just north of The Green. The street has been redeveloped.

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Jo dodges her way through pedestrians and into a theatre. Bond Street, Ealing.

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Dai finds Jo as she heads into the auditorium. The entrance to the Walpole Picture Theatre on Bond Street in Ealing. All of these Ealing locations have been discovered with the help of Christopher Matheson.

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Whimple loses the Dai and Jo but Barney (Leslie Perrins) catches up. Bond Street in Ealing W5.

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Dai follows Jo from the theatre after the two watch Twm and Huw perform. The 'Easiphit' shop stood on the corner of High Street and Sandringham Mews and the location also features in 'Burnt Evidence'.

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After Jo and Barney's con is found out, the two run past Huw as he plays in the street.

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Dai runs towards Paddington after retrieving the prize money stolen by Jo.

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Whimple follows Twm and Huw as they head to the station. Looking along a connecting alleyway towards Bakers Lane from High Street in Ealing W5 with The Three Pigeons public house to the left, identified by Christopher Matheson and members of the Britmovie Forum. The church spire just visible in the distance is that of St. Saviours church on The Grove, also seen in 'The Last Page'.

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Jo and Barney continue their chase after Dai ashe reaches Paddington station. Teresa Stokes found during her visit in July 2015 that this location and 044 were inaccessible, forming part of the Crossrail project. We wait to see what will eventually be revealed. (RL)

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Dai runs into the station with minutes to spare before the train home departs. Paddington station cab road running alongside Eastbourne Terrace in W2. The location was seen in 'Brandy for the Parson' and 'Miranda'.

Twm, Huw and Whimple follow Dai into the booking hall.

image no 45

The Booking Office now just a memory as revealed by Teresa Stokes. (RL)

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Rugby supporters fill the train as Dai, Twm and Huw climb aboard just before departure. After investigation by Teresa Stokes and research by RL, the consensus is that this is Windsor & Eton Central station in Berkshire.

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The following morning, the connecting train arrives in Hafoduwchbenceubwllymarchogcoch. The former Nant-y-moel railway station in Mid Glamorgan.

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The two brothers alight with Huw and his harp. Facing to the north-west from the platform at Nant-y-moel station.

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As the train leaves, a passenger calls over to Dai who has left his hat in the compartment. Looking up towards buildings on Commercial Street from the station at Nant-y-moel in the County Borough of Bridgend, Wales.

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The three leave the station. Nant-y-moel station in the Ogmore Vale, Wales.