Running Man, The

Date: 1963
Director: Carol Reed
Production Company: Peet Productions

Stars: Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick, Alan Bates, Felix Aylmer
Location(s): Cádiz (Spain), Gibraltar, Ireland

Region(s): ,


A man fakes his own death in a glider accident but runs into trouble when an insurance investigator starts taking a close interest.

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Short of money, Rex Black (Laurence Harvey) and his wife Stella (Lee Remick) arrive at the airfield from where he will take off as part of an insurance fraud.

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Miles Bleeker (Noel Purcell) approaches the couple before Rex boards his craft. This is likely to be somewhere in Ireland as Harvey's contract stipulated that the film wasn't to be shot in the UK.

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The lifeboat is launched after Black is reported to have crashed in the sea.

After successfully faking his own death, Rex makes his way ashore. The seafront, Strand Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow between Sidmonton and Victoria Avenues advises Peter Brown

image no 4

From Peter with Google's help.

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Rex heads to a nondescript guest house.

The fraudster hides out before taking on the identity of Charles Erskine. Looking towards the seafront in Bray located by Peter Brown.

image no 6

Sorted by Google with help from Peter.

After Maddox, at the insurance company, finally agrees to pay out, Stella Black arrives at Malaga airport.

image no 7

A shot of the airport now from Peter. Note the 'dip' between the mountains to the top left.

Outside the airport, Stella waits for her car. An unconfirmed location, but . . . .

image no 8

. . . . . this is what Peter found outside Malaga airport.

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Stella heads to find her husband who has now taken on the identity of Jim Jerome. Unknown location.

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With Rex now sporting blonde hair and an Australian accent, the couple meet up.

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Stella finds that her husband is a changed man.

Leaving a church, Stella hurries to meet her 'new boyfriend' for dinner. We are in Málaga and see the right front entrance of the Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación. Identification by Manuel Gurtner. (MG)

image no 12

This comparison shot shows that Lee Remick came out from the right entrance. (MG) Image copyright Google.

The camera follows Stella as she descends steps to the Plaza del Obispo. In the background the street lights of the Calle Molina Lario can be seen. (MG)

image no 13

A view from the edge of the Plaza del Obispo from Manuel. Image copyright Google.

Rex waits in a nearby restaurant as Stella approaches. In the background the Palacio Episcopal (Bishops Palace) from 1762. (MG)

image no 14

Manuel provides this view over the square towards the Bishops Palace shows also the fuente (fountain) from 1785. Image copyright Google.

Still in Málaga Rex and Stella arrive at the Plaza de la Constitución with the Fuente de las Tres Gitanillas. (MG)

image no 15

Manuel advises that in 2002 the Plaza was transformed into a pedestrian square, so the fountain was transferred to the Glorieta del Poeta Manuel Alcántara at the Avenida de Andalucía. Image copyright Google.

By apparent coincidence, insurance investigator Stephen Maddox (Alan Bates) catches sight of Stella. Rex’s 1962 Lincoln Continental also appears in 'Topkapi' and here stands near the Fuente de las Tres Gitanillas which was inaugurated only three years before the filming.

image no 16

Nowadays there is smaller fountain on the opposite site of the square, the Fuente de Génova. (MG) Image copyright Google.

Rex and Stella move on to another, more remote town. Plaza de Andalucía, San Roque, Andalusia, Spain.

image no 17

Lionel and Cynthia Sear ventured into Spain for us during their recent trip to Gibraltar and provided this up to date shot of Plaza de Andalucia looking up Calle San Felipe showing some significant changes. (RL)

Soon after arriving in the town, the couple are led to the local bullring by local children. The bullring in San Roque, Cádiz.

image no 18

Lionel and Cynthia were disappointed to find that the Plaze de Toros de San Roque only opens on fight days but they managed this shot of the north facing entrance, one of several identical ones. They believe, that looking at the shadows in runma019 the east facing one may well have been the one used. (RL)

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The children treat the visitors to a show. San Roque bullring located at the junction of Los Sargentos with Calle Velázquez.

Rex and Stella make their way back to the hotel where Maddox makes their acquaintance. Plaza de Andalucía, San Roque.

image no 20

Attracted both by the location and the Bar Torres Lionel and Cynthia captured this up to date shot for us. (RL)

To keep an eye on Maddox, Rex invites him to tag along with the couple. Manuel Gurtner advises that this is beside the waters of the Costa del Sol at Marbella which is confirmed by Bruce Cleaver who recognised the mountain in the background from a lobby card featuring this sequence.

image no 21

The same location now provided by Bruce Cleaver.

The three return to Hotel Andalucia late one evening. Plaza de Andalucía, San Roque.

image no 22

Lionel and Cynthia concentrate on the Bar Torres, Plaza de Andalucia. (RL)

Maddox and Stella become closer. Manuel Gurtner advises that this is Calle Ortiz de Molinillo in Marbella.

image no 23

Manuel also provides this capture. Image copyright Google Earth.

Manuel Gurtner provides this additional capture that shows a reverse point of view from the previous image. Calle Virgen de los Dolores with the couple strolling down towards the corner of Calle de los Caballeros and Calle Ortiz de Molinillo.

image no 24

This shot from Manuel proves the location. Image copyright Google.

Rex and Stella leave the small town. Plaza de Andalucía, San Roque.

image no 25

A more exact location specification from Lionel and Cynthia, Plaza de Andalucia with Calle San Felipe going off to the right and Calle Terrero Monasterio going ahead. (RL)

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The pair drive into the countryside. Unidentified location.

As the two enter the next town, Maddox sets off in pursuit. Calle San Felipe in San Roque.

image no 27

A much developed Calle San Felipe looking down towards Plaza de Andalucia according to Lionel and Cynthia's recent visit.(RL)

Rex and Stella come to a halt behind a line of traffic. Calle San Felipe.

image no 28

Lionel and Cynthia stood half way up Calle San Felipe and took this shot looking up the hill.....with no parked cars! (RL)

Bulls are run through the street. Calle San Felipe.

image no 29

Nearing the top of Calle San Felipe Lionel and Cynthia took this further picture looking up the hill. (RL)

As the bulls pass, Rex returns to the car and sees that Maddox has caught up. Looking towards Plaza de Andalucía on Calle San Felipe from the junction with Calle San Gregorio in San Roque.

image no 30

"Don't look down!" Lionel and Cynthia just had to once they were near the top of Calle San Felipe looking towards Plaza de Andalucia. (RL)

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After an unsuccessful attempt at killing Stephen, Rex and Stella speed towards Gibraltar. The road runs between San Roque and La Línea de la Concepción and is now a dual carriageway.

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The couple drive along Avenida de España, La Línea de la Concepción in Cádiz. The road has been widened and the area redeveloped.

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Rex joins the queue at the customs house. Aduana in Plaza de la Constitución, La Línea, Spain. The area has been redeveloped.

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After Stella gets out of the car, Rex drives away.

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Somewhere in La Línea.

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More of La Línea de la Concepción is seen as Rex drives around looking for Stella.

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The police are on the lookout after Maddox is found injured following his car being run off the road.

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Rex drives back towards the border. Unconfirmed location.

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Leaving his wife behind, Rex passes through the customs post. Aduana closed in 1969 and was demolished in 1971.

Rex drives towards Gibraltar. Avenida Príncipe de Asturias, La Línea de la Concepción, Andalusia, Spain. Gibraltar was a location in 'I Was Monty's Double' and 'Wonderful Things!'.

image no 40

Peter was at the same location.

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The police follow as Rex crosses the border. Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar, Gibraltar.

Rex takes a plane from the airfield. Gibraltar Airport. James Kellard advises that buildings on the far side, below the rock, are Devils Tower Camp, the HQ of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and now the main barracks in Gibraltar. (RL)

image no 42

Lionel and Cynthia were not able to get that close but photographed the east end of the runway from the distance of the viewing gallery in the departure lounge. They included a piece of the rock to give perspective. (RL)

Stella looks over at Rex's recovered body after the plane crashes when it runs out of fuel. Unidentified location.

image no 43

Original British film poster. The Running Man. Top right corner missing, minor tears, rips and pin holes but, for its age, in good condition. Size 28" x 40" about 72cm x 100cm. € 45.00 + p&p